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  1. Here is the link to the pictures from the Knott's Show. http://gtcsregistry.com/knotts.htm Ron
  2. I took a test drive in the 2010 GT yesterday and I have to say the car is much more responsive than my '07 and the brakes are very nice and firm. I like I alot of the updates they did but some options are a bit much like the rear camera and the rear end is hard to get used to. But overall I nice upgrade.
  3. I will also be staying at the Courtyard hope to see you all there. Ron
  4. Gang I have ordered GT/CS registry decals for anyone who would be interested in purchasing them. I have 6 designs in 5 GT/CS colors. The cost of the decals are 7.00 shipped. Here is a sneek preview of what the decals will look like. If you wish to order goto my home page located at: http://gtcsregistry.com and you will see the pictures of the decals and T-shirts I have for sale just click on the # available link which will open an email with ordering detail. I accept checks, money orders and Paypal.
  5. Good looking car Kenny if you are not in the GT/CS registry come in and sign up at http://gtcsregistry.com Ron
  6. Ok thanks for the update....If there is any Ford salesmen or Dealers on here who can provide me a list of dealers by their dealer codes that would be great. Ron
  7. Shelbydude this is Ron Davis the owner of the GTCSregistry.com site. You helped my last April with a list of GT/CS Mustangs on dealers lot around the country which was a great help. Now I am wondering if you can help me once more. I have a member who is trying to locate the origional dealer that his GT/CS was bought at. I was able to find the window sticker but it did not have that and on the HVBoM report shows the dealer code that the car was sold to, so what I am looking for is a list of the dealers by dealer codes if that is possible. If so could you email that to me at GTCSforums@comcast.net. Thanks again for any help you can give me. Ron
  8. The date will be 4/19/2009 here is the website to get the form that will be published after 1/19/09 http://www.fordcarclubs.org/
  9. Hot off the presses is the GTCSregistry.com T-shirts and as we speak they are making the logos in Blue, Dark Red and Orange I should have these shortly as well I am having decals made for the quarter windows as well. Here is pictures of the items. The Decal will cost 7.50 and the T-shirt are 20.00 with free shipping.
  10. I am planning on going to Knott's this year and I am checking to see how many other GT/CS owners are planning to go as well. Last years my friends at the Legendlimeregistry saved us spaces next to them to park our cars at the show and I believe that is the plan again this year. I would like to try and get together with other GT/CS owners while we are there to have dinner or some other activity. So anyone who is interested reply to this post so I can make a list. Ron
  11. doh..... try http://gtcsregistry.com if the T-Shirt sell well I may do the logo in different colors since the special price only includes the white T-shirt. Ron
  12. I am starting to sell a few things on my site, right now I am getting a order of T-shirt which I will receive on 12/30 and I am looking at quarter window decal as well. I will update once I have them available on my site at http://gtcsregisty.com
  13. I am now selling GT/CS Registry.com T-shirts I have placed an order today which will be ready on 12/30/08. The cost of the shirts will be 20.00 shipped to you. If you are interested in placing an order please send me an email at GTCSforums@comcast.net Ron Davis (Site Owner)
  14. Well for my son's early Xmas present I bought him some Flowmaster 40's for his '96 Mustang and they really sound much better than stock, he is getting a kick out of the new sound. The price with installation was 250.00 here in Sac. Ron
  15. As everyone knows the newer Mustangs don't have the build sheets like the older cars do, so I thought what would our cars would like in the old build sheets. So I found a company that sold blank build sheets, in this case it was from 1984. So I purchased one just to play around with. I scanned it in and used a little computer magic to create a retro build sheet for my 2007 GT/CS. Let know what you think of it and let me know if there is anything else I can add to make it more realistic. I also was thinking selling these to anyone one who would be interested in this retro style build sheet. Ron
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