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  1. Hi All, Been a while since I posted. Thought I would share what I picked up yesterday at Meijers. This is a new release of 1:64 cars. Take care and have a great day. Scott
  2. I have a feeling that is M2's attempt at doing a 'DIRTY' look. I personally think it looks horrible. I would much rather see them do a 'Barn Find' version. Then all they would need to do is mist some paint from above make it look like 'dust build up' or 'bird droppings'. LOL Scott
  3. Hi All, There were 996 of the regular #23 made. I don't know how many Acme still has left. I do believe that all 123 of the #123 were sold. But I'm not 100% sure on that. Scott
  4. Hi Scott, Here are the next two from release 15B I would think that these should be out in the next month or two. There is NO Shelby chase in this release. Scott
  5. Hi All, Thought you might like to see some pics of the new Acme 1:18 Charlie Kemp '65 Shelby GT350R's. The #23 is the normal release by Acme, not through the Shelby Store. The #123 is a special release by Acme. It is 1 of 123 made. After winning the Division Championships in 1968, 1696, and 1970, few competitors were willing to enter just to lose to Charlie. In 1971, Charlie entered the GT350R at Daytona with a few changes including numbering the race car 123! ACME is proud to announce the release of the Charlie Kemp GT350R #123 with production strictly limited to ….wait for it ..123 pieces! The GT350R #123 comes with a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by Charlie Kemp! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July ! Scott
  6. Yup ... you did good. You scored a CHASE Shelby hauler. Congrats. Scott
  7. LOL ! The funny thing is that my wife was with me yesterday when I stopped to pick up the stuff. She really puts up with a lot from me. I really need to tell her I love her more often ! Scott
  8. Thanks. My friend is an M2 dealer and just got these in yesterday. I would think that these are going to show up at either Walmart or TRU sometime in the near future. Scott
  9. Hi All, Just picked up the new M2 Shelby Haulers today from a friend of mine who has a 'Mantiques Store'. I picked up both of the regulars and the chase, which is a 1 of 250 run. They really look nice ! This is release A. There is another release, B, coming and there are another two Shelby Mustang Haulers. Luckily the chase piece is not a Shelby. Take care and have a great night. Scott
  10. Chump change ... I think NOT ! I love collections of all sizes. I've had more people tell me that their collection is nothing compared to mine. I never like to hear that. I have been collecting for almost 25 years and have been fortunate enough to have a wife who puts up with my obsession and spending. She even let me build my Mustang Garage. I love to share pictures of my collection. Not to brag, but so that people get to see what is out there. I wish more people would post pictures of their collections. Most of the time I see things in other people's collections that I never knew existed. I even get jealous that people have stuff I don't. But that's the collector in me. I always want everything out there. LOL ! Take care and have a great night all. Scott
  11. Yes I do all scales. I used to 'try' to collect all the 1:18 Mustangs and Shelbys that came out. Boy that was tough and space consuming. I give you props that you have 1,000 1:18 scale cars. I can't even imagine how you would go about displaying them. Now a days I only collect the 1:18 Mustangs and Shelbys I like. Most of the time it is the upper end stuff. But that is TOUGH on the bank account. I'd love to see more pictures of your collection. So please share them when you have a chance. Take care and have a great night. Scott
  12. Hi All, Just heard back from Robert at Shelby Collectibles. He said that the RAW '65 R-Model with red tires and the black '68 EXP500 CSS with white tires have a production run of 1000 pieces. They are also NOT considered chase pieces. Just wanted to pass that along. Oh and he also mentioned that there will again be a special release of six cars at MENARD's this fall. I'll do my best to keep everyone up to date when I get some updated info later this Summer or early Fall. Scott
  13. Hey John, There are actually TWO chase versions of the black '68. Unfortunately they are not available at retail. They were done up for Jeremy at Collectables Corner. They are each 1 of 24. One is only available to his wholesalers and the other is available to his retail customers who order $ xxx.xx worth of product for him. I will try and get one of each, however I'm not going to spend big $$$ on them. Take care and I'll talk to you soon. Scott P.S. - I'll try and get some pics of these and post them when I do.
