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  1. We're going to be working together to get things scheduled and events going. Let's get active!
  2. Well hello thar! I'm the new director for the State of Tennessee in our region. Planning on doing a picnic meeting at my house in Columbia, TN on July 18th (Saturday) 12pm. Let's get together and throw around some idea's of what people are interested into. I've got a BBQ you are welcome to use. Who's interested and when are you available? We're aiming on getting more people on board here so if you can't make it on the 11th, we'll plan something at Coffee and Car's on a Saturday Morning or something like that. Bring your own beer, food, and lawn chairs. I have 2 Popup tents as well as a covered porch going to the pool. So bring swim trunks if you want but good luck not getting splashed by my kids lol
  3. Mississippi Valley Regional Director is Willis68 with me assisting him. We are both down in the Nashville Area and feel free to shoot either of us a message. I would say Welcome but figured I would wait until you moved.


    Never fear, for I am here. You can contact me about Terlingua as well
  5. It does't have any of the other markings. Teringua Racing Team down the side, the "2-10" or whatever number it was on the front fascia. They did only make 10 of them. I know where 3 are.
  6. One more thing. Get 16" wheels so you can run the heavier duty tires that they do not make in a 15". In 20k miles, I have had 2 blow outs with the 16". With 15" wheels, every 1000-2000 miles was the average.
  7. 1. You want an escape door. 2. You want ramps built inside the trailer to drive the car onto so you can use the escape door. Climbing out the car through the window, putting your feet on the seats just sucks. Much easier to open the door and get out normally. 3. You want to install a winch for those times the car dies, you wad it up or break it (or someone else does and you are towing their car while they are driving yours). You also want the battery for the winch by the winch for jump starting if needed. Install a solar trickle charger on your roof too to keep the battery charged when the trailer isn't being used. Everything else all depending on taste. I stack my tires under the car on the floor between the ramps. No need for a tire rack mounted to the wall. If you are going to track your car, you'll soon learn the advantage of A/C. I went for living quarters on this trailer. Installed a memory foam mattress in it, Bluray player and made it mine. My Raptor fits in my trailer. Barely. Full Rig. 46' of trailer goodness with 24' of garage space. The rest is living quarters. Truck has a 96 gallon aux fuel tank in the bed that feeds into the stock fuel tank. 136 gallons of fuel. Only have to stop every 1000 miles for fuel.
  8. lol This again? Terlingua Island is like Margaritaville. It is a feeling, a way of life and it is anywhere we wish it to be. Terlingua is in Texas which is where everyone but the heathens will be in a few weeks :D
  9. Last Terlingua jacket on ebay went for for 200.00 FYI.
  10. I am intending to bring a 2014 to the event. I sold my Terlingua.
  11. Red one is gone now. Traded it in for a 2012 Blue Raptor SCrew.
  12. I would just drill the existing ones if I was to go that route.
  13. There is very little difference. I tracked both before the first oil change with about 500 miles on them and both showroom stock (The LS parts took another month to get here). What people do not seem to understand is that the difference between is the LS and regular Boss 302 is negligible. You have the rear seat delete and cross brace. Everything else can be bought through FRPP and put on the Regular Boss 302. At Hallett I discovered that there is a bit of understeer in the car, I threw Random Misfire Codes in both, overheated both of them and experienced some brake fade in both. The average driver will never notice the difference between the two cars.
  14. Yes I did. Saturday I was helping with instruction.
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