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  1. So lets see if I can follow along with the rest of the internet. First it was a four door Mustang. Then it moved on to a Mustang Crossover. Now we are on to a Mustang truck based SUV. Do I dare think what Mustang themed concept is coming next week? Lets hope the marketing/research company Ford is using is smarter than I am because I'm not seeing their vision on a single model based car company.
  2. I don't know, some refer to Team Shelby as a Corvette forum
  3. Wouldn't that be a crossover vehicle and not an SUV? Crossovers are what are selling nowadays besides trucks.
  4. Well yes and no. Chevy dealers sold quite a few 1978 Corvettes with ADM's to speculators who are just now able to get MSRP for the cars that are still in the wrapper. Might be a couple more decades before the get their ADM money back. But hey thats for the buyers grandchildren to deal with And staying with the GT500 how about $170,000 pre-order from a SoCal dealership? .
  5. The 2020 vette isn't on dealer lots yet so how can you get one all day long at msrp? I just looked at eBay and there is only one 2020 vette listed as a PRE-ORDER for $125,000 Just curious on what you're basing your post on? Steven
  6. Shelby American has no SUV's in the line-up and has not announced a future Shelby SUV but who knows what tomorrow holds. If the demand for a Shelby SUV suddenly appears I'm sure SAI would take notice. Steven
  7. T-K This Tasca built Super Snake is officially an 605hp SS that has had some Tasca speed shop modifications made to it. For example you can see in the photo you posted that the CAI and throttle body are not SS parts as part of a Super Snake package. Steven
  8. Anyone in Las Vegas during SEMA week next month should stop by Shelby American, we might have some cool cars on display in our Heritage Center. Steven
  9. Just an observation, that eBay seller is going to regret offering free shipping once they find out the package will be hit with over-sized shipping surcharges.
  10. Nope don't have a photo. I doubt Shelby American made this a downloadable item but can't say for sure. More likely a SGT owner might have posted a photo on Team Shelby. Steven
  11. Steven-saw your reply to the hood latch warning label.  Is there a place where this can be downloaded? From the original post it appears he is looking for a site to download one?  Thanks

  12. I didn't originally post the following Cobra photo but since it was referenced to in the recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage.................. here's another movie car photo.
  13. Its always best to start a new thread if the topic is different than the current thread. This is so your new topic gets the attention it deserves. I've split your post off into a new topic for you. Lets hope some other GT350 owners chime in with their experience. Steven
  14. Yup, fat finger hit the key below the 5 key. Above post has been corrected. So to recap for anyone finding this thread years from now: 1965-67 GT350's were built by SAI 1968-70 GT350's were built by Ford 1984 GT350 built by Ford 2011-2014 GT350's built by SAI 2015-2020 GT350's built by Ford And yes I intentionally left out all the Licensee GT350 recreations from 1980 to present. Steven
  15. And of course everyone's favorite.....................
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