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  1. I just received my wheels via FedEx, awesome service Shelby Performance Parts! I noticed that there was hand written engraving with some numbers on the inside bead, what are those engravings for? Just curious. Mark
  2. I got my call Thursday and confirmed the shipping! CAN NOT WAIT! Thanks Shelby Performance Parts!
  3. Count me in on one for a 40th Anniversary also.
  4. Jer, thanks so much for the Team Shelby email announcing the wheel run! Since I am not a regular visitor of the forum, I really appreciate the emails from you guys. I got my set of wheels ordered because of your great communications! Thanks again, Mark.
  5. They're now available to purchase for a December delivery. $500.00 each plus centercaps if you want them also. I just ordered my set of four.
  6. Yep, I guess we should feel lucky that we 40th's still have a place on this forum, if nothing else...
  7. I have one from SA, to the best of my memory I received mine with my receipt and other papers. Mark
  8. Did offering it on line ever occur to you guys? I would have made the purchase a long time ago as a on line item rather than a strictly in store purchase, not everyone lives in Vegas. Mark
  9. Looks like time to offer some more Team 40th apperal since SA has written off ALL of the 40th Anniversary owners and fans...
  10. Sharon, I am confusicated, I'm not clear as to what you are saying. I was wanting to purchase some 40th Anniversary apperal since I own a 40th Anniversary GT500 that you folks converted. Are the 40th jackets also discontinued? Or do I still have time to purchase one? Thanks, Mark
  11. When I was at the NASCAR race on 3-4-11, I stopped in the Shelby store to purchase a 40th Anniversary polo, but was informed by the cashier that they were discontinued. Does anyone know this to be a fact? If it is true, will the other 40th items be discontinued as well? If they are discontinued as a normally stocked item, would it be possible to special order a couple of shirts? Mark
  12. Robert, I am guessing that not all SS hoods have bulge's to the same degree, especially since I had no issues on the passenger side. The contact with the bulge on the drivers side was reduced sufficiantly with a .060" shim. A person could file or mill the back side of the bracket, however I would caution against that after seeing how easy the bracket snapped in half (which happened immediatly after I attached the gas shock). Ron, I will take some pics and post as soon as posible. Mark
  13. Here's an update on the hood strut kit; hood strut kit arrived with 90# gas struts as ordered, paint match was good, however when I installed the drivers side hood bracket and tightened the bolts, the cast bracket snapped just above the top (front) mounting bolt. I called CPC and they promptly sent me a replacement at no charge (excellent customer service!). I found that there is a slight buldge in the hood that the bracket makes contact with and possibly may have caused the fracture. I am recommending that if the bulge/bracket contact is experianced when mounting, you should shim the bracket for better clearance because cast alluminum does not flex well. Mark
  14. Very very nice! Thats a keeper for sure. Mark
  15. Roger, thanks for the clarification! Mark
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