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  1. Congratulations on your SS purchase. California is a "green state" meaning that the supercharger* although emission legal can not be installed until after the car is sold. Your Super Snake will be returned to Shelby American or one of our authorized facilities to have the supercharger* installed and then returned to the selling dealership unless other arrangements have been made. Turn around time is approximately 30 days, could be a little less, could be a little more depending on work load. We do give these types of installs priority but if all the lifts are full we can't kick a car off thats already on the lift. Best to work with your dealership on a more exact timeframe. Steven * includes related parts like, tune, fuel injectors, spark plugs if part of the S/C kit.
  2. That helps some, so if I'm understanding it correctly the paint color is called "Venom" but not the car. The reason I'm curious about the "Venom" name is because didn't Chrysler or Hennessy produce a run of Dodge Vipers called the Venom? Wouldn't Chrysler or Hennessy have trademarked the Venom name for cars? It would be like Saleen building a "Saleen GTH" or Roush building a "Roush Super Snake", can' do that. Steven
  3. In the past Ford released the build numbers, or what Ford refers to as a Production Summary Report, several months after the last car rolled off the line. So when you see 2020 GT350's hit the dealers lots just add a couple of months to that date. Steven
  4. Their website leaves a lot to desire. Says the grand prize is a one of one 2020 GT500 but doesn't say what makes it a one of one car. Also don't see them refer to it as a "Venom Edition", did you see that name somewhere else? Also would be nice to know if the car has already been built or when it will be built. The website says the drawing will take place November 14th so does that mean the cars already built or will the winner be getting a place in line to place an order with the options they choose? Great car, good charity but the promotional part is lacking.
  5. Translation of text: Launched in 1964 the Mustang presents a Fastback coupe, more dynamic in 1965. Shelby will develop this Fastback, both in terms of engine with 302 or 350 hp (GTR) brakes and shock absorbers, and anti-reconciliation bar, to make it a true racehorse. The presented car is a "recreation" on the basis of a Mustang fastback, totally restored, as Ford provided them to Shelby. The engine that is a real Shelby listed (from a cost of $ 50,000) develops over 300hp. It is an ideal car for historical events. Given its exceptional condition, it is also perfect in use collection or road, being in its original state, without roll bar, a exceptional condition ($ 100,000 restoration, in state contest). The owner separates for a Ford GT40, enjoy this opportunity. Last important point Last but not least, the restoration in 2005 at Shelby is signed and authenticated by Caroll Shelby.
  6. Strangely another vehicle is for sale using the same non-existent Shelby serial number of 6S2393. This time the car is a blue in color fastback. Gotta love the fake "Shelby Invoice" created to "authenticate" the car. See photo below. For the record the VIN number for this New Jersey built Ford Mustang is 5T09A151729 If potential buyers would only perform an internet search before calling Shelby American, life would be so much easier.
  7. You may want to reach out to the TS Director for Texas, Austin Maness. Perhaps he would know of a member close by. maness01@hotmail.com
  8. One could always purchase a 2019 Shelby Super Snake convertible from select Ford dealers. The Super Snakes 800+ hp will make you forget all about that GT350 and you'll have a much rarer vehicle. Steven
  9. Our customers dictate what we build. Right now along with the previous several years Shelby trucks have been the hot ticket. Our competition may try to imitate what we do but there is only one Shelby American and we couldn't do it without all of you. Steven
  10. There were 425 white in color GT500 coupes built for the 2011 model year. Out of those 286 of them were equipped with the SVT package. Roughly 25% of the white coupes had the stripe delete option. You would need to reach out to SVT for an exact number. SVT's phone number is 800-367-3788 Steven
  11. Dennis Gomes runs the mod-shop. Be sure to make it clear that you are interested in the Shelby authorized GT/SC package and not a Tasca Ford package so that your build will be recognized as an authentic GT/SC equipped SGT.
  12. That's a weird one and looks to have been that way for awhile. One of the Forum software updates probably got a little sideways but all fixed now. Thank you for bringing that to our attention.
  13. Tasca Ford in Rhode Island is still authorized to install GT/SC packages which should keep the shipping costs down. Steven
  14. Need you to be more specific, what model Shelby do you have and what type of badge?
  15. That sounds correct. If you run into any issues send briannaf@shelby.com an email. Steven
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