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  1. Windshield Washer Nozzles

    I picked one up, on it's way. Brent
  2. Lug Nuts

    Thanks MKW and Steve! Funny how little things can make a more than little impact.
  3. Lug Nuts

    Swapped out the shinny lug nuts for some black ones. A pretty reasonable mod for $43. I like it, how about you?
  4. Can This Be????

    Look the front bumper facia around the grill. I don't think there was a gold strip delete option!
  5. Windshield Washer Nozzles

    Hello Rush # 127! Welcome from Brent # 130!
  6. Engine ECM

    I have had problems with replacement ECM's and I am not the only one. Anyway, cheap insurance. And it will work.
  7. Engine ECM

    Car manufacturers are only required to produce replacement parts for 10 years. I learned this on our '95 Windstar when the ECM (PCM in Ford lingo) did this in year 12: Pssssfffttt (insert fizzle out burn up sound). I learned the ECM was not longer available and had to resort to remanufactured PCM's, which had no warranty and were non-returnable. We had a hard time getting one that would work right. We finally got one and the car ran great for a couple of months and then went pssssssffffttt on us. I eventually went to EBAY to find a 12 year old ECM, which ran OK, but not great. These were all about $400 around back in 2007. I was talking to my FORD parts manager, he had the same experience on a 2003 Ford. Then we talked about ALL the electronics in today's cars and the center of all of that is the ECM: It gets a lot of use. So I decided I would get myself a used ECM out of a 2016 GT with an auto trans W/matching numbers - NOW - so I would have a spare in the future. So then I went to locate the ECM on the GT-H to get the numbers, and OMG, it is only about 6" from the front of engine, at exhaust manifold height (passenger side)! I have seen services that will reprogram an ECM to your VIN, but I don't want to go that route. I have found after making many modifications to cars over the years that there is nothing better than FORD OEM parts. I just do not want to have any drivability issues with the GT-H in the future should the ECM fail. No ECM turns a car into a paper weight. Also, if you decide to go and look for a Mustang ECM, you will find it will cross-reference to the F Series 5.0. DON'T GO THERE. It may have the same top part number, but it is all about the second line down - the tune. A F-150 has 385HP, not 435HP - and the truck 5.0 tune is for torque whereas the GT 5.0 is for performance (a dah moment). 2016 Mustangs have about 10 different ECM's. And there have been revisions between 2015 and 2016 and beyond. My feel is the 2016 GT Auto is the smallest population. Most GT's seem to be manual transmissions. On car-parts.com, most 2016's are Eco-Boost 4's and standard 6's. People sure know how to crash them! Not many GT's are seen. The first 12 SC manual transmission cars will have a different ECM than the automatic. My car is built 03/2016 - I suspect most GT-H's are the same build date. I can post a picture of the ECM with numbers. I only see this set of numbers with 2016 "build" dates (door frame sticker). This will cover 2016 Models and into some part of 2017 Models. If you want to take a quick look at yours: the top number of mine ends in CLB (there are two different ones that end in CLB): The bottom number ends in BCA (only one). Recyclers like to sell the ECM with the engine, so either diligence persistence or patience will work. I have found 3 in the last 6 weeks, average about $150 each + shipping. 2 from a 2016 and 1 from a 2017 (likely a late 2016 build date). So now I have numbers matching spares should mine ever fail. And they have low miles on them. Numbers matching will always be good to keep the car original. PS: the ECM is not plug & play - you have to have your keys (4) programmed to the replacement ECM since it is the SMART FOB that allows the car to start. I also bought an extra steering wheel. That is a part the can get worn. You just cant keep your hands off of it. Next Project: ECM heat shield! Any suggestions? Brent
  8. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    Well I think there is something special about the 16 GT-H and if there will only ever be 171 of us that appreciate it, then that is what it is. If nothing else, the 50th Anniversary and the most HP that that made it's way into the Shelby Hertz rental fleet set these apart. The 06/07 body style (which I like a lot) was still retro. I rented #135 06 and loved that experience. The 16 is modern styling, leaving retro behind. To be honest, I did not care much for the current body style until I spotted the GT-H. The 16 GT-H treatment brought out the beast in that car. I just didn't see it before. Now I can't stop looking at it. I agree that Hertz employed poor marketing in unloading the cars. But secondary market determines the value over time and we are no where near that time yet to determine what the market value of these cars will be. Respectfully, I don't see these dropping into the $20's. As far as the last dozen left, they are said to be bottom of the barrel cars. I find it very difficult to accept a blank statement that 16 GT-H's are valued at $38K now, based upon the last of a poor marketing campaign. With these cars, it is all about condition, condition and condition. And then condition. Hertz has them priced at in the $38-39K range, but many of the non-Hertz cars for sale are above that. We need to get these last 12 out of the way. And depending on condition, we may see them re-appear again. I am guessing most of us will be die hard owners, and the supply on the market will not be that great. On another note, there seems to be about 5% of the 06/07's for sale at any given time. So, if 5% is the norm, then once the 16's are all off the market, we could see 8=9 cars for sale at any time. I would guess lower. I remember posting a while back that I thought the 16 GT-H's would sell out December 2018. We will see! Good discussion with differences of opinion. Time will tell. Frankly, I don't care much - I doubt you will ever see my #130 up for sale. When I am gone, my son wont sell it either. If you are reading this and a long term owner, read my post about the Engine ECM - once I write it up. Brent
  9. CSM 16H0146

    is this Coleman Bo?????? Brent Zier Owner #130
  10. Windshield Washer Nozzles

    I'll see if I can post pictures tomorrow. I have both of mine. As mentioned, you need to leave slack for when you pull the wiper arm off the window (like when you wash the car).
  11. Dave, the adapter your son makes certainly adds piece of mind. I drove my GT-H yesterday to work, and wouldn't you know it, there was lumber in the fast lane. I had enough time to go to over to the left (emergency lane), but still ran over lumber and the car took some "bumps" (no damage). The first thing I checked was if my washer cap was still on the car (it was). I got home last night and there was Skyler's adapter in the mail, so I wasted no time putting it on the car after what may have been a close call. It is a "mod" that can be undone at any time, so that it a plus. Brent
  12. I now have mine installed from Skyler. I was really surprised how the loose the fitment was after I read this. So I bought one and it is a nice TIGHT fit, it will not fly off. Thanks for the solution, Skyler! I should have asked if he could # it! Just kidding! Brent
  13. Agree. As a 2016 GT-H owner, I was always proud of the 50 year Black n Gold HERTZ heritage. We own our cars for that special reason. There are thousands and thousands of Shelby's made - all wonderful cars - but the Hertz population has always been small. Only 1,171 in the last 12 years. And to own one, you have to have it survive the rental journey. The Hertz owner understands this very well. We made a decision to stay in a small special group that had ONE meaning. Brent
  14. Showing Black Gold

    That would have been worth a picture!