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  1. Hi,

    I see you were looking to buy a 2016 GT-H. Did you find one? Looking myself. Have you sold the 06 Hertz?

    Thanks, Rich

  2. Hi All, Just relisted my 2006 GT-H #374 (CSM06H374) with a lowered price of 29K. Motivated to see fast, have a 2016 GT350 lined up and this one needs to go. https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/l-Used-Ford-Mustang-Charlestown-d2_L15165#listing=209939047
  3. Hi All, I just relisted my 06 GT-H #374 on various sites. This site has the full write up. Looking to upgrade to a 2016 GT350 https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/l-Used-Ford-Mustang-Charlestown-d2_L15165#listing=209939047
  4. Hi All, I am considering selling my 06 GT-H #374 I have all the original doc's from hertz and Shelby. Sales posters, model car in case/stand, etc. that would go with the car. This car is 100% original to the Shelby build. It has a new "Car Correct battery" and has been stored in a conditioned garage and never driven in the rain during my 10 yrs of ownership. Interior is spotless. The unit has 19,700 miles. Of this 11,800 were rental miles from the AZ Airport Currently listed on a few sites @ $34,999. Let me know if anyone has any interest. Moe
  5. Sorry, hit the tab and enter key to move down a line and, well I posted the above with out my comment. I currently own CSM06H374 and would like to chat with the owner of its 07 vert twin. Last year I tried to get some info from the registar and I never heard back from the owner and the registar was only able to send them a message, but not provide me any contact info, which is understandable i suppose. Thanks to anyone who can assist.
  6. Hi All, Where did you place your order. I can not find it anywhere on line. Can someone please post a link. I am going blind just looking for it !! Thanks and Happy Holidays !
  7. Hi Sir.. I would love to get a set of 2 as well. I never applied the original one because I was afraid of the exact story detailed on the forum. I have CSM06H374.... Can you email me with the details and I will send you the money and my address. mustangmoe@comcast.net. Thanks again in advance.

  8. Good Luck.. I own 06 GT-H# 374 and I had SAI contact the person who has the matching 07 Car. They never contacted me back. I was hoping to meet up with them and get some pictures as well as know the person in case I or they ever wanted to sell the car. I have seen a few folks have a pair and it would be really cool to have a set. Best of luck and Enjoy the GT-H
  9. Larry.. I have had the same issue since I owned the car. If you just start and stop the car it works. With the way it is wired, as described above I think the problem is in the Head End unit, maybe a bad power relay or something because the RF Modulator is not powering up. The other components are fine as you described. I have never had an issue where I had to power cycle more then once.
  10. Does anyone know the owner of 2007 #374. I have the 06 coupe and would like to meet the owner of the 07 year. I may be selling mine and was interested in chatting with the owner.
  11. I was in Jacksonville FL last week and they had 2 2007 GTH's and 3 2008 Z1h's available. The Shelbys were 130 a day.
  12. Hi All.. I was on the Wednesday tour and Adrienne was just as all of you have described her !! Passionate and willing to answer everyones questions. It was a great time, stopped by the Cafe while we were waiting for the tour to get started. The Drinks were cold and the FRIES were GREAT !! Everyone was nice and it was great to see some of the new cars arriving to get their mods. We also saw several arrive via car carrier for Super Snake modifications no doubt as well. I encourge eveyone to swing by and take the tour and see the cars in the showroom area. Thanks again !!
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