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  1. Something I spotted that is rare, is the droopy headliner. Oh, wait, L-body with a droopy headliner? Maybe that isn't so rare after all. :-) That program has achieved permanent status on my DVR. Never to be deleted. Barry
  2. This past weekend, I was talking with a friend that has a Shelby Dakota (2nd owner, owned since 1991). The topic of computers came up and he happened to mention that his scan tool identified his original Shelby Dakota computer as one for a 2.5 liter, with multi-point fuel injection (which would be a flex fuel unit). I recalled the problem you were having and I was wondering if that is the way you identified your computer as a 2.5 (through a scan tool). The confusion may come from using a scan tool that does not recognize the V8 engine in an 89 Dakota (since in 1989 the largest motor from the factory was the V6). Many scan tools (that I am aware of) ask the year and engine code from the VIN to determine what the engine is. This alone would not work for a Shelby Dakota as the VIN would indicate the truck as having a V6. I am not certain if all scan tools suffer from this problem or not (including the Chrysler DRB models). But it was the first time I had heard verification of the problem. The tachometer function would be found only in computers that were for "sport" models, or "sport" trim levels. There is no source for original Shelby computers. It may be possible to manually control the overdrive function with a switch to ground (see an electrical wiring diagram for info). The downside to this would be that to get it out of overdrive (at any speed) the switch would need to be turned "off". So it would require the driver to "pay attention" to what is going on. Barry
  3. I am amazed that an 89 2.5 computer will run a V8 Dakota at all. So, lets start at the simplest checks. Is there a part number on the computer? It should be 7 digits, the correct Shelby number is 4504475. If there is a different number, please reply with it. Have you run the codes to see if there is a fault code stored in the pcm? The reason I ask is that if it IS a pcm for a 2.5, there is no error code in a 2.5 that would indicate any thing to do with "bank spray" as a 2.5 only has one injector in the throttle body (for all 4 cylinders). If you have run the codes to see what they are, please list them in your reply. If you don't know how to run the codes (with the ignition key), I can help with that also. Barry
  4. From the Factory Parts Manual: The TBI Injector for the 318 is part # 4418602 The TBI Injector for the 360 is part # 4418604 The TBI Throttle Body for the 318 is part # 4306593 The TBI Throttle Body for the 360 is part # 4306594 the listing has a notation that states (with casting # 53006041) Hope this helps.
  5. Hey Steve, I never tracked the Can-Am cars much so I don't know anything about them. But I do recall an 86 GLHS selling (privately) a few years ago for north of $12K. Other than that one, I think your list is fairly complete.
  6. Thanks for posting this up, Steve. I've had some questions about the history of this car and you have answered most of them. Can't wait for Friday to see just what it will bring.
  7. We are not missing the "Shelby" fact. Other than modifying the SMEC to control the electric fans, the rest of the module is a STOCK 1989 318 SMEC. Shelby did not modify the existing engine calibration in ANY way. If he had, then the vehicle would have had to be re-submitted to the EPA to be certified for emissions. Shelby wanted to avoid that as it just added cost. After the vehicle was introduced, Shelby offered an updated SMEC and throttle body kit, that provided about 25 more HP. But that SMEC was labeled "Off Road Use Only" to avoid the emissions hassle. If you have come across a way to repair or "fix" the SMEC, why keep it secret or make folks PM you? Share it here. The info would certainly be welcome.
  8. Replacement dash plaques is a topic that has come up many times over the years. Carroll's stance on it was that he didn't want them made as it would make it that much easier to build a clone or copy of a car. So folks held off on making or offering them. While I can't say for certain there aren't any available, I've not heard of anyone doing them.
  9. I'm not sure why your fans are running all the time, but I am pretty sure that if you didn't have a Shelby modified computer, the fans wouldn't run at all. As the only trucks with electric fans in them were the Shebly Dakota's. Finding a Shelby SMEC to replace yours may be a difficult task, as they are pretty rare. Note, that rebuilders will usually return a SMEC to stock configuration if a Shelby SMEC is sent in for service. Installing a relay and temp sensor to control it is probably the easiest fix.
  10. Nice job done on it!! Looks great.
  11. I have no idea. I don't know that I've ever heard of those totals before. Barry
  12. Maybe sometime in the future, but not at this time. Sorry. I will do look-ups on specific vehicles for those that ask. Barry
  13. My copy of the Shelby Dakota VIN listing shows 1500 dash plaques assigned. It shows 860 red ones. The remaining were shown as white ones, except it has 26 entries that do not have the color specified. Barry
  14. I KNOW that a Smec from a 1989 RAM with the 318 engine will work, as others have done it. If you know that the power board in yours is bad, then you would only need to swap that from the replacement module. Open your module by removing the screws that hold the 2 sides together. You will see in more detail what I am talking about (the two boards). The board with the 60 pin connector is the logic board, the board with the smaller connector is the power board. It sits on top of the logic board and just lifts out. Check salvage yards in your area for an 89 Ram 318. The original 89 Ram 318 SMEC (w/ automatic 4 spd) part number is 4379889. Barry
  15. There are no remaining new SMEC's for the Shelby Dakota (nor are there any of the upgrade kits). You might watch ebay or ads on various associated sites. Do not send yours in for repair (like through a Dodge dealer) as what you get back will not be a Shelby model, and it may not run your truck. The only change Shelby made to the stock SMEC was to include the wiring to control the electric fans. That said, you need to know what is bad in yours. There are 2 boards inside the SMEC case, one is the computer board, the other is the power board. If you have a charging or other electrical problem it is likely the power board is bad. If you have a drivability, operational, or code issue then it probably is the computer board. There is a fix, but it is not entirely without some complications. The SMEC used in a 318 ci 1989 Ram will run your truck (or may be scavenged for the part to fix your SMEC). But the tach might not work, and the electric fans will not have computer control. For the fans, you can get a temp sensor switch from some place like Summitt and wire it in, This device will usually mount on the radiator and will turn the fans on/off when the preset temperature is reached. Hope this helps.
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