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  1. Do you still have the 'Mustang Enthusiast' magazine with the article "shelby style'? If so, how much are you asking for it?
  2. Please do. What brand of tire are you planning on?
  3. Thank you all for the replies about what you were able to run using the Alcoa's on your fronts. Hopefully I can use the info to make a more informed decision when I replace the tires shortly. Thanks again.
  4. Would 275/35's fit without rubbing on the front using the 20X9'swith the mentioned offset?? I wasn't sure if he was only referring to the rears or what. I definitely want to go for a wider tire if I can.
  5. I just saw this, so thank you for the information. I've been looking for this for over a year now literally. I am a bit surprised though....I would have swore there were multiple options for the offset size , as I actually thought my 20X10's were like 43mm to 45mm. Do you know with any certainty if there was only the one size (I mean no offense, I'm extremely appreciative for ANY info at this point, so thank you very much)? I agree, I'd rather not spend the money to deal with the speedometer 'fix', so that might address the tire sizes I was considering. But to be honest, I didn't think I could fit something that big (305's) underneath the fender anyway....my 275's on the 20X10's are pretty close (I even have one rub mark). Thank you for your help! Andretti
  6. I was curious about the offsets because I'd really like to possibly go to 285/35 rears, but I assumed I'd need to know the offset of the wheels to help determine if they'd rub or not prior to installation (and thus too late). I have done a ton of mods on the car, but I haven't concentrated much a ton on engine performance. Upgrades thus far engine wise consist of a cold air intake, a set of 1-3/4 kook headers and the 3"X2-1/2" kook x pipe installed, and I had a performance tune made for it when I had it dyno'd last week after the header install. The headers and X pipe are the first stage for prepping for a 2.9 Whipple supercharger in the not too distant future. As far as driving goes, the car is just one I drive when I feel like it or when its nice out. I don't race it or anything like that and I only drive it in spring/summer/fall when the weather is nice. That being said, I dont 'need' a supercharger, but I've always wanted to get one for it, so that is the plan I'm sticking with.
  7. So I bought the Alcoa's a number of years ago and have been running them on my 2006 Mustang GT. At this point, I am needing to replace the tires as they are now exceeding 10+ years since manufacture. The problem is that I'd like to see if I have any option for running wider tires, but its been long enough since I purchased them from shelby that I no longer know what the offset of the rims are. I have phoned shelby directly and they seem to have no idea what the offsets were even available during the time frame I purchased them (approx 2008-09), so they suggested calling Alcoa directly, but I can't even get them to answer the phone to even ask. I also still have the bill of sale, and it is not listed on it. So my question would be is there any way to determine the offset by the inside stamping of the rims? Below is exactly what is either stamped into the wheel or etched (as noted) on the outer lip of the wheel. Here is what is listed inside each set of rims: For the 20X9's: Stamped: Alcoa Forged Made in the USA AF1247 20X9J T-DOT MACHINE DIE# GAO23621M 100209 On the rim edge is etched: B6HG87 #29 M-4 I currently have 255/35/r20 Hankook Ventus V12 evo's on these. For the 20X10's: Stamped: Alcoa Forded Made in the USA AF1246 20X10J T-DOT MACHINE DIE# GAO23619M 092309 On the rim edge is etched: G6HG98 #12 3M I currently have 275/35/r20 Hankook Ventus V12 evo's on these and am wondering if or how much wider I might be able to go. Any help would be appreciated. Andretti
  8. I attended the 2002 Formula 1 race at Indianapolis. For the few days leading up to the actual race I did a ton of walking around looking at stuff and occasionally purchasing. Only the day of the actual race did I actually see the Shelby 'tent' and immediately went in to look around. From what I remember, they did have a nice selection of things to purchase. I was only disappointed that I hadnt found the tent sooner as many of the T-Shirts I was totally ready to purchase were already out of my size. I still have the one I bought that had the cobra emblem on the front breast and a print of the cutout Shelby Cobra on the back (Ive been looking for a replacement one for years since and still havent ever seen another one). I dont think its reasonable to expect Shelby to carry 'parts' to many of these events, but I know I was sure stoked to buy a T-shirt and would have purchased many more had the opportunity been there. Personally, I hope you all can frequent more events and at least give the opportunity for ordering things and a great supply of other items that someone might not typically find (more shirts, diecast...etc). I would find it extremely surprising to hear that if you sent a semi to some of the bigger shows with a few people manning the counter, that profits wouldnt be extremely good and more than justify the cost of providing the opportunity to attendees. Also...can I ask...what event are you all referring to when you say 'Tulsa'? When, where......? Andretti
