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  1. I think I still have mine in storage room.....let me know if you still need them. I put KR mufflers on my SGT years ago so these have been only used about 12,000 miles.
  2. AndyGJ

    Hot Rod Cams

    For an N/A car with FRPP Intake, FRPP Throttle Body, and Shorty Tuned Headers, do you think I get a noticeable gain in Torque and HP/
  3. What size are the 20th? 18” or 20”?
  4. Just FYI...I ran with these again at the track on Jan 5th-6th, and this time using NT01 tires. I dialed up the settings slightly from last year and ran about 1.5 in front and 2.0 in rear. I discovered that quarter turns (.25 of a twist) will make slight differences to help dial in....made those minimal adjustments between sessions.
  5. I'd guess you're probably right on that unless he knows for sure.....if it was 18", then I'd be very tempted to put mine up for sale at those prices!!
  6. Maybe I should consider selling mine if that's the going price these days. If that was for a set of 4, I have six - 4 on the car, one spare in the trunk, and one in a box in the basement....wonder what a set of six would fetch? $4,000?
  7. Do you still have your black S GT wheels you picked up from Shelby a couple years ago?

  8. I’ve been running the BFG Sport Comp2s, and they have been great. I’ve even used two different sets at the track, and they perform very well in all temps and even rain on the track. First set is getting old (age-wise even though still plenty of tread) so I'm looking to upgrade to some better track worthy tires....Bridgestone RE-71 or Falken 615K or Hankook RS4. These three were recommendations from the Track Mustangs Online website. I’m told they are decent on the street but make a huge difference on the track.
  9. If you’re ever in Atlanta, then look me up and I’ll let you take it for a drive to see first hand both hard and soft settings. Took me about 5 minutes to change all 4 from 1.5 / 2.5 to 5.5 / 6.0 set up. Andy.
  10. I finally got some time to play with the settings on the struts & shocks. I moved them to 5.5 revolutions in the front, and 6.0 revolutions in the rear...remember 6 turns is the softest setting and it is adjustable in increments of 1/4 turns where you’ll get some noticeable difference according to my installer. And the RESULTS - Wow, what a big difference. It felt like I was driving a regular sports sedan. At this setting, it is definitely softer that the stock non-adjustable FRPP shocks that came in our cars. Very impressive! Even my 15 year old son was remarking about the difference that the soft settings made. Hope that helps! Andy.
  11. I know what you mean....the 1.5 turns on front and 2.5 turns on rear are definitely stiffer than the original FRPP shocks & struts...great for track but horrible for street. I'm betting 5.5 or 6.0 are going to be pleasant and compliant for Street use...best of both worlds which is what I was after without having to get under the car so I could adjust at the track if I wanted to drive it there. I usually trailer it from Atlanta to Savannah each year for the January Roebling Road track event with my friends. With the original FRPP Springs, it just barely clears the load angle on the trailer lip if I use (and take) my homemade wooden ramps to cut down the angle...thus, I was very particular in my goals. Andy.
  12. Sweet!! Thanks! Very excited to get this one! Andy.
  13. Yes, same FRPP springs as I didn't want to change the ride height at all. I have not yet set the C's to the softest setting yet....been meaning to do that over the past couple of months, but just have not had the time to stop and do it. I get the car out about once per month for a 10 - 20 mile run to keep it from sitting too long, and lately that's all I've had time for. I'll see if I can get to it shortly and give you a report back in the next week or so. Andy.
  14. If you can send me a picture, that would be great. I'd like to have one like this that matches! You can PM me or email to Andy@AndyJabaley.com Thanks, Andy.
  15. If you take you SGT to the track, then you will definitely get the benefit of the added adjustability factor on the struts/shocks....it's why the Boss 302 has a similar set up from the factory. The GT350 has the magna-ride suspension, so that is a completely adjust on the fly suspension system that I'm sure you're better versed in it than I am. I think I spent about $2,000 last year rebuilding my suspension system with 34,000 miles on the clock....it was just the age of these upgraded bushings, etc. that are not designed to last as long as the softer stuff in regular passenger cars that the prior year I could feel it really getting loose....especially in the back end. The after effect and even getting it firmer than ever before was I shaved about 15 seconds off my lap times at Roebling Road...from about 1:45 in 2016 & 2017 to 1:30 in 2018. Definitely noticeable. I was worried about wasting money where I wouldn't be able to see a benefit as a Novice driver....I've done this even 6 times each 2nd weekend in January with the same group of 20 guys, so 6 track events under my belt means I'm still far from being a pro. I definitely was happy with all the changes and improvements. At it's present settings, it is rougher than I like for normal street driving so I need to move it to a softer setting and see how different it feels. If you're in the Atlanta area, you are more than welcome to come check out my set up and even take it for a spin to see what you can feel.....door's always open! Andy.
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