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  1. I strongly agree. I been to every bash except for 2008. This year no Bash information on forum as in years passed. Had to go to face book to find formation for host hotel and Bash sign up. Got the email that Bash was cancel and refund money. Forum did not have any information that the Bash was canceled.
  2. Thanks for the info, see y'all at the BASH
  3. Hello, where is the survival guide down load located at?
  4. In 2014, the Shelby store sold them for $24 8R3V-6313005KR1 Factory Shelby GT, GT500KR Floor Mats - Black 1 $23.99
  5. Is there a date for the BASH yet?
  6. Do the installation yourself. I have a 2007SGT. In 2009 I purchased a whipple kit with intercooler and programmer with a John Lund tune from Lethal performance. Install should take three week ends. Whipple had a great installation manual.
  7. Hotel booked. Any word on the 2019 bash registration yet?
  8. Haven't ordered any thing from them since 2011 In 2011 I ordered the Shelby GT interior up grade and big brakes. No problems with quality and delivery.
  9. Check the wire crimps contacts. My fuel pressure gauge would work then sometimes the needle would go all the way to the right side. I replaced the sender but it turned out to be the crimp connection was bad.
  10. I used my credit card to book the reservation and pay the bill. They tried to buy $900 of something in China Monday night with my credit card.
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