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  1. Amy, It's been a while...but I still have/love my Series 1 (silver w/dark blue stripe). I am thinking about the Vegas Bash but do not want to ship my car from Atlanta.....Do you know if any Shelby "rentals" are available for the track/cruise.Tom
  2. I have driven my Series 1 at night and noticed I was driving way past the headlights...not safe! Is there anyone who has upgraded the sealed unit or found a workable upgrade unit with a lot more light. Another thought would be to put real driving lights in place of the lower fog lights.
  3. Dennis, I have a lug nut wrench that fits my wheels...it was in the center console.It has the number "10566" stamped on the head. Maybe if you contact American Racing Wheels they can locate this part. I tried to have the book copied at Kinkos but they would not do it w/o a letter from Shelby American...they said it might be a copyright violation ! Damn lawyers. Anyhow I will ask my legal secretary to copy it at the office.Tom
  4. That was "The Deacon" who said to avoid Roth...but I have found that Amy and the rest of Shelby American have been great about responding to my questions.Tom
  5. Badboss..The car sounds great. Mine is silver w/dark blue full stripes,carbon dash.....2500 miles.Open the passenger door and look at the carbon fibre piece on the side of the dash. It looks like a fuse box door but the owners manual is there...if not I can copy mine and mail it to you.I did not look for the lug nut socket yet...will let you know. Mine does have a kevlar engine cover but no kevlar on the inside of the hood...as some did.You may want to look into a 3m clear bra if you plan to drive the car...it is too much fun not to run it once in a while. I had a few front end chips so I had a certified 3m shop do the front and it is great.You can not tell it is on but no more rock chips!!! Later.Tom Is this the guy who runs the Owners Club website?
  6. I just purchased a Shelby Series 1 ,CSX 5217. I love the car and think it is the best looking Shelby ever. I went to the "Shelby Series 1 Owners Club" website, but no one is home there, except for a guy trying to sell me an engine <_< . So if anyone knows of a place where owners can swap info....let me know.Tom
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