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  1. Better picture with it washed after transport.
  2. #199 has now arrived at my place and is tucked away until Spring. It came with lots of paperwork and I am the second owner outside Hertz.
  3. I am in the mid-coast area (Camden/Rockland). If you find a car show down your way next Summer let me know and I can drive down.
  4. Thank you. Now I just have to wait for 5 months so I can drive it (Maine winters).
  5. On a fluke I just picked up #199 and it is on the way to me now. I am a life long Mustang fan. I have a 1966 GT conv 289/4 speed, a 2006 GT conv, a 2007 GT500 coupe and now the 2007 GT-H #199. I have wanted one since they came out. I rented one on vacation in FL back in the day and even went to a Kruse auction of 2007 GT-H's in NC where they auctioned off 50 of them. They all went for over $55K and that was outside my budget then. So it took a while, but now I have one in the stable.
  6. Can someone please confirm the tire size for me on the 2007 GT-H convertible? Thanks in advance!
  7. I agree with you 100% They bought high and the market is low now... guess they will be sitting on them until the market shifts.
  8. After going to a couple of Kruse auctions I think those folks have their head firmly up their... (well, you know). Good luck with them. They seem very disorganized to me. IMO.
  9. I saw this ebay auction on line: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...#ht_5536wt_1041 So I asked them. They have a number of 2007 GT-H's with 14-16K miles on them. Likely the ones from one of the Kruse auctions. They start at 49K. I think that is too pricey based on what has not been selling on ebay lately, but you never know. Here was his reply: "Hello Mike, As stated we have several of these the miles range from 14-16k and are detailed with paperwork. We are asking $49,995.00 for these units. Please let me know if this works and if we can help you out. Thank You, Adam Schweizer (716)830-6064 Cell (716)675-0424 Office (716)675-0427 Fax" Just thought I'd share the information.
  10. Looking to buy a 07 GTH If you know of anything for sale other than ebay listings please let me know. I just sold my other car so I'm ready to purchase. Thanks in advance for any help. Mike My email: info (at) eastcoastrover.com
  11. Great... another Kruse auction. I drove to NC last time they did this and the Hertz guy wouldn't let anything go under 50K so don't go to this one expecting a bargain.
  12. Speaking of BJ... When they said (the Ford guy) that 1576 KRs would be built, was that total for all the years of just the 2008 KR?
  13. No, I was trying to use the information that a 2009 GT 500 is coming in order to get him to come down some on the price of his 2007. He then informed me I was wrong and there was no 2009 GT 500. I sent him the link to the order guide and he came down 700. I was looking to pick up that one cheap, but since I can't I'll just save a little more and buy a new one.
  14. Because dealers anywhere near me are still at least 10K over MSRP I'll gladly go for a road trip to save 10K.
  15. It was the 2007 Vista Blue vert. They call it a dealer demo. I agree it has a lot of miles, but is there a cut off when it can't be a "demo" and is "used"??
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