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  1. I can't believe what this place has become. Looks like I made the right choice selling my car, but I'd never buy that hideous govt motors POS.
  2. They should of done the upgrades on a totally different server and left this one alone until the other one was functional. This looks bad.
  3. Yeah no way I would supercharge a stock 3V with that many miles especially if you are having Shelby do it. No need to do it twice. Honestly, in this day an age with so many high HP cars out there, you can't boost a stock 3V enough to keep up. I would put a built engine in it first, run around on it for a while to break it in, then send it to Shelby or put on the blower yourself. As a reminder of what can happen to boosting stock 3V's, I just took the heads off my 2001 Mercury outboard and found this.
  4. Am I reading that right ? Does it say $117,000 ?
  5. Yeah that Graphix Off I heard about from another member on here. Just brush it on with a paint brush and let it sit about 5 minutes then those come right off. It does not hurt the paint.
  6. Getting those off is not fun. It took me about 2 weeks to do it. This product works pretty good: http://www.autotrimdesign.net/GraphXOff_Vinyl_Adhesive_Paint_Remover_GROG.asp
  7. Excellent advice except I'd only add to get them painted anyway because even if you sell in a few years, you don't want to put the pain and cost of having to remove them on someone else. I, for one, would never buy a car with vinyl stripes again.
  8. Yeah the owner might of gotten flood money for that car, but that stripe damage and paint damage is not from the flood. They let the car sit outside for years and then decided to cash in on the insurance. It would not drive after a flood.
  9. Mine were clear coated too. There is still a bit of an edge you can feel but the only person that will notice it is me. I had mine painted as part of a hood replacement that insurance paid for due to a piece of flying sheet metal coming out of the back of a dump truck. I don't recall how much the estimate was but to have the top stripes painted was no more than $1000. Marking and painting straight -line Lemans stripes is not rocket science.
  10. Same here. No one is going to put their fingers on your car and see if they can feel the edge anyway. If they do, there might be a problem
  11. It should not cost much to paint them on. The only ones that need painting are the over the top stripes. I had mine painted when I replaced my hood. The main thing that sucks is getting the old stripes off after they have been on that long. If you do it and mark the edges, you'll save yourself probably half the cost. If they have to get them off, the labor will be expensive to do that.
  12. Looks like the Taurus overheated. I have to say it was quite comical the guy getting out of the car in baggy pants/straight bill and vaping. Idiot.
  13. They must of dropped another engine in it if it was flooded. I went through Irma here in the Keys and I know of no cars that would even turn over after they had been flooded. If even if it would start, it would be a time bomb. This car appears to be in Florida, not Texas. It just looks like neglect to me. Those stripes crackling and peeling look like normal break down from sitting out in the sun.
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