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  1. Another Awesome Cobra. No disrespect to Roush at all, but I agree the Valve Covers (and air cleaner) need to be Cobra, or the stamped Ford versions used in early cars. I think the oil spewing is in reference to the third member.
  2. Good to know, I like RWL on 60's Mustangs of which, I have 2.
  3. I thought Cooper stopped putting RWL on one side?
  4. Ah, I did not realize Denbeste had operations in LV
  5. The car being assembled at SAI, correct? Somehow I got the impression Denbeste did final assembly on their cars.
  6. I would have a tough time justifying the cost of Aluminum. I did not think Kirkham had any rights, but they do make an FIA and there have been collaborations between Kirkham and SAI in the past, so I thought maybe.......
  7. So would an Aluminum car not have the fitment issue? I am assuming they come from a different source? Kirkham?
  8. ^^^ In doing that, you gain a DOT approved tire.
  9. Perfect. I was hoping you were going to say that. Have you checked with this outfit? http://rogerkrau ing.com/pages/pricing.html
  10. Which tires are you waiting for? Love the car BTW.
  11. I thought it was because they are the only American Speed rated tire available.
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