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  1. Unfortunately neither of those scenarios are possible. It would appear the best solution in your particular case would be for you to modify your grandfathers gifted car as you want, hopefully with parts purchased from Shelby Performance Parts, but your car would be considered as an owner modified Ford Mustang and could not be recognized as an authentic Shelby vehicle. Wish there was a better answer but there is not. Steven
  2. As Mongoose mentioned its your car so modify it as you see fit. I will add that the Shelby GT's had no Cobra/Snake emblems on them from Shelby American. There were also no GT350's in 1983 either so would adding Cobra logos to the Shelby below also be considered as nothing wrong with it? Just something to think about.
  3. Wouldn't the myth be that this fictional movie car is claimed to be a "Shelby GT500" ? Thats what the author claims when he states "...... it was this custom 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 famously known as 'Eleanor'" Along with "How The World’s Most Famous Shelby GT500 Was Born" as the title for his article.
  4. Yes that is the correct part # for the KR mufflers.
  5. They show up for sale from time to time but they are not cheap. Best to keep an eye on ebay and the TS forums.
  6. M-5230-GTA were installed by Shelby American.
  7. Yes the bid history is concerning along with the sellers demand for a notarized contract to be submitted by the winning bidder. And does no one else see the amount of body filler falling off the cars rear quarter? We are talking a Michigan built Mustang here. Steven
  8. The 2015-17 Shelby GTE is still an open program so the answer would be no production numbers are available at this time. Steven
  9. How about one of those plastic trunk liners. I have one in my Shelby with I believe the running horse embossed into it. Below is a weathertech version.
  10. The dealership can not legally "wash his hands" on this. I would suggest that you reach out to the general manager of the dealership, just call the dealership and ask the phone receptionist who the GM of the dealership is and then ask to speak with that person. If that doesn't get you a resolution then I would suggest calling Mike L. here at Shelby American, 702-942-7325 . Mike is the dealership liaison between Tuscany & Shelby American and will be able to get you in touch with someone at Tuscany Automotive. Keep in mind that your Shelby Raptor was not built by Shelby American here in Nevada. Your Shelby Raptor was built under license by a company named Tuscany Automotive who are located in Elkhart Indiana. It would be Tuscany that will need to apply the pressure to your dealership if they are unwilling to resolve your situation. Steven
  11. Well yes and no. The auction description is better but not exactly truthful. By calling the car a "tribute" can denote to some that the car is authorized and or approved by SAI . The seller is also still peppering throughout their description the Shelby trademark, GT350. The auction photos also still show the car having reproduction Shelby build / serial number tags affixed to it. If the seller was being 100% honest his description would not use the Shelby or GT350 names at all and those fake Shelby tags would be removed and destroyed. But the seller is not doing that is he. Looking at the sellers other ebay items its obvious the seller has a pattern of misrepresenting the origin of what he sells on ebay. Steven
  12. The correction and so called apology only came after the seller was backed into a corner by many Shelby enthusiasts. In my opinion the ebay seller cancelled the auction not to protect potential buyers but to protect himself from an eventual lawsuit. If the ebay seller was sincere he would relist the vehicle as a wrecked, salvage titled ,Ford Mustang with all the fake/reproduction Shelby badging removed from the car. I'm not holding my breath for that to happen. Steven
  13. How much is who asking? The OP posted a link to an article about a new wheel release from Scott Drake's CS Wheel Company. That article has a link to the wheel company's website where hopefully you will be able to view wheel sizes and corresponding prices but if it doesn't your best bet would to call Scott Drake in Henderson Nevada to inquire about their wheels. Steven
  14. What do you do when an unscrupulous ebay seller lists a 2-barrel Detroit built 1966 Ford Mustang for sale as a Shelby GT350 and bidders do not heed the advice to stay away from the fake Shelby, well you post the cars VIN number here on Team Shelby so that when the new owner of the car tries to resell the car hopefully potential buyers will come across this thread. This Ford Mustang besides being wrecked has more wrong with it then it has right but you just have to chuckle at the 1968-69 reproduction plaque screwed to the dash with a couple of wood screws. Must be one rare 1966 Shelby to have a 1968-69 plaque affixed to it. Ford VIN Number: 6F09C197337 Fake Shelby Serial Number: 6S077 * * * B U Y E R S . B E W A R E * * *
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