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  1. Another historical tidbit: The US was at war in 65 and 06.
  2. Also another Gee Whiz fact: That in 1965 and 2006 a Texan was President.
  3. A few years back I purchased a used 05 Sonic Blue GT. I wanted a SGT, but I could not afford one at that time. I liked the look of the CS6. So I purchased the CS6 grille, fascia and CS6/GT-H hood, SGT side scoops, hood pins, etc... When I was done with it I was quite happy with the end result. While I was looking for additional parts to put on my "Clone/Tribute" Mustang I found what I believe was a genuine SGT dash plaque on eBay. It was from SGT CSM#07SGT02P. I inquired the seller how he came about this item in a correspondence after I received it in the mail. He typed back that he was working as a union laborer at the Auto show in Chicago and took it off the car for a souvenir after the show was over. The dash plaque was made from the same material and looked like the GT-H dash plaque. It was not made of metal like our SGT's. It was a semi-flexible plastic/rubber material. I paid 50 bucks for it. I sold my Sonic Blue GT in 08 and somewhere the plaque and my GT are running around in Texas. I wished I would have removed it off the car before I sold it. Even though the buyer begged me not to remove it, I should have done the right thing and pulled it off anyways. Also Roberts' brother was our Flight Surgeon at our squadron for a short time. Talk about a small world. I even gave him a ride in my SGT 07SGT1967. So what ever happened to SGT 01P, 02P, 03P (Prototype)?
  4. I was just wondering if there is a TS member who owns either one of these CSM numbers. It would be interesting to know where these cars are? Are they Black or white? Wrecked or running wild and free? Just gee wiz info that would be cool to know. -FB
  5. My Solution to this issue was using Ford Racing M-2004-A See link below. http://www.flickr.co...57619584512347/ I will go with this set up for now until SAI / SPP come up with a SGT duct kit.
  6. Road Trip!? Someone say roadtrip!? Lets go!
  7. Well I am back home and all is good here. The SGT ran like a champ. I encountered no mechanical issues while driving to the West coast and back. In all I drove approximately 5,240 miles. That's including the stopping in Vegas for a couple of days as well as a few days stay in So Cal. I averaged around 22.97 MPG, with 22 gas stops. I spent around $846.00 in gas. I consumed around 228 gallons of premium gas at a average cost of $3.80 The cheapest cost of premium gas was in Springfield, MO at $3.31 a gal. The most expensive I paid was in Carlsbad, CA at $4.07 a gal. A round trip plane ticket would of cost me about $350.00. But I wouldn't had the memories seeing the beautiful American landscape and traveling the U.S. highways in the Shelby if I did that. After being in the sand box for 4 months I made a promise to myself to take the Shelby out for a few days when I got back to the U.S. The family reunion was a big hit. No one expected me to be there and the folks were shocked to see me in dress uniform in person. (One of the girls who served us at the restaurant was named Shelby. He father named her after Carroll Shelby.) I showed her my SGT in the parking lot and she went nuts. Speaking of nuts, I was heading back to WI on I-40 when a Mercury rolled up next to me while I was in the slow lane and the passenger extended himself outside the passenger side door window and started to take pictures of my Shelby. It was a 4 minute photo shoot at 75 MPH. Paparazzi, you got to love them. Talk about a small world, I was in New Mexico when I was getting gas and started to talk to a guy who was filling up his new Challenger. It turns out he was from Doha,Qatar. Where I had just spent my 4 months. He was in Vegas and was heading back to Houston then to Florida. I experienced some wet weather in Missouri and that was the only time I had to drive on wet roads. The rest of the time was just great driving weather. I am glad I took the time and effort to go on the road trip in the Shelby, it was a great ride! With Winter upon us here in Wisconsin I wish I had more time to go more places in the Shelby. Thanks to all who posted your kind comments. Until next time, Happy Trails. - Anthony The End.
  8. Almost home! I am near St. Louis. (Scott AFB,IL) Just a few hours more and I will sleep for about 14 hours! I will finish my summary of my trip in a day or two. You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the comments you posted. -FB Some pics from Cailfornia. Palm Springs in the background. Yep thats a real rainbow, not photoshopped.
  9. Made it to my destination! My Shelby ran like a champ. I checked in at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach, California. The view of the beach is freaking awesome. I can see all the way to Long Beach to the North and Newport Beach to the South. The pier is just across the street and tomorrow the AVP Sand Volleyball Tournament takes place in front of the hotel. Now that would be very cool to see. But at 11:30AM, I am going to surprise my family at the reunion. They have no idea that I am here in California. So this should prove to be exciting. I saw a couple of Cobras today, one was painted black with yellow stripes and the hood was completely yellow like the Terlingua paint scheme. The other one was Blue with white stripes and man, both of those cars engines sounded so sweet! There are some really nice cars here in Orange County. Ferrari's, Bentley's, Rolls, Jags, Austins, etc... It's a real car show out here on PCH. For lunch I had fish tacos. You got to try those, It might sound gross, but there quit good. I might have some more before I go back to Wisconsin. I haven't figured out what to do after the reunion, perhaps go down PCH to Dana Point, Laguna, maybe to San Clemente. Here is a pic of me on the balcony of the hotel and the view below of the pedestrian bridge. If anyone is going to be in the area of the hotel on Saturday night (Oct. 22nd) The hotel has a nice fire pit next to the pool and the first round is on me. PM me or email me at FLYINGBADGERS2001@YAHOO.COM - FB
  10. CALIFORNIA...... I guess there is a reason why they still call this place the Wild Wild West. Don't get me wrong, I was born and raised in So Cal. But wholly @%$^ people are freaking crazy drivers over here. For instance I was on the 91 around 8:45 PM heading towards O.C. Traffic was light and moving quite well, I was behind a Challenger in the fast lane when bang! He lit up his brake lights and man I pushed the pedal to those 6P Baers as hard as I could. Traffic came to a complete stop. All I could think about was getting rear-ended at 70 MPH by Chico and the Man. As the Challenger slowly negotiated around the stopped vehicle in front of him I followed and do my dismay I saw a passenger of a Nissan which had stopped in the fast lane get out of his car to examine a flat tire! And then came the tire screeches from behind me as more traffic started to bear down on the commotion. Like Elwood Blues of the Blues Brothers says, "Oh Lady of blessed acceleration, Don't fail me now!" and once again I put the spurs to Trigger my trusted mount and gunned it out of there. I mean who gets out of there cars in the middle of the night on a busy freeway? That's just foolish. Death Race 2011, now playing at a California freeway near you. Ironically a few days before the CHP had a fire fight with some nut job on the same freeway not far from where I was. Still, I suppose this could of happened anywhere. Anyways, I thought I would share that exciting moment with you guys. To all the California Shelby owners, You guys are excluded from the crazy drivers list. You guys are on the Crazier than Coo Coo Puffs lists! LOL! - FB
  11. Two Stealth Fighters. Taken at Nellis AFB, NV
  12. Stop over in Colorado Springs, CO The weather was in the 80's
  13. A couple of more pics. In-n-Out. The best!
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