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  1. Wow, I just found this thread from 13 years ago. Jim sold #06H0135 a couple of years ago, it now lives in Norway. I still have those pictures from that memorable day! I now camp out over on the 16 GT-H board - I own 16H0130 and love it! Brent
  2. I ordered them today. I sent a picture from my phone of the distorted image. Glad to get this taken care of. It is such a nice feature when they work right - like mine used to! Brent
  3. Besides the GT-H rub already discussed, I don't care for those wheels much. Looks like a tuner car to me. I do like our Satin wheels much better (with Satin lug nuts!) It is a bad arse looking Shelby GT.
  4. Bob, I am very happy with the Marti Report. It identifies this car as a Shelby GT-H in two places. Brent
  5. I ordered a Deluxe Marti Report on my 16 GT-H and received it today. Our cars are identified as: "...equipped with the following features: - Shelby GT-H" That is the first thing listed, fitting isn't it! Included under "Statistics - Your vehicle was one of: …. 172 with Shelby GT-H" (the last statistic) Pretty cool! Brent
  6. I would think a reputable body shop in your area should be able to remove the old stripes for you. brent
  7. Is that a Shelby? Ok I see the stripe now, I thought it was part of the ground at first (the gold part).
  8. I have seen that car when it first came in. The top stripes were covered with what looked like rust spots. They had the car detailed, but could not get the spots out. I have a similar very small spot on one of my stripes somewhere and have not been able to get it off. So on #76, I know the hood, roof and deck lid are all original because of the "bad" stripes. The paint was fine after the detail. The car had come up on a truck from Calif and was really dirty (I saw it within a day or two of when it arrived). So I do not know if they just removed the stripes or also repainted the effected surfaces. Being a dealership watching their cost, I would think not repainted if the stripes came off ok. Brent
  9. My car's GT-H puddle lamps were fine when I bought my car 11/2017. I live in the PNW, which is rainy. I had to leave my car out in the elements that winter, so it was exposed to the rain and cold temptures. It was not until the following spring that I noticed my puddle lamps went gothic. I attributed it to the cold wet winter, but who knows. Heat in the PNW was not an issue. The door open at the dealership is possible when I had the PP1 installed. That would explain the drivers side, but not the passenger. Both look the same. Brent
  10. Motor Vehicle Registration
  11. Thanks MKW and Steve! Funny how little things can make a more than little impact.
  12. Swapped out the shinny lug nuts for some black ones. A pretty reasonable mod for $43. I like it, how about you?
  13. Look the front bumper facia around the grill. I don't think there was a gold strip delete option!
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