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  1. I got mine about a month ago. Really cool with the VIN on it
  2. Here is my Super Snake on eBay right now! http://www.ebay.com/itm/272214220453?rmvSB=true&ul_ref=http%253A%252F%252Frover.ebay.com%252Frover%252F1%252F711-53200-19255-0%252F1%253Ficep_ff3%253D2%2526pub%253D5574999727%2526toolid%253D10001%2526campid%253D5337089905%2526customid%253D%2526icep_item%253D272214220453%2526ipn%253Dpsmain%2526icep_vectorid%253D229466%2526kwid%253D902099%2526mtid%253D824%2526kw%253Dlg%2526srcrot%253D711-53200-19255-0%2526rvr_id%253D1015651634444
  3. Just found out today that I am going to need a short block as well. We lost compression in #8 so we are gong to pull the engine and see what happened. Any good places to go? I have been talking to JDM Engineering and they are suggesting the Ford Racing Short Block with their cams and tune.
  4. I have the Kenne Bell 3.6L Supercharger Upgrade and was wondering if anyone has done any camshaft upgrades with this supercharger or even the factory blower. My car is a 2008. I am needing to take a head off mine and thought while I was in there if I could get a few more ponies and a cool loping idle it may be worth it. Thanks!
  5. 08SS0045 800hp red coupe with black stripes in Kansas. Do you have a current update for 08?
  6. I sent mine with the car so I got mine back too.
  7. I have used the Torco additive in my snake with the 93 octane tune that I have. It works great and no pinging with that in the tank. I order a case from them online and put one bottle in per tank. We only have 91 octane gas where I live. Try it you will like it!
  8. Mine is 08SS0045 with 800 hp in Salina, Kansas
  9. I would say to have a larger rear wheel and some suspension work to be able to put the power down better. Also I would agree with more stripe color options.
  10. http://www.ShelbyStore.com/product-p/z25-s5ma-3000-a.htm Has anyone put these on their car for better traction? Of course I am like everyone with a Super Snake and is looking for the best way to get the power to the ground. Any thoughts would be great!
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