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  1. I have them, just wondering how much I loose by going back stock
  2. How restrictive are the stock GT500 mufflers compared to aftermarket. I have 08 GT500 with LT Kooks headers with catted x-pipe. I have gone through a couple of sets of different mufflers and wondering if I go back to stock how much am I loosing?
  3. I am in NJ. About to swap wheels out and may have a set of four available. what are you looking to spend?
  4. I just finished putting new Heat Exchanger in my 08 GT500. I am wondering when the typical radaitor coolant is recommened to be done. If anyone has done it any special bleed procedures? Thanks
  5. I have a 2008 GT 500 with pulley, cold air tune. I run open track events a couple of times a year. There are two AFCO exchangers with and without fans. Wondering if anyone knows how much of a difference there is and between the two would be the better choice for my needs. Thanks in advance
  6. I bought the SVT handling pack for my 2008 GT 500. THe kit did not come with lower spring seat cushions. Just wondering is this something I have to swap over from old springs to new or I can go without. Thanks in advance
  7. I have a 2008 GT 500 with appx 7k on it. I was at a open track event this weekend that was at higher speeds and needed 5th gear. About half way through the 2nd session I lost 5th gear. Once the car cooled off I was able to get it back. Now today back to normal driving reverse grinds where it never use to do that before. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  8. I have a 08 GT 500 with Kooks headers and catted x-pipe. I have run out of ideas to keep the bolts at the colector to xpipe tight. Everytime I come back from a open track event, the bolts have come loose. I have replaced the hardware. lock washers and double nutted and still same. Any ideas? Is there loc-tite out there for hi temps? Thanks in advance
  9. Will a vacuum bleeder be ok to use? Also the dot.3 in there now has been problem free. Do you think 4 is necessary.
  10. I have a 08 GT 500 with stock brakes front and rear. I have many open track days on the brakes and wanted to flush out of the fluid with new. Any special procedure that I should be following? I know with the ABS and trac control I dont want to have any issues. Thanks in advance
  11. Anyone know if there is a special bleed procedure if you open the brake system, mainly replacing brake hoses on front? Any help is great, thanks
  12. Thats great, Thanks. WHere did you have to ship and how much did they charge?
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