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  1. Little Country Cars in Denton Nebraska has a 2008 SGT convertible on Craigslist now. Very high milage but could be a fun project car for that price . We are seeing late model Shelby cars out there now that are reminiscent of the 60's cars. Pick them up cheap now. I think we are at the bottom of the curve .
  2. Great to see another Shelby GT in the Omaha area .
  3. I really enjoyed our visit last September . The cab worked out well for the trip to the Heritage Center and back. I was treated to a Shelby 1000 excelerating up the interstate ramp upon arrival . Then had Vince Laviolette talk to our tour group out in the shop area. Vince had a huge role in the design of my Shelby GT. They made me feel like part of the Shelby family.
  4. I visited the Shelby museum and headquarters in September 2017, just before you did. I was in seventh heaven from the second I got out of our cab. Right away before we walked inside I heard a rumble of an engine go by. When I turned it was a Shelby 1000 heading up the interstate ramp. Half way up the ramp, I got to hear that 1000 H.P Mustang open it up a little. I could have left right then and been happy. I will probably never see another Shelby 1000 again. When I went inside and seen all the cars on display, I was so excited to see a 2008 vista blue Shelby GT convertible, and a black 2007 wide body Shelby GT. I thought about how cool that was to see a car just like mine in a museum. The Blue Shelby GT is the concept car that is being sold at Barrett-Jackson Friday. Then when I got to go on the tour we ended up back to see the shop area. The tour guide talked for a bit, and then low and behold none other than Vince LaViolette finished the tour with some personal stories about him and Carroll during some of the builds and promotions. Vince had a huge part in the design of our Shelby GT. And he was there during the challenging build of our SGT's. And it was also great to see the brand new Shelby's on display before others have seen them. I want to take this time to thank the staff for making me feel like family. I hope the Museum and headquarters stays around for a long time. If I go back to Vegas, I will stop again.
  5. I would like to take time today to give a big THANK YOU to all the Men and Women that have served in the U.S military, past and present. A special shout out to those at Offutt Air Force Base near my home town. The attached picture was taken near the headquarters. Offutt is home to USSTRATCOM U.S. Strategic Command, Global strike, and global missile defense. It is a good feeling to know they are ready and well trained. We do not take driving our Shelby's for granted. Many paid for our freedom.
  6. Funny how I bought my Shelby in Southern Cal and drove it to Omaha. I had it all set up to transport, but got nervous about it (several reasons), and ended up buying a one way ticket for the wife and I to L.A. It ended up being one of the best trips we ever had. Except for the snow storm in Vail Colorado. The higher California sales tax, plane tickets, and fuel ended up being about the same cost as having it transported. Cant beat a trip in a Shelby. Enjoy your new ride. What did you get.
  7. My bet. 2018 GT 500 KR Automatic. The new best Mustang ever.
  8. It's about time. Vince deserved at least vice president after he designed the hood scoop on my 2008 Shelby GT. Seriously, way to go Shelby America. Very good move.
  9. Great to see it go to an avid Mustang fan. Nice to see it get out of the weather here in Nebraska. You got you one rare car. Congrats. Hope to hear more when you get it.
  10. You are correct. Listed as no longer available. I hope we hear from the new owner.
  11. It is only the second 07' SGT-H I have seen in this area. The dealer is well respected and sells many special Mustangs. Thanks for the info Steve. Do you know any history on this car.
  12. A quick walk around showed that it was in pretty good shape. The lot was closed so I could only look at the exterior. It would take a bit of elbow grease to make it pop for a car show, but I think I could make it show worthy.. It has the piaa fog lamps in the lower grill, so I bet it was owned by a Shelby fanatic. Seems like a good asking price to me.
  13. Thanks for adding the link. The car is not in the show room like the photos show now. I drive by that dealer lot about every other week, just to see the new Mustangs. It was tucked in amoung the other used cars. I noticed the lower grill and lights first. It is hard to think about a car like that sitting outside with the severe weather we have been having. Most buyers will be looking at the brand new Mustangs right across the aisle. Little do they know what they could have.
  14. I was just driving around the lot of my local ford dealer and spotted SGT-H 07' #465 for sale. I did a double-take and then a walk around.. It is at Woodhouse Ford in Nebraska. Pretty cool just to see it.
  15. Sharp car. Love the grill and stance. Add the GTE to the list that proudly wears the "Powered by Ford" badge.
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