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  1. Do you need another reason to attend the Carroll Shelby Tribute Weekend on May 3 & 4? How about this one: Rich MacDonald is a member of the team at Shelby Legendary Cars in Irvine, California. He has become a historian for all things Shelby American racing during the early 60s. His famous father, Dave, was a big part of that game changing era while racing for Shelby American. Rich will deliver a 20-minute slide presentation on his father. You won't want to miss his presentation!
  2. Links for even more info: http://carrollshelbytribute.com/ http://shelby.com/?topic=news&art=21602
  3. Yup they had a blue tinge color when new that in no time at all turns gray, even if the car isn't driven. If the filter has a red color it has been re-oiled with red oil or the filter has some dirt that is giving the appearance of red oil. But more importantly is the amount of oil applied to the filter, less is more. The majority of time people over saturate the filter with oil. Steven
  4. The Shelby Heart Fund was started in 1991 so I'm guessing that fund raising print came a year or two later. Steven
  5. The 2008-09 KR's had a 20 page owners manual supplement placed in the glove box next to the shrink wrapped GT500 owners manual portfolio placed in the glove box by Ford. I'm not sure if SPP still has these KR supplements but a phone call to them will get you an answer. I've also seen these KR supplements on eBay before. Steven
  6. Harold, I can assure you that this KR left Shelby American with the brake duct kit in the trunk, what happened to the kit after the car reached the dealership is anyone's guess but keep in mind that brake duct kits, floor mats, owners manual kits were frequently stolen out of the cars by dealership personnel and put up for sale on ebay. About all you can do is try an internet search for FRPP part # M-2004-A to see if there are any sitting on a shelf somewhere. Finding a complete set in a mint box may just well be impossible but on the other hand I'm sure there must be some kits still in the original owners hands although they sold/traded the car years ago and forgot to give the new owner this kit. Steven
  7. In a few short months I'm sure there will be hundreds if not thousands of buyers envious of the relationship you have with your local dealership but I have seen others in your situation be told, "I just can't do it, at least right now I can't", even though the dealership promised them differently. We also have to see if Ford is going to throttle back sales by keeping first year build numbers low or by allotting GT500's to dealerships who move a certain amount of other cars. Steven
  8. I believe you explained it properly and if you have an item from the 1980's with a signature like the one depicted below with a line and two hash marks, I again politely suggest you have a problem with the signature. Steven
  9. There is a thread here on Team Shelby about John Chun where a TS member mentions prints being sold at a car show. But better than that why not reach out to John Chun's son at http://chuntekind.com/about-1 I would suspect he would have the answers to your questions. Steven
  10. Please call SPP at 844-9-SHELBY or 702-405-3500 SPP will answer any questions you have.
  11. It excludes NON - ABS v6 cars, I'm pretty confident you have ABS brakes so you are ok.
  12. Your GTS should have the Shelby Plus brakes on the front along with a Baer rotor upgrade on the rear. You should be able to find specs on the internet or you may want to phone SPP to see what specs they can pull up for you. Steven
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