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  1. Cabin Fever is an understatement...And I have another project car I am working on....slooooowly during the winter...I looked at it today and wanted to take it out for a mental spin but did not...after all, there is NO interior (except 1 bucket) and the thing is stripped out completely there. so it rattles like a go-kart. And it's loud..must be the 351 CJ (modified) ,headers, and the glasspacks...yet the cops don't stop me for some reason! Now that I mentioned that, I am sure they will!!!
  2. Well, there you go...glad to see it finally surface. Looks, just right... Hey, Big E! Hope you are well! ~Chris
  3. Dan, you need a Boss. Hell, I need one too. This would be one hell of a car.....we can only hope! Maybe I should go down to MIT, hunt Ford down, and beg him???
  4. I hear ya', and I don't disagree with anything you are saying. It may fly since Ford is now turning a profit (HURRAY!!!), I would be very happy to see the Boss fly again, and I would be very happy with the 302, but you never know...maybe the Boss 351 will rear its head if sales are strong enough! :happy feet:
  5. I would loooove one Dan--especially if they build it "your way"!!! But I don't think in the immediate future...but my brother may buy one! Let the floggings begin! Too many but's in this sentence...
  6. Dan, are you ready to buy the Boss? Just wondering....
  7. Well, this is one thing Robert & I have always felt would be 'the real deal'. Couldn't agree more, Mongo! Especially on the T-Shirt, I want one already (the t-shirt)
  8. Thanks, Dan!!! BTW, I think this thread needs to be changed to 2011 MY Boss, lol...Sounds like a good guess to me! We shall see...
  9. Mongo has left the building! Oh, wait...that was Elvis I did put a call in to Billy-Bob Ford to help Dan get all the info he needs. He said he would call Dann-o pronto. Okay, maybe not...but it sure would be nice to see the Boss back. My buddy just picked up a Challenger (build quality was actually pretty nice). His car sounds great and looks real sweet... But now I am concerned about my brother: I don't want him crossing over to 'the other side' (he's shopping muscle too). Ford better act fast, lol Chris
  10. Still nothing, Dan????? Personally, if I were Mr. Ford, I would give you the first one off the line, you deserve it. Unfortunately, I am not him. Sorry, Dan-o Hope you are well...I would love, love, love to see a Boss out. And I do believe my brother would buy one on the spot. And that would be good news for me as I would drive it (don't tell HIM)... ~Chris
  11. Tampa Bay Shelby would be the way to go. Steve is meticulous in his work. ~Chris
  12. Errrrr, yeah...I drove the Super Snake down in that storm--and it was---"unsettling". What, with all those cars spinning out around me. Yikes... I should be there...hope to see you all then!!! Chris
  13. Call me, I don't have your number- dude :)

  14. We miss Crispers.

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