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  1. Sorry ,a day late ,but Happy Birthday my friend,hope all is good with you.

  2. Thanks Guys If I'm in S.D. I'll take you up on that Jim
  3. Jim, You missed this thread running from late May to late Sep 10 http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php?/topic/57141-08sgt0220-for-sale/page__p__975458#entry975458 Long story short: I refinanced my house and sold the SGT to pay off a loan I took out to enable the refi.
  4. After picture. Turning garage into a fitness studio for wife's company (It was my idea). The garage has never looked better. Still have a lot more equipment to purchase. I know, I know! You were expecting another car when you opened this thread. Turning garage into a small business gym isn't as fun as a new car, but it will hopefully be a better investment.
  5. Before picture...last picture of me with the car.
  6. Welcome to teamshelby. I have to say your 08SGT is the best one I ever seen/driven/owned Here's the last picture I took of me with the car. Taken while you were coming to pick it up. Enjoy it.
  7. How's the car working out for you?

  8. Hadn't seen it before but it's probably been posted on here.
  9. YOu mean these? Clevinger Ford parts department
  10. Just save your money for 2-3 years and buy a 2011 for ~$20K less after depreciation.
  11. Yes...as soon as I sell my Vista Blue one
  12. Saw a Vista Blue convertible this past Friday on NAS Norfolk. I was in my SGT. We waved at each other.
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