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  1. Does anyone have any experience with Ebay's "AutoCheck by Experion" system? Due to an upcoming medical procedure, I'm selling my 2006 GT-H. The car has a perfect CarFax report both now and when I bought it back in January of 2010 from Shelby American. Ebay forces their AutoCheck on the sellers then, of course, tries to sell vehicle inspections etc. When I listed the car last week Ebay/ AutoCheck showed an "accident issue" in July 2008. Just to properly sell the car, I have attempted to contact both Ebay and AutoCheck to get more information on the alleged "accident issue". Both refuse to respond. The bids have come in way below even the weak Ebay market, presumably because of the " accident issue". I really don't want to "re-invent the wheel" but it seems only fair that if a for-profit company, Ebay and AutoCheck, de-values someones property, they should at least be required to reveal the source of the "accident issue". I'd like to hear thoughts and suggestions on how to proceed. thanks in advance, Larry
  2. The 2006 Shelby GT-H hood grill was originally installed by double face tape AND three small rivets. If you decide to use rivets I would use stainless steel as the original ones tended to rust. regards, Larry Miller Team Shelby Registrar, Hertz GT-H
  3. As long as you get as close as possible to the original tape stripe color, then painting them on should not affect the value much in the mid-term. If you plan on driving the car you can count on damage to the tape stripes, and that would deduct from the value if sold. I painted the stripes on my SGT and after 70,000 miles they still look perfect. good luck and enjoying the car is priority one. regards, Larry Miller, Team Shelby Registrar GTH,
  4. You are correct about all of these problems. The convertible top on the GT-Hs suffered a little more abuse from Hertz customers who didn't really care about proper top up/down directions. The stripes on both the 2006 and 2007 GT-Hs are what they are. A believed to be "preminum vendor" supplied the stripes and they just have not been good. Another factor is the way the GT-Hs were serviced / washed at Hertz. As a 27 year employee at Hertz, I cannot tell you how many times I watched the Hertz Garagemen (car washers and refuelers) use tire cleaner on the car body ( stripes and paint) in an attempt to quickly remove bugs and hard to get grime. On a hot day this stuff will dull the stripes and spot them almost immediately making the stripes even less likely to survive in good condition. I know this isn't much of an answer to your problems, just a set of contributing factors. regards, Larry Miller, SAI / Team Shelby Registrar Hertz GT-H
  5. Welcome to "GT-H" world. There has been a lot of interesting topics on these cars in the Team Shelby forums. A lot is known about them and owners are enthusastic about sharing what they learn. Good luck and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to send a PM regards, Larry Miller, Team Shelby / SAI Registrar, Hertz GT-H
  6. The only pictures I remember at any Hertz counters were the poster size pictures of the 2006 GT-H and a second poster of the 2006 GT-H and a 1966 GT-350H. These posters were 24 x 36. These posters were available to any Hertz location through the Hertz store (Corp. approved advertising items). These same posters appeared in magazine size in most of the front line auto magazines as well. Perhaps posting a photo of your counter display would be helpful. We always have to be suspect of "a guy said" or the "seller said" an item was authentic. Most of the Team Shelby GT-H owners have sought any GT-H items so I'm sure someone can give assistance as well. Good luck, regards, Larry Miller Team Shelby-SAI Registrar GT-H.
  7. The Ford Racing branded 16 pound radiator cap was a standard issue on the Mustang FR500S and is generally available on Ebay for around 16 dollars. You may want to search Ebay or some of the other vendors that market Ford Racing Parts. Hope this helps, regards, Larry
  8. Thanks for posting the photos, for some reason I've having trouble downloading photos and attaching PMs. I'm going to update my browser (firefox) and maybe that will help. The car is in really good condition and came with a new front valance so it wouldn't take much to bring the car back to nice condition. I'm going to keep it in the Winkler Automotive livery. The car was in numerous magazines including the Ford Racing catalog. thanks for everyone's input. regards, Larry
  9. I'm debating whether or not to leave my FR500S in it' "as raced condition" or "bring it back as new". This car was a NASA Mid-Atlantic champion and has a great history as driven by George Winkler, sponsored by Winkler Automotive. My goal was to run the car in the various NASA Florida Region events, BUT a serious back injury has sidelined those efforts. So I have about 4 months of medical garbage to deal with SO do I take this time to clean up the body OR do I just leave the car "as raced" in 2010 ?? I would like to hear member input, and God willing I plan to track the car in the Spring of 2013. Let me know what you think. regards, Larry Miller
  10. I would suggest you go to the website of the hosting club, NASA, SCCA, etc. and see if they have an insurance carrier as a partner. Another aspect of track events, is the liability you may face if you damage the track. At many events, if you loop the car, hit the wall you may be liable for the wall repairs beyond the obvious of fixing your car. I'm not so sure I would ask your "street" insurance carrier about track coverage as policy red flags may be initiated. The two issues are personal injury AND damage to your car while "off road-on-a-track" both of which is excluded from just about all standard insurance policies. Most HPDE type track events are well run, but as participant, I can see the better than average possibility for some type of damage. Great topic and am anxious to hear feedback from other members on how to best protect ourselves. regards, Larry
  11. Wow Jeff, maybe you should invest in a scatter shield !!! It's interesting this occurred following a dyno run. Pushing the 4.6, with more or less stock internals, seems hazardous with the addition of the super charger. Adding the power = adding to the risk. I pushed by 2007 totally stock SGT at the Sebring track at a recent NASA event and had a few issues as well. Rear axle seals started leaking, blew a A/C high pressure hose (no the A/C wasn't on). I guess that track events and high performance driving bring out the "stock" part of the car in a negative way. It will be interesting to follow your re-build. I do think it's great that your pushing the envelope. Shelbys of all stripes are made to be driven and driven hard. regards, Larry
  12. A Ford problem for sure. Mine is sagging and the 3M trim adhesive is basically worthless. Used to be a good product but on the Mustang panels isn't worth much. The foam backing on the door panel absorbs the adhesive causing the vinyl to come loose after a short time. Anyone that can come up with a long term solution will be greatly appreciated. regards, Larry
  13. I'll pass on this one, but most likely will do the June 23-24 NASA (National Auto Sport Assc) event at Sebring. regards, Larry
  14. You may want to contact SAI directly as at one time they did have extras. I believe the source was Gates Rubber but not sure. A near exact pair can be purchased from Discount Auto. These are a little bit more "shiney" but install exactly the same and use a plastic nut to tighten as opposed to those nasty metal clips on the original washer nozzles. I do assume you are talking about the 2006 GTH ?? Hope this helps. regards Larry,
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