  14. Hi All, Just checked on the 2011 GT350 and it is indeed a re-release. The case my friend found came with two of each car. The RAW '65 R-Model with red tires and the black '68 EXP500 CSS with white tires are not chase cars as far as I know. Though I'm sure that a lot of resellers will be listing them as chases. Take care and good luck on your search for these. Scott
  15. Hi All, A friend of mine picked these up for me at Toys R Us over the weekend. He is located in Chicago, Illinois. I'm not sure yet if the 2011 Shelby GT350 is a re-release or not. I have to get out in the garage and check. But the other five cars in this release have new decos. Here they are .... Take care and have a great day all. Scott
  16. Thanks. The artist is MARK CONFORZI who is the Chief Designer at Ford Motor Company. If you'd like to read more about this print .... http://www.at.ford.com/news/TeamContent/Pages/Ford-Designer%E2%80%99s-Labor-of-Love-Provides-Unique-Incentive-for-Dealers.aspx Have a great weekend. Scott
  17. Hi All, Thought I'd share my latest addition to my Mustang collection. This is a Limited Edition 2015 Mustang canvas print done by Ford. It is signed and numbered, # 249 of 550, by the artist. It's a big print, 50" x 30". These were sent out to Ford dealers who signed up for a special program from Ford. I'm really happy I could get it for my collection. Now all I have to do is find a place to hang it. Take care and have a great night all. Scott
  18. I may have covered it before, but YES I am married. This April 17th my wife Tammy and I will be married 21 years. Did you notice the date ? Anyone know what that date is ? OK, I'll tell you. On April 17, 1964, Ford introduced the Mustang at the New York World Fair. Not only did my wife agree to marry me, she even let me pick the date. So on April 17, 1994, thirty years to the day the Mustang was introduced, we got married. As to how I got so lucky to have a wife who puts up with my Mustang obsession ... I don't know, I just did. And I wouldn't trade her for all the Mustangs in the world ! Take care and have a great day. Scott
  19. Thanks Gene. It's grown considerably over the last five years. I've had to start using storage bins since there is only so much room in the garage. Then again, if I stacked the '84 on top of the '04 ..... Take care and have a great night. Scott
  20. Toys R Us Have a great day ! Scott
  21. Green Machines have a "green" feature on them. This one is a Super Chase Green Machine hence the RAW body and green tires. Scott
  22. Hi Everyone, Just picked up two 1:18 Shelby Collectibles cars I have been wanting for some time. They really did a nice job on these. I still want to pick up one of the plain white versions. I'd love to find someone to customize one of these and make it a Wisconsin state patrol car. I also picked up a rather tough piece just after Christmas. It was a 50th birthday present to myself. This is a very limited edition made for Collectibles Corner in Idaho. It is a fund raiser car for their upcoming 2017 Maui Fest show. It is RAW with GREEN tires and is 1 of 48 pieces made. Only 10 of these are being sold before the event. This is a factory produced piece and not a custom. I'm sure by now most of you have realized that this is a Shelby Collectibles casting. I posted a question on Greenlight's forums about this. They gave me their assurances that this is a Greenlight piece. And while it does have Greenlight's logo on the base, I don't see how they can say it's not a Shelby Collectibles casting. I would guess that they either purchased or leased the molds for this. Anyone from Shelby Collectibles want to chime in and give us the scoop ? Take care and stay WARM everyone. It's been BELOW ZERO here in Wisconsin the last few days. Our wind-chill is supposed to be in the -30 to -40 range over night. Scott
  23. The Shelby set showed up after the truck/Shelby sets were released. The two Shelbys are identical in either of the sets. I had picked up both of the truck/Shelby sets, but replaced them with the Shelby set when it came out. Scott
  24. Looking forward to great times here in 2015 ! Scott
  25. Congrats on getting the pair of them. I didn't even know about the 2014 edition '68 Mustang. Now I'm going to have to find one of them. Merry Christmas One and All ! Scott
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