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  1. https://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/2006/Shelby-Automobiles-Inc/Mustang-Shelby/GT-H-2-Door-Coupe/Values
  2. A pony badge on a The Mach-E SUV? Really? I don’t care how fast it goes, it just doesn’t go in my garage. Anyone remember the custom kit for a Ford Mustang Pickup Wagon someone offered? That sounded like a good idea and I’m sure they sold almost a handful. I’ll take a REAL e-Mustang for sure, built on a GT platform or better yet, a Shelby EGT conversion. but PLEEEEEESE, do not put the Mustang name on this D-CELL DISASTER. Look, it is a great car for Ford and I’m sure it could do well, but it is not in any way worthy of a Mustang tag.
  3. I am trying to find a replacement for the thin wire seal that is attached to the engine on mt GT-H. Does anyone know where I might get one, or how to make one? It doesn't seem to be available on the Shelby Parts section of the site. Thanks.
  4. Due to an accident, I need to get a replcement for the security wire that is wrapped around the engine and seal. I saw one online some time ago but have not been able to find it. And as of now I have not heard back from Shelby after a couple of tries. Any ideas?
  5. Having read this entire thread, I find one thing very interesting. Everyone is talking about cloning NEW Shelbys. I agree that new ones are affordable, especially when you look for a used one. Even a Shelby GT-H can be had for around $35K. But what about a 60s Shelby. I own three 'new' Shelbys, and would love to own a late 60s one. But the cost is about what the three new ones are, and then some. So I don't see a problem with an early clone since they are just no longer available at a price that is affordable. As long as you are not trying to sell it as an original, why not live the dream that may never be.
  6. Any problem with posting the info here? If so, can you PM me?
  7. If you have the Tony Branda 65-70 Shelby parts calalog "O", on page 47 there is a story of the Le Mans stripes on early Shelbys. The measurements do change from front to back at every break point to compensate for visual distortion. If the stripes were even, they would actually appear thinner at the far point. On the early cars the strips were 9 1/4 under the grill then started at 9 1/4 on the hood and became 10 1/2 at the windshield. 10 1/2 at the front roof, then 10 3/8 at the back roof. The back end was 10 inches all the way down. The new ones are the same premise. They change dimensions at each break point to make them look even over the entire length of the car. Just an interesting fact I thought you would enjoy.
  8. Well, it turns out the person who doesn't know what they are talking about works at Shelby. Check out this link to an article on this very site. http://www.teamshelby.com/index.php?catego...2_articleid=175 You can also go to the Forum home page and down the left side is a link to GT-H,GT News. Click then scroll down about about 6 stories to: '2008 Shelby GT-H Introduced'. Seems someone needs to proof read the stuff. Funny thing is that this has been up since. March on 2007.
  9. The most important thing about NADA is they are the ONLY one with a line on the GT-H. And only the '06. They do not have a number on the '07 vert. But the other thing to keep in mind is that this number helps to establish a 'stated value' for insurance. If you have the car appraised, and you should, the appraiser will most likely use the NADA number to back up his report. The extra cost for insurance is small compared to what the car would then be covered for in case it is totaled or stolen. If you insure the car, most companies run the VIN and the car comes back as a regular Mustang GT. You have to have proof of the added value, and a valid appraisal is what helps get you the coverage you want.
  10. Does anyone find it odd that in the photos of the outside there are NO gold stripes anywhere?
  11. Here is another piece of info for us all. A friend has had the same problem with her 07 Mustang GT. The battery went out twice in just months. Seems there has been a problem with something called the 'smart box', a unit that shuts all power down to a minimum when you shut the car off, enough to keep radio setting in memory and stuff like that. When you open the door, it jumps the power levels up so you are ready to go when you turn the key.And since the radio is one of the biggest power users when the car is off, it makes sense that if the smart box is not properly managing the power, it will drain a battery in days. I confirmed this with my dealer. He has already seen a few bad boxes.
  12. If you do have to have all your letters replaced just make sure the guy doing it knows how to spell. (Photoshop is so much fun!)
  13. And of course fuse that fuse has to be located under the hood. If it were under the dash we could easily add a cut-off switch. Any idea if it could be done with this fuse? Does anyone know if there is a line some where in the car we can tap into that would allow a cut-off to be installed? ANYONE AT FORD OR SHELBY HAVE ANY IDEAS TO HELP US OUT????????
  14. I just got vert #220 and had it delivered to my home in Texas last week. The temp was over 100 for most of the week. I took it to a 'hand wash' to get rid of the dust, and when I got back to the house I found out I was driving a SHELB. The Y was gone. And all the other letters were very loose. Seems the high heat and the black paint are not stick-on letter friendly. All the remaining letters wiggled like Jello in the heat. I jumped on the phone and ordered a new set. When back out to the car and as I looked at SHELB with despair, a reflection caught my eye. In the space between the trunk lid and side was the Y. So here is what I did. First, I waited for it to cool off a bit. The remaining letters were firmer, but still movable with some pressure. So not only did I Crazy Glue the Y on, I also, VERY CAREFULLY, ran a very small bead of glue along the horizontal edges of all the other letters. Now if you poke them with your finger they will not move at all. I have my SHELBY back, and a spare set of letters just in case. I also have two 2006 GT-H coupes and checked them. Well, guess what? Those letters have pins on the back. The trunk is drilled, letters put in and clips put on. So if you have an '07 GT-H vert, take this as a warning and check your letters.
  15. Well, if the 2006 GT-H is the rarest, then this one is the rarest of the rare. It is the very special Napa Valley California Special Edition. Best driven cold, it goes great with fish as well as chicken. And there is only one of them and I have it. So there!
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