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  1. My wife is trying to renew her Team Shelby membership. Tried to renew on her phone but did not work. We were told another invoice had been sent a few weeks ago but nothing shows up and am unable to get a reply. Is there another way to renew or can this be done when we go to the Shelby Bash in March? Please let me know. We can send her e mail for an invoice.

  2. Well it seems like another California Paxton owner is in the same situation. Their Paxton equipped SGT won't pass California smog check because the cat monitors are turned off. The Paxton's previously did not have a problem passing California smog checks but that was before California changed over to OBD Inspections from the previous tailpipe inspections. The problem now is how to you get California to recognize that they signed off on Paxton's computer tune when they issued EO D-195-21 Wish I had the answer.
  3. I'm told the 40th cars should be added to the SPP website this week. Below is a depiction of what they will look like. Steven
  4. You know that you could renew your wedding vows at Shelby American, see link below. Just tossing it out there and as an FYI for others that do not know about this possibility. https://www.lvweddingconnection.com/product/shelby-american-cobra-museum-wedding/ Steven
  5. Although the Team Shelby rules are not the easiest to find they are there for a reason so the above advertisement post has been removed.
  6. Bumpity bump. The new websites are starting to go live with www.shelby.com going live last Thursday. I believe the Team Shelby Forums will be the next website to go live BUT there may be some downtime between the old forums being taken off-line and the new forums going live. Over 12 years of postings is a lot of data to be moved over. Steven
  7. Thread title edited with the words ....movie trailer link on youtube added to the title.
  8. It's not necessarily damage but can include unsafe modifications made to the vehicle. For example the parking brake is often manipulated so that the stunt driver can manipulate locking up the rear wheels independently of each other, cars can have bracing added or removed from the car depending on what the effect they are seeking to catch on film, many times the exhaust is modified that no long meets emission or sound level regulations. Also certain things can be turned off such as driving lights or traction control and what if they were not turned back on when the car was sold? There will be lawyers who will claim that it had something to do with a future accident. Carroll Shelby was sued once because of a pre-production (pilot) vehicle he owned. The lawyers for the plaintiff said that because the vehicle was not a regular production, sold new at the dealership, that it HAD to be a faulty vehicle even though the vehicle was 100% stock and was perfectly legal in every regard. For those that don't know a "pilot vehicle" is part of the first dozen or so vehicle built at the beginning of the new model year to get the assembly line workers up to speed. Steven
  9. Two reasons, lawyers believe the cars have liability and most likely they were regular Mustang's dressed up to look like GT500's.
  10. We are almost there, final warning to make sure your email address is a working email that you have access to. And....... 3..... 2...... 1.........
  11. Call Tuscany in Elk Hart Indiana to see if they can assist or perhaps it may be covered under warranty. Steven
  12. Your experience is not silly at all and Shelby American certainly regrets this situation occurred. I'm not sure if you stopped by the Shelby American facility while you were in Las Vegas but if you did I hope you had a better experience at our production facility. If you don't mind please drop me an email at stevent@shelby.com as I would like to see what I can do to make this better. Steven
  13. During the annual Shelby American SEMA party last week the Director of Team Shelby, Tracey Smith, announced the 2020 Team Shelby Vegas Bash dates will be March 19-22 2020 Vegas Bash Host hotel is not ready for announcement just yet but I can say that it will not be the hotel used for the past several bashes. See you all in March. Steven
  14. Let me check on what is the latest with this. I'll get back with what I find out. Steven
  15. Sorry but this is an old outdated posting from SPP that is no longer in effect. If Shelby American has any Raptor take-off interiors for sale they will be listed by SAI in its ebay store. This thread is being locked due to it being outdated and no longer meaningful. Steven
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