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  1. Passport/Fedex, No problems, Transported Shelby GT/SC from SC to Tasca & back. Inclosed Trailer.
  2. Hello, I'am in Florence SC. shelby1257@yahoo.com. Let me know. Thanks, Kenny Small
  3. I have seen this fake SNEAKEY SNAKE up close as we called it at a few local car shows. You guys know your cars. It is a clone GT 500 that was at the right place at the right time (Lowes Motor Speedway Auto Fair) when Carroll Shelby did a Z MAX commercial. Yes, he has pictures and he claims that he is in tight with Carroll Shelby ( PERSONAL CELL #) but that don't make it a true SS. This clone has been laugh at at several car shows. 1). Ford Show at South of the Border SC / NC state line. 2). Mustang Week Myrtle Beach 2008. 3). Car Show Dale Jarrett Ford Dealer NC. He got mad when I ask him where is the SS badge that suppose to be on the dash, under the hood, Do you have a CSM #. He said Carroll Shelby would make him up one and send it to him at a phone call notice, again he was laugh at. He has not been seen at any car shows this past year, We though maybe people caught on about the CLONE SNEAKEY SNAKE or heath problems. This guy would not dare park his clone beside a true SUPER SNAKE, Too many questions would be asked to him and you never know when a true SUPER SNAKE will pull into a local car show. I am glad that others has finally caught on and realize that he is a fake. Cloning and admitting to cloning is I guess ok. But selling as a SS is wrong. Some guy buy's this car and find's out later that he has a clone SS will be mad. I was wanting to pull the KR beside him, But I don't see him at any shows anymore.
  4. When the sun went down that day, You owned the KING OF THE ROAD. 75,000. 65,000, or 55,000. Don't matter. Still better than what some payed for a GT 500. But they won't own up to it. You have a GREAT SHELBY.
  5. A senor band could be loose and cause virbration within the steering wheel.
  6. Go for it. KR's like the Shelby GT's. Might not be no more from Vegas thru Shelby. Before long the KR's will be bought up. If you have the time, shop around. Your low mileage 09 GT 500 and 19,000 will move a KR off the show room floor somewhere so shop around and be prepared to make the deal. The 08 's are just as good as the 09's. Don't let the TBS scare you from the 08's. It was a 9 month wait for the dealer to come around on a trade with me. Just like the other guys with KR's, some spent more money than others on this fine Shelby and GT 500's, Shelby GT/SC's has been traded with several hundred of dollars to boot. But at the end of the day, THEY HAD WHAT THEY WANTED. KING OF THE ROAD.
  7. Go for it, Last week I (upgraded) traded my 2007 Tasca Shelby GT/SC, 6500 miles, Garage show car. 20 in CS 66. Shelby plus 6 piston, Won Best of Shelby ( Myrtle Beach Week 07 & 09 ) for an 08 KR. The deal was a deal I could not let go. 6 to 8 months from now I would have kick my self in the but for not taken it. The KR started on E-bay for 125,000, Then 100,000. Then droped even more; way more. Insurance not much more. I am a Retired State Trooper and I have driven several High Performance police vehicles over the last 25 years and my GT/SC had 466 rwhp (Tasca Dyno). I have to say that the 08 KR will make your hands shake and your stomach turn. I don't speed, but just the feel of driving the car. The car of what it is. The looks you get etc. Never driving anything like it.
  8. 07 White 5 speed Shelby GT/SC. Whipple 500, TASCA
  9. Need some info. I am thinking of going with the following on SGT 07. 1) CS 66, 20X9 FRONT, 20X10 REAR. 2) GOODYEAR SUPERCAR F1, 245/45ZR20 FRONT 255/45ZR20 REAR. Will I have a rubbing issue on the front, turing etc. Should I go with 245/35ZR20 front. HELP.
  10. Roger, shelby1257@yahoo.com is interested. 07 SGT, CSM 1257, Tasca Shelby July 2008, Whipple 500 W/Intercooler. You E-Mailed me a picture of the supercharger while Tasca was installing it. Please let me know where to sent the money and any other info that may be needed. Thanks, Kenny Small
  11. I am glad that others notice that the white SNEAKY SNAKE is not a true SS. I have attended car shows with Sneaky Snake he states that it is a true SS. There are not any proper badging, doc, for this car. He just happen to have the car their ( Lowes Motor Speedway Auto Fair, Concord N.C.) back in September 08 when our Daddy was there promoting Z-Max. True Ford car shows has caught on and nick name him the SNEAKY SNAKE. He has not earn the title of SUPER SNAKE. Maybe this don't go here, but just had to air it out.
  12. RedLine Tuning Hood lift Kit was installed on SGT 1257 by Tasca Ford. Great Hood Lift kit. Good looks, No problems at all.
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