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  1. How do the 305/35's fit in the back on the 10" rims? Do they stick out beyond the fender at the top and what clearance is there on the inside? If you have any pics, please post. Thanks
  2. Was at the auction today. Bidding opened at $100,000 and increased in $10K increments up to the winning bid of $280,000 by a local businessman from State College, Pa. Didn't write his name down but IMOP he overpaid for this car. For 8,531 original miles and not driven in bad weather the engine was really grimy and left front quarter was repainted. Fuel line from tank to fuel pump was clogged so they had to feed gas from a gal jug to fuel pump for it to run and then it would hardly idle! Must be nice to have money to piss away just to have a car that you have to have. 71 Ranchero went for $41K and 74 Van went for $22K. WOW
  3. You need more break-in miles. The chatter will go away
  4. The OEM KR Alcoa wheels were 18" not 20" as listed!! I didn't think that SAI offered the KR Alcoa wheels as optional in 20" for any upgrade package either. Wonder where these came from????
  5. Wheels are made by HRE. I would think they are specific for that car but you can always call SAI and/or HRE directly and find out.
  6. Wow, price from Tousley for the slave cylinder has gone up!! I purchased that part from them back on May 26, 2009 and paid $139.74 plus freight. Almost 10% increase each year LOL
  7. Use a 6' nylon winch strap and loop it around the front sway bar. Run one end of the strap through the noose of the other end and pull it tight on the sway bar. Center the strap under the car and then you can attach the hook of your winch cable to the opposite end of the winch strap which will now extend beyond the front of the car. Only the nylon strap will contact the under carriage of the car and will not scratch anything.
  8. If it were me I would START negotiations at factory invoice and go from there. Bring the 40K cash to flash to show you are a serious buyer. Remember true dealer cost is not the factory invoice they will show you--take off the holdback and hidden dealer incentives that are there that the public cannot access via internet that they have to work with.
  9. IMO you should have more than a 6 pt roll bar in that vert for safety for that application!! At least a cage NHRA certified to run 8.50 in the 1/4.
  10. I would be interested in splitting room costs. My plans are to arrive @ Carlisle Friday morning and stay through Sunday. Let me know your thoughts via PM........Barry
  11. Buy a 6' nylon winch strap. Loop the one end around the front sway bar and center it on the car. The strap should extend beyond the end of the car and you can then attach the hook of the winch cable to the strap. The nylon strap against the underside of the car prevents any scratches etc. while winching the car into the trailer. That's how I get my car in. No problems---hope this helps
  12. [quote name='Grabber' timestamp='1321549781' post='1222991' Besides that....what the heck would I do with my screen name. You could request one be built in School Bus Yellow and change your screen named to "Yeller"
  13. If your going to invest in an enclosed trailer I would have a Superwinch S5000 12V DC winch installed with a 12V battery and winch plate that ties into the frame of the trailer. Get the wireless remote kit too so you don't have to deal with a cable control. This will eliminate the side door of the trailer which in all cases you would have to build up the floor of the trailer for the car door to clear the inside fenders of the trailer AND the door opening!!!! PITA That's the set up I have in my 26' Haulmark Edge. No way I'm crawling out the window of my car! WTF Do it right the first time and have the trailer built to your specs.
  14. Keep in mind that SAI didn't actually start building the Super Snakes to fill orders until approx. Feb '08. I was out to Vegas the last week of Jan '08 and there was some uncertainty if mine would be ready in May to pick up. Needless to say Bud fulfilled all his promises and the car was ready as planned! Kuddos to Bud even though he has moved on from SAI.
  15. I picked up my Super Snake on 5-21-2008 and I have the mats as pictured in the 1st pic. Was told that the Super Snake logo'd mats were not ready yet with no expected date.
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