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  1. Z-man can you provide me with hotel info for the east coast grand nationals / SAAC 44? Thanks, Randy. Email me at rsvt95@yahoo.com.

  2. OK, I know it's early but will there be a 2017 Xmas ornament and if so when will it be offered? I have to get my list in for Santa. BTW I have all of them so far. Thanks.
  3. There's a guy in my area that has a '66 GT350 that has sat behind his barn for so long that it was sunk up to the rockers. He had a dog chained to a tree by the driveway to his barn so no one would go in to look at it. He wouldn't sell it and recently it disappeared and everyone thought it did get sold but word is he dragged it out with his tractor and pushed it over a gully so no one would bother him any more.
  4. I want that '66 GT 350 so bad it Hertz!
  5. I'd take a vintage looking wood grain ball. Maybe something similar to an original '67.
  6. It wouldn't be out of form to put a manual trans in a GT350H. the first 100 '66s had manuals and were only then switched to autos because they were frying the clutches.
  7. Will SAI be doing a Christmas tree ornament this year like they did last year? If I recall last years was to be the first in a series.
  8. I like the Grand Am series as well but even that has gone down hill because of Nascar's involvement. The Continental series has seen the mustangs become non competitive with all the rule changes and restrictions they put on them. Forever MADATNASCAR! Hey, wasn't that a movie a few years ago?
  9. Decisions,decisions. I have never been to this show and would like to go to it sometime. This weekend is also the Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen which is usually a yearly tradition. So many choices so little time.
  10. Had a great time there. I met Gary Patterson, super nice guy! The rev your engines at noon in honor of Carroll was cool [esp. that tricked out T-bird,that engine was stout.] I also picked up a Fred Lorenzen diecast car that Lee Holman was selling at his booth.It was signed by Fred and Lee was also gracious enough to sign it as well right there. He explained that Fred is in a nursing home and recieves $10 for each car sold. Now it's off to Watkins Glen , hope to see and meet some of you there.
  11. I noticed at last weekends NHRA race that team Force had them on its cars. Wonder if it will look like them .I'll pick mine up at Carlisle or hopefully at Watkins Glen the weekend after.
  12. Ok, so for valentines day i got a pre paid custom car show sign made to order of my choice. A friend of mine who is in the lettering business will be doing the work. I've got some basic ideas of how i want it but was wondering how some of you that had signs had yours done ie; what info you put on it, sign material, framing etc. Any pics would be appreciated as he wants to get started on it as soon as possible before the busy season starts up again.I have an 18 inch tall ceramic tiffany snake to display with it at shows and was also thinking of getting a sign stand that goes under the front tire [ you drive the tire onto it to keep it in place]. Thanks for your input.
  13. RACER, i'm upstate in the Fingerlakes area but PGR is nationwide. If you or anyone is in need of our sevices you can request our presence anywhere at anytime. Go to the patriotguard.org website and read about our mission. If you ride a motorcycle join our group. It's free to join and there are no commitments. You ride when you are able to. The first time you do attend an event and see and hear the jeers from the families will make it all worth it, believe me.
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