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  1. I love Barrett called them the other day for some info on putting a car in show and no one even called me back. Hmmm whats up with that
  2. I will be there on Sunday! Great show and race wouldn't miss it!
  3. Went to a show last fall came in 2nd place out of twenty cars in my class. I was completely surprised, alot of nice cars there!
  4. sweet jacket but they will never make
  5. I lost my Dad in 1999 and my Mother in 2006 I know how you feel I can see that you loved your mom very much I too was very close to my mother and miss her very much. All I can say is time will help with friends and family. I use to love to drive along the Maine coast but found it was hard to do that cause everytime I got close I would remember and it hurt to much so I took a break for about a year and know I can even drive by the house yes I do feel sad but then I feel happy and think of all the good times , you will feel better and your Shelby friends can help you through it! Your mom and you loved mustangs so she would never want you to give that up!! I wll keep you in my thoughts and prayers....
  6. Got one too, sweet ,nice find, who would of thought!!
  7. Whether the big 3 become the big 2 or 1,it has to happen! We just cant continue to throw cash at the problem and hope that our way of life will not change. That mentality has cause the problem from the get go. Lets face it there are to many cars out there and not enough buyers. I have a friend God bless his soul that is still paying on his first car form ten years ago. If you cant afford to buy it you shouldn't buy!! The practice of rolling it over into another car loan has caught up with the industry. Oh MR. JONES you owe more than your trade no problem we can help. When Toyota can sell cars and over take GM as the top seller with only 1500 car dealership and the General has 7000 dealership its only com sense that tells you something has to change! Our fathers and mother learned there lesson and so will we! The American people are resilient and we can over come but we need to stop over spending at home and in business. The CEOs don't understand this yet and we need to send them a clear message. If we don't our children's children will be hurt God bless this great country of ours :happy feet:
  8. Seems like more and more we are asked to bailout these Big corporations that fail because its bad for the economy I wish I could get some of this bailout money for my company! I think if some fail it might show corporate America that were not going to bailout everyone and these companies have to be accountable for there action.
  9. This is were I found my 07sgt last December. Now she is in a heated garage were she belongs!!! :happy feet:
  10. There are two gt 500s in ipswich Ma. 07 coupe and 08 convert. Still in show room.
  11. I just saw a 07sgt at a ford dealership still in showroom for 32999.00 loaded in portsmouth NH.
  12. They have replaced my stripes and screwed them up again and now they are going to fix again I do not know what to do.
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