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    1967 Mustang GTA, 1st place winner at SAAC 10.
  1. RM Sotheby’s celebrates this national treasure at its Monterey auction in August. What is going on? http://link.rmsothebys.com/m/09a2c32a9853496fb1f75e1eac73461d/DBD8B9EC/062016 1962 Shelby 260 Cobra "CSX 2000" 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra "CSX 3178" CaptDave
  2. 2016 New York International Auto Show 3-31-2016. Got there early so I was 1st in line to get to the 2017 Ford GT, I had about 5min almost alone with the 2017 Ford GT. There was a special event to see this car before the show (2016 GT-H). I got the invite from SA Vegas only 2hrs before. Not enough time for me to make it that day. I'm just looking to see if there is another chance to see the 2016 GT-H in private. CaptDave
  3. Team Shelby VIP Experience Package Did I miss the link for this??? CaptDave
  4. NY Auto Show lists Ford GT & GT350R, that's it. CaptDave
  5. I guess the 2016 GT-H on a wall is better than nothing! Oh well...more time at the Super Cars than? CaptDave
  6. OK...I know the 2016 Shelby GT-H will be on a wall out of reach. Not a hard question...will Shelby American be coming this year (didn't show last year). CaptDave
  7. Will Shelby American be coming? Where will they be located at the show? Will the 2016 GT-H be there? CaptDave
  8. 1967 Terlingua Racing Team Replica - Heading out for practice run - SAAC-40 Pocono Raceway, PA 8-20-2015. My favorite year Mustang, 1967. CaptDave
  9. I feel like I was there! Really nice work at SAAC-40. I hope Sony/Zeiss come out with the FE 100-400mm I need for my A7R-II, you shot's make me wish for it. CaptDave
  10. Fowler Automotive 1965 GT350R 76BP - Returning from Practice - SAAC-40 Pocono Speedway, PA 8-21-2015. 1965 Shelby GT350R's were a common sight, at least for a couple days at Pocono Raceway! Vintage Race - 1965 Shelby GT350R Cobra Performance 550BP - SAAC-40 Pocono Speedway, PA 8-21-2015. Vintage Race, Pocono Raceway. CaptDave
  11. For you camera guys. I have a brand new just released in the US this month Sony A7R-II (42MP) camera. I used mostly my Sony 70-200 G f/4.0 & Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 with Sony Flash (few with my Zeiss 16-35mm f/4.0). Every photo I post gets 30 minute's on Photoshop CC 2015, at least (no point & shoots from me). Camera RAW 100%, sometime I do 3 shot HDR (didn't do HDR at SAAC-40). I trying to do better each day, good to practice. Anyway, I hope you like them. CaptDave
  12. SAAC-40 Photo's. 2008 Shelby GT500KR 7 - In Front Of Garages - SAAC-40 Pocono Raceway, PA 8-20-2015. A friends GT500KR 40th Anniversary, a beast! I got the chance to shoot this KR from the top of the Tower on the Tri-Oval at Pocono. Cobra Datona Coupe Replica 14 - Main Parking Near Garages - SAAC-40 Pocono Raceway, PA 8-20-2015. 1966 Shelby GT350H - Coming Out Of Tech Inspection - SAAC-40 Pocono Raceway, PA 8-20-2015. Weather coming in, a very wet afternoon. CaptDave
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