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  1. Here's another one I dug up that was to be part of the Show Series. Has a blue pearl over it. And Forgotten Treasures prototype. A raw cast GT with the mold runners still attached. And a few Shelby Poker Chips.
  2. Yeah I am not exactly sure they made the Need For Speed beyond 18th scale. or the samples in 64th. I would sell it to you since I don't keep this stuff too often, but I really don't want to take it out of the box to do that.
  3. Here is the Shelby Box Set with the 10 cars. The box looks the same at first. The pic of Carroll Shelby and the Shelby circle logo is not printed. it is a glossy sticker. The gold plate on the inside is a gold printed card. The cars are not the same as the 10 cars in the normal set. There is a black Mustang with flat black stripes. This is a never released prototype that was to be a part of the "STALKER" series. It was designed by me but never put into production. This is a factory made card, but only exists in the form of a few samples made. Also There is a Terlingua that I don't recognize. It is all black and says "Need For Speed" on the sides. I believe this might also be a prototype, but I haven't kept up with the Shelby stuff too much anymore. You guys would know better than me. Also there is the Shelby Showroom set. This one holds 7 cars, the production version holds 3. The front of the box/building does not have open display windows like the production version. The art work is different as well. Not sure about all the cars, if any are special with the exception of the black prototype "STALKER" series Mustang with the flat black stripes. Hope you enjoy. Can post bigger pics if needed.
  4. let me dig it up. will post in a new thread when I do. Don't like to hijack
  5. I don't have the regular version, but I do have the prototype sample of this. ^_^ And the prototype sample Shelby factory display boxed set that looks like the Shelby building as well come to think of it. lol
  6. No sorry, I have that one. I have 1 pink, orange, and blue in that graphic sample.
  7. For those who may be interested in owning any of these. I have a few raw and prottype samples on ebay. Raw blank base sample http://www.ebay.com/itm/Shelby-Collectibles-Mustang-GT-500-Eleanor-Prototype-Pre-Production-Raw-Sample-/250946295131?pt=Diecast_Vehicles&hash=item3a6d90955b Painted graphic sample for unproduced line packaged. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Shelby-Collectibles-66-Mustang-GT-350-Pre-ProductionSample-RARE-/250946297938?pt=Diecast_Vehicles&hash=item3a6d90a052
  8. Prototype paint and graphic samples for an unproduced line called Saturday Night Specials. Some cars from the "Forgotten Treasures" series limited to 1 of 48. The 2009 Cobra Daytona from the Las Vegas Show NS World Tour car. Limited to 98 Cars. I have the prototype sample and half the run in my basement. (if anyone wants one.)
  9. A few more. Assembled first shot prototypes. Clear windows, No chrome, and blank bases. Also the pre-production wheels that were removable with a bearing similar to the original HotWheels. Raw runner that held doors. Still has one door on it.
  10. In light of the recent post about prototypes and different stuff Scott and I were talking about. Heres some pics for you guys to enjoy. Raw shots some with runners and sprue attached. Raw rough bodies. Paint samples. One is a Cobra back end, the other an unknown casting. Assembled paint samples. First is a "Forgotten Treasures" paint sample, the other an unproduced grey w/ purple pearl Samples. Was going to be the Show Series.
  11. hey hey hey, I actually DO fit in one. Drove one last year the last time I went there screwing around. Cobra too. I just dont like the pedal set up, and how crooked you feel with the seat orientation to the dash. But what the heck. believe it or not, it is a lot more fun driving around the Mustang golf carts. Just don't run into each other or hit anyones tool box. For some reason they dont like that. Did they ever fix that dry-wall dent in the corner? hhmmm lmao It wasn't me, I wasn't there, you can't prove anything.
  12. The stock version for retail is never a bad idea. But the Hertz mustangs weren't made in the entire series of colors. The only ones offered at the time of these being made were the black, red, and blue. I talked with my friend Scott, and decided to offer the remaining two since there were no plans to offer them through retail channels. Leaving only aftermarket/ hobby/ internet channels to have them offered. The green/gold striped version I made for DiecastSpace.com and the white with gold made for ymself. This was the only way you guys would be able to complete your Hertz collection. True Scott lives in WI, but I drove my candy pink World Tour Daytona to WI to hand deliver them to him. The delivery fee is not too bad. Actually I didn't have to go far, I live in WI too. About an hour and half from Scott.
  13. Well since I designed most of the cards, here is how it breaks down. In the beginning there were only blue cards 2 styles. With and without the Snake cut-out. The Snake cut-out was changed due to too many bent cards. Once the red and blue cards came into play to freshen the line it was broken down to vintage or new castings. one was red one was blue. It was easier to determin whihc were new or vintage crs on the pegs this way. If you got them on the wrong card, it was an error.
  14. Nordic- Thnaks bud. Also wanted to update to everyone they are for sale on a single purchase option for anyoe wishing to pick up their favorite one or few cars they had their eye on. With free shipping option too.
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