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  1. yep wish I knew where the skunks works is located. these are sweet
  2. I really liked these, especially with your CSM added GG
  3. it is now clear as mud on CSR...……………… Jut my thoughts GG
  4. Justin, not sure the question was answered, are you Shelby Licensed?
  5. what's the deal here, another Shelby Company? GG
  6. was very simple for me sent MV Registration GG
  7. I have a custom center decal om my 2008 Shelby BJ Mustang and Aron Shelby signed dash cover. I have ignored recall not wanting the airbag cover on steering wheel replaced with a new Tri Pony Logo. I figured a competent mechanic that takes their time could replace the passenger side but not letting Ford touch driver side...…. Just my thoughts GG de
  8. Sorry for double post search my stuff I am pretty sure Gary's Design could do them, he got special permission to do the BJ on my car. GG
  9. Use a covered trailer and spend a little extra you will not regret it. Just my thoughts...…….. GG
  10. I have a spreadsheet on all the 100 BJ SGT Mustangs, send the last 5 of your vin and is coupe or vert. I can tell you all options and original msrp. you can pm if you don't want to post, Been following our BJs for many years, lucked onto a original run sheet ………….. how bout some before and after pics. GG
  11. Went back through my records from SAI Bud on an email dated 9/09/2009 and Bud states it is D3 Colorado Red - Brand Code is 5738. His comment is this is what we used to paint the BJ/SGT Mustangs. I restriped my Shelby and repainted hood scoop and attached it back with rivet nuts. I own 2008 SGT/BJ CSM 2290, purchased new in Arizona and shipped to Arkansas. Good luck with your project. I purchased a 2nd set of stripes for a rainy day. Hope this helps, GG
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