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  1. thks for the heads up,,, I checked mine ,,, it's ok thks T/
  2. first off,, it was a joke,, second ,, like someone who use to be @ S/A told me There are CLICKS on hear, and Frank S !! you need to take a min out of your life, STOP and think NONE OF US ARE GETTING OUT OF HEAR ALIVE Lift is Sooo short !! T.Grant
  3. ready for this, there is a inspection plate, under the trans and engine, covering the flywheel,there were 3 small rocks in there ???? am thinking ,I have been flushing out the same thing ,under the manifold, when I was having problems with the mice !!!! I may have caused this problem myself ;(( For the people who responed Thank You, for the ones who did not thks for your help and BITE ME
  4. First of all Grabber , I'am sorry for your lost. Noise under the hood started yesterday ?? @ first I thought it might be the water pump??,, Not leaking YET !! After it warms up in the driveway , it goes away,, thinking it might be the heat shield,,, Pass. SIDE?? But I did not notice it, till I took a 25 mile ride yesterday, and was in my neighbors drive way ??? it sat for about 10 min,, was ready to leave, that was the first time I heard it?? when I got home NO NOISE ??? Any help would be appreaicated thks Tim I guess I could turn up the Radio
  5. Am going with a Apple , check out the new iPad 3, 64 bit, wifi- 4G I'am with AT&T, and in somes areas I'am getting the new LTE,,,, real fast. I got it new @ Walmart $768.00 also got a bluetooth keyboard.... hope this helps T.Grant God Bless Carroll Shelby..
  6. I printed up the old one ,changed it to $75.00 just got back from the ups store,, the sunvisor is on it's way. I would rather do this then deal with some of the people on ebay !!!, God Bless Carrol Shelby
  7. I have checked everywhere,,, how do u get the computer sig, and donate ??? I have a dash part to send in Thks T/
  8. I hate to bring this up again , but what the hell !!!! I asked over a year ago, there are parts on there web site for sale ... THEY NO LONGER CARRY !!!! They are still there, and the site has never been cleaned up.. YET there are people looking for jobs HELLO !!!!
  9. your the nice lady,who sent me the alum screws for my 2007 SGT,,,, Want to thank you again ,and YES I'am moving to PA ) thks again,, I did use them Good luck with your Mustang.. T/
  10. ilmoe nice car !! I posted a few pict of mine on hear,, In ref to you statement above,,, It's always about the money, I have posted on hear before about my diecast and being signed by Dale Sr.,and how some people are. I'am going wait and get my dash signed by the auto pen when it is up and running. Am headed to Nashville ,In. this weekend, Shelby Meet... God Bless Carroll Shelby.
  11. your going to have to wait about 3-5 years, When Dale Earnhardt passed, some of his things on ebay were going for 2-4,000 $$$$$ Some of the same are now @ $75-125.00, I myself am going for the auto pen ,when they are ready... God Bless Carroll Shelby// T/
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carroll-Shelby-Signed-Ford-Manufactured-Mustang-Sun-Visor-Autographed-Orig-part-/220999578754?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item337499f482Hay !! Richard check this out !!! $800.00 is looking good right now T.Grant
  13. I thought there were some cool people on this site, but after today, and seeing how IT'S all about the money.... It is sad, to see what it comes down to.Richard you no what you can do with that $900.00 !!! If there is an administrator on hear,, remove my info. PLEASE IT'S all about the MONEY
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