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  1. CSM 131 for the 1100 mile car that just sold and CSM 29 for the 8,000 mile car. Know anything about either one?
  2. The 2011 had 1,071 miles and the 2014 had 189 miles and was promoted as a one of four in the "Gotta Have It" Green color (not my favorite) and 1 of 1 when factoring in some of the other options it has. It seemed like a pretty decent price spread between the two and I'm not sure I understand why. I was under the impression that the 45th's where considered just as, if not slightly more desirable than the 2012 - 2014's.The 2011 also sold at BJ Scottsdale in 2017 for $70k ($77k with buyers commission) and is referenced in the third & sixth post above. I'm curious as to what is considered a good price range for these cars as a 2011 with 8,611 miles sold in BJ Vegas 2018 went for $44k and was sold 3 months later with 70 more miles on it at BJ Scottsdale 2019 for $75k (both not including the 10% buyers commission). That is quite a spread and a nice profit for whoever had it.
  3. B)--> QUOTE(Amy B @ Oct 25 2006, 11:12 PM) 1213[/snapback] you would have if you had it first.....lol nothing is impossible at shelby Amy But I did have it first!!! I remember, what a night!, late December back in 63'...........Oh.......oops. sorry.....that's a completely different fantasy. I actually tried to post something in the same regard a few months ago when I joined the forum and after I typed it all in and tried to post it, it vanished into thin air, never to be seen by the ever curious public. I had contributed it to a Shelby Auto's "conspiracy" to keep anyone from starting rumors before they wanted them to be started.....lol. If I can't have the first one then I guess I could settle for the very last one instead, just throw in a KR next to it. I'll be impatiently waiting while I try to figure out how to build a bigger garage. B)
  4. Theirs is based on the 60's Mustang. I was thinking of something based on the new Mustang with a production of 500 or less? or fewer? Of course it would have to be more horsepower than the current GT500.
  5. So with all the new great cars coming out and the "KR" that "is not" coming out, how about a very limited edition of the "Super Snake"? Do I get the first one for a great idea? :D
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