  9. I didnt realize you didnt have your car yet....something being done to it or did you order one to put these wheels on or something?? I really like the Hankooks so far. Originally I had Nitto's on my Shelby Razors before swapping out for the Alcoa's with Hankooks. I have noticed that even when I wasnt trying, I would quite often spin or chirp the tires when a light turned green or when I would accellerate up through the gears. Without changing my driving style or habits in the least, I havent done that with the Hankooks even once. I've probably put 150-200 miles on the car at most since switching out, but all in all I'm extremely happy with them. If I have any complaints, it would be that I need to have the front two rebalanced since I have a slight shake around 65 that clears up around 75. I read somewhere (and talked to 08 mustang about it in the past) and there is some type of wheel/tire balancer that is the best way to actually balance a wheel once a tire is mounted on it that is much better than the typical balancing done at most tire shops (the actual name of the machine escapes me atm, but it can help determine if the problem is actually a bad tire). I did a search awhile ago only to find out my local mustang dealer where I got my car at has one, so I've already planned for a trip up there sometime in the future. Its not a huge problem and tbo I dont blame the wheel or the tire for the out of balance issue....I figure its just typical (from what I've experienced) that balancing 20" wheels seems rather difficult. All in all though, I'm extremely happy with the entire deal...wheels and tires. Andretti
  10. Thanks again for reminding me about this and that it was a rebate for buying four hankook tires and not four of the same size tires.... I got my $50 check in the mail yesterday, so I appreciate it.! Andretti
  11. With my Vista Blue, you've basically read my mind with your valve cover color ideas.....as well as the polished S/C Andretti
  12. Can anyone tell me what to use on my tires to clean them?? In the above pictures, if you look, you can see the stuff I'm talking about trying to remove. It's really obvious on his third pic. I've tried westlys whitewall bleach to no avail and am looking for any ideas. Any suggestions? Andretti
  13. Henrycp gotta say thanks for mentioning the tire rebate. I just got a confirmation email saying my rebate is being processed. So, thanks again. Andretti
  14. uh oh.... Been there already, and done that. I had mine balanced one day and didnt get around to mounting the wheels to the car for a few days. The wheels sat in my kitchen (yeah, I know....) in an out of the way place till I got the chance to get the change done. As I was wheeling the tires outside and totally stoked about the changeover, I was rolling out my third wheel when I looked down....and saw a wheel weight...I was like OH CRAP!....so as I'm muttering to myself that I'm not sure which wheel it came off of I continue to roll the remainder of the tires out....only to find a second set of wheel weights on the floor. So now I'm thinking....I've NO idea which two they came off of, so I had to go have all four rebalanced. As the guy at the shop was helping me get the wheels out of my Durango, not one, but TWO more sets of weights fell off. Based on Camerons suggestions (I was on the phone with him on the way down to the shop), I had them do 'hammer-ons" on the rears, and on the fronts, they got out some sort of 'cleaner' and really rubbed the wheels where the weights were to go. So far, I havent had one fall back off again. BUT no matter what you do...do NOT put the hammer on ones on the fronts. You WILL regret it, so DO NOT. Otherwise, mine are staying on great now (knock on wood). Andretti
  15. You didnt say if you did any other modification to the car other than the wheels. If that is all you did, the weights might not be exactly right and a rebalance might be in order. If you added springs or shocks or both and it affected the car's ride height some how, you likely might need an alignment (I did all the above and DID need an alignment). Andretti
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