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  1. Thanks everyone, I am going to get my razor repaired but I think these are here to stay, feels like I have a whole new ride again.
  2. Update, switched out the lug nuts for black ones, looks so much better.
  3. Ok are we ready for crazy, I called Shelby performance parts yesterday about getting replacement stripes for my SGT , they quoted me...hold on to your hats people, 868.50 for just the LeMans stripes, or 950.00 with the side stripes included. This is not installed on the car this is just the price for the stripes themselves... I'm sorry but that is nuts, for that money I will just get them painted on.
  4. So, back in September , I hit a really nasty pot hole here on our wonderful roads in NY, and did some significant damage to one of my beloved razor wheels. Fast forward to black Friday, i scored a killer deal on a set of venom wheels and finally got them mounted up, got to say , they aren't the razors, but i'm pretty happy with the look.
  5. Glad to see the Shelby GT back in the lineup, now i just need to come up with 65 grand!!
  6. Well, roughly two weeks to go until my trip back to Tasca , hopefully it will be solved once and for all, fingers crossed.
  7. So, time to park her for the winter. Plan is in the spring to bring her back up to Tasca and hopefully they will finally get this sorted out.
  8. I am bringing back to the shop on Monday,I am not sure how much Tasca really did to look for the problem, all they told me is they couldn't get it to come back while they had it, I thought the new plugs had solved the problem but it came back after about 300 miles. I had shown the local shop the post about the cam issue, they don't seem to think it's that but I will bring it up again.
  9. I didn't get the Bilsteins done yet, I am still having the issue with the miss fire code coming up on the car, I thought Dennis had fixed it but it came back after about 300 miles. The shocks are still on my list of things to do, but i probably wont get them on until the new year.
  10. Congrats, on getting another Shelby GT, they are great cars.
  11. and....no go, after about 100 miles the engine code came back again. The crazy thing is it keeps giving the misfire code but almost every time now it comes up with a different cylinder number, so far 4, 7, 5, 2 . So I am not sure what to try next , was going to call ford performance and see if anyone there had an idea, i'm completely stumped.
  12. Picking up the Shelby tommorow, fingers crossed this fixes the problem.
  13. Well, it has been 2 years now since this problem started with the Shelby, I have changed the plugs, battery, and tested all the coils, all working all correct. The car has been to Tasca and I thought they had solved the problem as it went away for several hundred miles but then it cam back, its the same code every time, multiple miss fire on cylinders 4 and 7. The car is at a local ford specialist for the last two weeks , they tested the alternator, under load, its fine along with all the above items, going to change out the crank position sensor next because other 4.6 owners have stated similar problems to what i'm having and that's what solved it,frankly at this point no one has been able to figure out what is causing it. It does not seem to matter what temperature the car is at, or if i'm just cruising along or getting on the gas, it goes off at random times, and at this point its driving me crazy. I don't believe its anything mechanical nor does the mechanic as the car runs perfectly 95% of the time and the issue does not seem to be getting any worse, but it is extremely annoying. If anyone has any suggestions on what could be causing this I'm all ears.
  14. Awesome, thats what i wanted to hear, dont want to have to change them again.
  15. Thanks, I saw that Redline makes a satin finished kit as well, I think thats the one im going with also.
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