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    I love muscle cars.
    99 Shelby Series One #54 Supercharged
    69 GTO Judge Convertible
    06 Shelby GT-H #117
    03 Dodge Viper Hennessey Venom 650R
    08 Shelby GT500
    61 Impala SS Bubbletop 409
    07 Saleen S331 S/C F-150 #302

    Drive em' Hard and Fast ! Enjoy them while you have them!
  1. #368...Welcome to the GT-H team. I am on my third one! I currently have #117 with 23K miles and I drive it almost every day! I love this car as my favorite ride. Simular to you, I own a few other Shelby's, etc....but, nothing like the GT-H. It is a great drifting car and I have had it on the Thunderhill Race track for open track days. I am now building an 05" GT as a track car so I don't put too much on this "driver", Lol. Maybe we will hook up in the bay area sometime. Randy
  2. Guys, I just bought a pristine 2008 GT500 with only 10K miles, shelby CS20 rims, short throw shifter, 2" eibach lowering kit, seq taillights, tinted windows, for $29K. Hopefully it doesn't go much lower.
  3. Wow...and I thought I was the only one with a GT-H letterman's jacket! Mine has Steve on it....also one of the original builders of the GT-H. I found mine on Craigslist....where did you guys get yours? Also, it looks like we are all avid collectors of GT-H stuff, my list is ditto of H0050!
  4. $45K is a bit high. I have #498 for sale with only 12K miles, original stripes in good condition, and the car is excellent. FOR SALE for only $35,900. Call me 510-585-5874. Randy
  5. #86, I sold #298 last year with only 32K miles in very good condition for only $26K. ONly the cars with less than 15K miles are getting anywhere near $32-$35. That is the reality of the economy right now. I bought #117 with only 18K miles for $30K six month ago. Best of luck.
  6. Harold, If your serious, shoot me an email (rtgast@hotmail.com) and I may be interested in buying it. I have 498 and 117 right now. Getting ready to repost 498 for sale again. So far, no takers at $34K, only 11K miles pristine. That being said, I would like to have a SC car. Randy
  7. I love to drive mine as well...stereo??? Does it have one? Lol Hearing the exhaust is incredible. I also have a Viper and Vette, neither can compare to the Series One. I have to agree with CSX4350..... the "is it a Viper or a Vette?" is constant from everyone who sees it. One lady told me she didn't like it because the dash and doors were not Alcantar leather wrapped like the Italian cars! Oh well.... Mine is also Supercharged and is a definite keeper in my corral.
  8. #117 and 498 are now in San Jose!
  9. Dude....that is Awesome. What a car!
  10. Good News....the previous owner said he "has the documents in a moving box, and will get them to me in the end of June". I am keeping my fingers crossed!! The car is super clean, only 10K miles and even the stripes are good (with exception of a few scrapes on the rear bumper). This car must have been an executive car and not run through the fleet because all of the rental cars had horrible stains on the stripes. I know the stripes on #298 was very bad and had to be replaced.
  11. I know of at least two Series 1's (5054 & 5123), where the wipers will make one swipe across the windshield for no reason during driving. Has anyone else had this happen while driving? Is it a software/firmware bug and is there a fix?
  12. Received #498 today, very clean car and runs great. Based on the condition, I would say that the mileage is correct. Even the stripes are good, must have been an Hertz exec car. Only a few tears on the rear bumper stripe.
  13. Fellow GT-H'ers....I bought a GT-H last week, only to find out today that the Shelby Documents AND the Hertz documents were "thrown out" by the previous owner!!! I used to own #298 and I gave all my documents to the new buyer, as we are supposed to do. This really bums me out about the originals being tossed. The previous owner "thought that Shelby and Hertz would issue new ones to the new registered owner". Lesson learned....Shelby nor Hertz keep copies. The first registered owner is the only one to get the documents. Randy
  14. I bought it!!! Had to have a GT-H back in the stable..... can't wait to get it.
  15. Thanks GTH'ers! Larry I will give you call for the Hertz and Shelby registration stuff. Tell Steve Thornton (the other Shelby Registrar) that I am glad I kept my GT-H jacket that I bought from one of the original workers a few years back! Only a few were ever made and given to the workers who did the GT-H in Vegas. I have a ton of rare stuff about this car.....I have a blast collecting. Maybe I will throw a few pic's for my items.... Randy
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