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  1. Factory Five Type 65 Coupe
  2. This event is going to be awesome. :happy feet: Three days on the Grand Course, new and old Shelbys, Ford Racing...I can't wait. This will be the first event for the coupe with the new paint. There couldn't be a better venue to break it in.
  3. SCMC is noted for running great events with tons of seat time. The instructor group is very good. No paint swapping. You won't be pushing to drive beyond your comfort level. You will be surpirsed how much you learn about yourself and your car. Embroidery Guy
  4. There are a few of us caravaning down to the VIR event from New England at the end of May. I was at the SCMC event last year and it was very well run with lots of track time. Let me know if you're interested and I'll post the details. Embroidery Guy
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