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  1. Me too! Even stopped for 93 octane fuel a couple of times Happy Earth Day
  2. I have a 2007 GT 500 with about 8,000 miles. This car has become a garage queen and probably gets driven about 200 miles every three months, 9 months of the year. My question is how often SHOULD I change my oil? The dealer says every 3 months, but I'm thinking that it's overkill. Welcome your thoughts!
  3. Well guys, I'm thinking again about putting my 40th up for sale. She's a garage queen with 8,000 miles and approximately 1000 of those miles are post conversion. The only other mod is a FRRP short shifter. I think GT500 FLYBOY will attest to the quality of my car. Anyway, I welcome your thoughts on everything from pricing to you name it. Regards, 1FST ASP
  4. Those look great John!!! :happy feet: I can't seem to find them on the website! Help me pleasssssssssssssssssssssseeeeee!!! 1FST ASP
  5. 2007 40th Tourch Red vert with silver stripes :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:
  6. I was going to use Tasca, but I got the call for Las Vegas before Tasca was up and running. If I had to do it over again, I think I would still ship it to Shelby. That is my personal preference though......
  7. This was the best money I have ever spent on a car. :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: The only downside is shipping it to Las Vegas from the east coast. I live in Northern Virginia and so does another another 40th owner. I think it cost me around $4k to ship it roundtrip. Still worth it though!! 1FST ASP Send me a pm with your # if you want to discuss or see the finished result. Your wife will love it.
  8. Thanks for the insight! BTW the finished product looks great. How hard was the caulking to do? Thanks!! 1FST ASP
  9. So, who has put theirs on and what was the outcome? It looks pretty easy, but do I have to take the rear wheels off to do it right? Thanks, 1FST ASP
  10. John, those look really good!! Are you going to Chik-fil-a on Friday?
  11. YES!! This story is true. I'm still shocked that I didn't get written up.
  12. I got pulled over today doing 60+ in 45 zone. I see the blue lights in my rearview and pulled over to the side. As the guy gets out of his car I can see that he's wearing a business suit, and flashes me his badge. I have my license and registration out before he gets to the car. As I'm handing him my stuff he tells me that he's a detective and where was I going in such a hurry and why didn't I see him? (answer: unmarked chevy malibu) We'll I reply with the polite yes sir, no sir answers and he comments on how awsome my car looks. He then says that I need to keep it down under 100 and hands me my license and registration and again says what a beautiful car it is. I thank him generously and leave. This is the ONLY time I have ever been given a pass and this would have been my first ticket in my Shelby. So yes there are good stories to be told. I drove the speed limit all the way home! LOL
  13. It's a 40th, it's paid for, it's an no brainer..... NO!! I wouldn't trade it for an 2o1o unless it was a Ferrari....maybe...
  14. I'm getting a short throw shifter and CAI!! Best part was that I got to drive her for Christmas with the top down!!! :happy feet: I kinda like the global warming thing. LOL 60 degrees in Northern Virginia yesterday Man, we love that car! Best thing I could ever have done was making it a 40th this year!! Happy Holidays to all!!!
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