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  1. I have a very low opinion of dealers playing the ADM game, understanding this is America. There is enough profit built into the MSRP.. Just my thoughts...……. GG
  2. I replaced my 2008 Shelby GT Hood Pin Set due to scratches several years ago with a new set from Shelby.
  3. Love these blasts from the past, most of us who have been on the forum for a long time with our purchase of 07/08 Shelby GTs went through some of this. Went back and checked my notes on an e-mail copy from SAI Bud on this. He states most common rattles were from broken exhaust welds, loose rear shocks, and not enough lubrication on the sway bar bushings. I have had and fixed 2 of 3. Never had a loose rear shock. The weather always had a lot to do with it. I just WD40 and it went away. Some had more squeaks than others. Usually a twice year squirt. Just my thoughts...…….. GG
  4. Very nicely done, but good lord sticker shock on build price gg
  5. would sure like to see fog light kit return, I missed out ……………….. gg
  6. Steven thanks for posting the build numbers, nice to see the info. Regards.... GG
  7. like the car - who in the crap is " SIXT Rentals "? Here we go ago again!!!!!! Why cant we just build a naturally aspirated Shelby GT …..………….. GG
  8. Not digging the eBay listing on 2019 GT-H It appears Shelby has lost sweet spot on pricing. GG
  9. Welcome I have Shelby GT/BJ 2290 purchased new. Congratulations………… GG
  10. yep wish I knew where the skunks works is located. these are sweet
  11. I really liked these, especially with your CSM added GG
  12. it is now clear as mud on CSR...……………… Jut my thoughts GG
  13. Justin, not sure the question was answered, are you Shelby Licensed?
  14. what's the deal here, another Shelby Company? GG
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