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  1. Congrats, nice color..Saw a 2020 GT500 in Twister Orange at a local cars and coffee meet. Awesome cars!
  2. Hi Steven, sent you a email I am the new owner of 2016 Shelby GTH #88 ,Thanks
  3. Day after I purchased the car, I called SAI and spoke with Mike and he informed of the options CSM19H0047 were included with the build.According to Mike and Chris they are on target to build only 100 SGT-H vehicles for 2019-2020 year.
  4. Thanks, I only found a few 2019 SG-H cars that were already Supercharged.
  5. My new 2019 Shelby GT-H. Delivered to my home in NV. 710 HP 10 speed automatic.CSM19H0047.
  6. I also removed the sound tube from my Boss,no real difference in sound.Just cleans up the look of the motor ..Also I am running the 3/4 size discs in the side pipes.Sounds great even with no other mods to the stock exhaust,
  7. Ford did a nice job on the Boss owners kit..received mine last Thursday.
  8. My orginal Hood Scoop is finally getting to me...never did contact the dealer for the fix (Out of warranty),..
  9. Also looks like mine expect I have a white Norcal edition,with the correct sill plates. Oh and dark graphite inteior.
  10. Last weekend had the car out,stopped to check the tire presuure add air etc.Guy in a Lexus stops and is admiring the car ,telling me he used to write for Automobile mag,knew Carroll personally..Told him we had done the tour recently down in Vegas at SAI.. Next stop was another station to fuel up,guy gives me a thumbs up..asks what i paid for the car..Told him mid thirties...anyway it is amazing the attention i get when driving this great Shelby.
  11. I believe they come with Ford Racing M-5230-GTA,mufflers.
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