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  1. I installed a cooler myself, it is a bit of work, but the system works great! Around $1100 in parts.
  2. I am running 275/35 front and 305/30 rear Michelin Pilot Super Sports on these.The wheels are not powder coated, they have what Weld calls a nano-ceramic coating on them. Very easy to clean off the brake dust!
  3. I received mine a few weeks ago, a few pics here before the center caps came in.
  4. There are 3 versions, all black, black with machined face and polished.
  5. The wheels are here and mounted, no center caps yet. Tires are Michelin Pilot SS, 275/35/20 front and 305/30/20 back.
  6. I have a set of 275/35 and 305/30 MPSS waiting for the black version when they arrive. So far I have not heard too many people buying these wheels.....
  7. Straight from True Forged. www.trueforgedwheels.com. You can order exactly how you want it, powdercoated in your color, brushed natural, painted etc.....
  8. I just received my custom True Forged hood vent. It was a very easy install, it took longer to remove the stock plastic one.......A very nice high quality piece, I went with a satin black with a polished and cleared insert.
  9. I just switched to the Michelins as well, 275/35 and 295/35. So far no rubbing at all, I can imagine at full compression there might be some. I don't have any plans to lower the car anyway.
  10. I am running a 295/30/20 Toyo on mine, suspension is stock. I have no issues at all with rubbing.
  11. I had the KR mufflers on my '09 and these have a similar sound in my opinion.
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