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  1. 6G7Z-19C543-A is the part number and they are direct ship from the vendor. FoMoCo does not stock them.
  2. The dealership can get the refill kits, but they are not cheap. $205.18 plus tax
  3. Go to the hardware store and pick about a foot of one inch aluminum channel. Bend it together so that it is about 45 degree instead of 90. Mark and drill to match your plate. Under your front bumper,near the center, are two screws that hold the lower bumper to the under cover. Mark your newly made bracket to match the screws. Remove the screws, add your bracket, and re-install the screws. It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish.
  4. I would like to thank everyone for your generous insults. I really thought you guys were better than that. When you have something and have no idea what it is worth, you ask for input and ideas from others. You research and gather information and make the best educated guess you can. All I was doing, was looking for some feedback, not a bunch of insults. But thats cool. I can live with it. May God Bless you anyway
  5. Reino beat me to it. If you lke Hot Rods, this is the place to go. It is the weekend before Memorial Day weekend and the beach officially opens Memorial Day weekend. About the only traffic you encounter is Hot Rod traffic going to the cruise in so the sights are pleasent anyway. Most of the Hot Rods uncap the headers for the weenend and cruise around. Just don't get caught doing a burn out. The cops frown heavliy on that. Other than that, they pretty much leave you alone to have fun. Even if the weather isnt great, I still havent had a bad time there. Its always been fun! Hope to see some of y'all there!!!
  6. I was just wondering how many of you are planning on taking your Shelby to the Ocean City Spring Cruise-In, May 16th - 18th. We will be staying at the The Talbot Inn. If you are going, post a reply where you will be staying. Maybe a get together could be planned.
  7. 92 miles. Hopefully the weather will get nice so I can drive it little more.
  8. Are you talking about 08's, or all SGT's. I have an 07 SGT with cloth seats. It looked to me, like that car on ebay had seat covers installed, because of the crappy fit.
  9. Are there any Team Shelby members planning on getting together? I wouldn't mind meeting some of the guys here. Most seem nice, and we all share a common interest.
  10. My choice would be the 68 fastback, with a 427 medium riser, 2 4s, top loader and 370 locker. I just wish I could aFORD it!
  11. I will be there too. We will have a vendor spot set up for my work. I will have to try to close up a little early so we can get out and about. I miss too many things working all weekend, but someone has to do it. :whew: but then :beerchug:
  12. I am happy with mine. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't call it FLAWLESS, but not nearly as bad as some have described on here. Over all, I am satisfied. Y'all take care
  13. My space is kinda lame. Its mainly for family, but feel free to check it out http://www.myspace.com/sportsroof1969
  14. A very dear friend of mine is Ford Certified Master Tech. He told me that dealer computer should have no problem reflashing your PCM to the correct Shelby Specs. He has done it several times. as long as they select the correct Shelby calibration. I would suggest, if you get your car back and it feels dead, with a lack of power compaired to before, find another dealer. I worked in a Ford dealer for over twenty years, and I know some of the service advisers dont know ^%(*!! Hopefully your tech will be smart enough to know what to do. Personally, I wouldnt take my wheel barrow to my closest dealership. Not even to check the tire pressure. You might also ask if you could speak with the tech. Most goods techs will take the time to talk to a concerned customer. I hope this helps. Take care, drive safe! Tim
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