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  1. I know what you mean....the 1.5 turns on front and 2.5 turns on rear are definitely stiffer than the original FRPP shocks & struts...great for track but horrible for street. I'm betting 5.5 or 6.0 are going to be pleasant and compliant for Street use...best of both worlds which is what I was after without having to get under the car so I could adjust at the track if I wanted to drive it there. I usually trailer it from Atlanta to Savannah each year for the January Roebling Road track event with my friends. With the original FRPP Springs, it just barely clears the load angle on the trailer lip if I use (and take) my homemade wooden ramps to cut down the angle...thus, I was very particular in my goals. Andy.
  2. Indoor Car Cover for 2008 SGT Conv

    Sweet!! Thanks! Very excited to get this one! Andy.
  3. Yes, same FRPP springs as I didn't want to change the ride height at all. I have not yet set the C's to the softest setting yet....been meaning to do that over the past couple of months, but just have not had the time to stop and do it. I get the car out about once per month for a 10 - 20 mile run to keep it from sitting too long, and lately that's all I've had time for. I'll see if I can get to it shortly and give you a report back in the next week or so. Andy.
  4. Indoor Car Cover for 2008 SGT Conv

    If you can send me a picture, that would be great. I'd like to have one like this that matches! You can PM me or email to Andy@AndyJabaley.com Thanks, Andy.
  5. If you take you SGT to the track, then you will definitely get the benefit of the added adjustability factor on the struts/shocks....it's why the Boss 302 has a similar set up from the factory. The GT350 has the magna-ride suspension, so that is a completely adjust on the fly suspension system that I'm sure you're better versed in it than I am. I think I spent about $2,000 last year rebuilding my suspension system with 34,000 miles on the clock....it was just the age of these upgraded bushings, etc. that are not designed to last as long as the softer stuff in regular passenger cars that the prior year I could feel it really getting loose....especially in the back end. The after effect and even getting it firmer than ever before was I shaved about 15 seconds off my lap times at Roebling Road...from about 1:45 in 2016 & 2017 to 1:30 in 2018. Definitely noticeable. I was worried about wasting money where I wouldn't be able to see a benefit as a Novice driver....I've done this even 6 times each 2nd weekend in January with the same group of 20 guys, so 6 track events under my belt means I'm still far from being a pro. I definitely was happy with all the changes and improvements. At it's present settings, it is rougher than I like for normal street driving so I need to move it to a softer setting and see how different it feels. If you're in the Atlanta area, you are more than welcome to come check out my set up and even take it for a spin to see what you can feel.....door's always open! Andy.
  6. The best place to compare without calling AM directly is the Ford Performance Parts Catalog you can download. The M-18000-A are the non-adjustable shocks that our SGTs came with in 2007 / 2008. Last year I went with all new bushings kit, M-18000-C (FULLY ADJUSTIBLE SHOCKS & STRUTS), GT500 Front Strut Mount Upgrades M-18183, and the GT500 Front Lower Control Arms M-3075-E. It also turned out that when they upgraded my Front Sway bar at Shelby in Las Vegas, they used the V6 bar instead of the upgraded V8 bar. The way we figured out was when my installer (an SVT Bench tech trainer) went to install the new front bushing, they were way too big & he confirmed that the correct bushings kit was ordered. We pulled that bar off and he installed a much beefier Hoskins Front Sway Bar. I have loved the M-18000-C kit...it's worth a few extra dollars to be able to fine tune any corner of the vehicle and adjust the stiffness from front to rear as needed for track duty. You have 6 turns in or out on the top of the strut / shock, and all this is done from above and super easy to do even while at the track. My installer set it to 1.5 turns out on the front and 2.5 turns out on the rear, and it is way stiffer than the fixed M-18000-A shocks. I need to back it out to the full 6 turns out to see how soft it will go. He also suggested to go full in (full hard) for one track session, then go back out (full soft @ 6 turns) to "feel" the difference that the suspension will generate, then adjust in towards hard to find the settings I like best. I actually never did this exercise since we had very cold temps at the track we were all focused on how to get the tires to hook up more than messing with the suspension...this was all back in January in Savannah. They actually had to clear the track from the snow 3 days prior to our private event!! I did look at other shocks & struts and even a coil over system (Ground Control kits), but decided to go this route with all FRPP parts, and I have really been happy with the results. Hope that helps. Andy.
  7. Indoor Car Cover for 2008 SGT Conv

    What do you guys think about Cover King covers? Anyone ever heard of these? https://www.cjponyparts.com/coverking/c/8_1001_223/?product_type=104 Andy.
  8. +1.....I'm exactly the same way Jeff!
  9. I'm looking to find or buy a nice car cover to help ward off some minor scratches on my 2008 SGT. It sits in the garage, but closest to the garage door to the house.....and thus, the kids have donated a few minor scratches to my dismay. Any recommendations or anyone have an old Shelby car cover that they would like to sell? Andy.
  10. Shelby GT, VIN Number, & Insurance

    Correct....the U54 upfitter's package code is what signifies that the vehicle was sent to SAI for "upfitting" of equipment on the monroney as pre-title work installation. That is where a claims adjuster will see that it is more than a Mustang GT....I work for State Farm and completely ran this through my claims partners to make sure there would be no issues if something ever happened. Andy.
  11. 18" Alcoa wheels for a 08- 09 KR

    Correct, when you put a full size spare in the tire well, it will cause the board and carpet to sit up about an inch or so higher...but not a real problem. One thing to note, if you do place a KR rim back there, I used a slightly smaller tire that I had in possession...255/18 but I have 275/18 on all 4 corners. That's good enough to get me home without sticking up too much higher. The point of this is that the 255 tire will sit pretty flush with the KR rim and the wood/fiber board tray that makes up the trunk floor will scratch up the face of the KR spare rim. I used a thin layer of bubble wrap to lay over the face of the KR rim to protect it from the hard backing of the fiber board. Just thought that would help you out! Andy.
  12. I'm in for that!!! I live in Atlanta and family has a lake house near AMP! Store it at AMP and that way Jeff can purchase the GT-H as well!! Best of both worlds - problem solved! What a great group of friends to help solve his problem out of the goodness of their hearts.
  13. Last December, I installed the FRPP Intake and the Boss 302 strut brace and they both fit under my stock SGT hood. Hope that helps. Andy.
  14. Ditto to everything that has been said here...I added it to my SGT Conv a few years ago after a couple of full weekend trips to the track, and the difference after added was amazing. Just squats and goes is accurate. I had previously put the adjustable pan hard bar in and centered it at 1/2 - 2/3s a tank. Adjustable pan hard bar helped it look better and centered axle only while a certain amount of weight was over the back axle. The Watts Link makes you feel instantly more planted on the road or curve of the track. So glad I made the change....and Jer was the one who recommended it to me as well!!! He still ROCKS all the years later for what he did for us at SAI. Andy.
  15. Help!

    Good Luck!!!!