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  1. Need window stickers for SCCA classing

    The GT/SC upgrade package was not a factory option so it will not appear on any Monroney labels (aka window sticker). I don't believe SCCA would ever consider the SC a factory option, unless someone tricks them into believing that and trust me there would be lots of people who would then set SCCA straight. Steve
  2. Carroll Shelby Racing

    I did say my retinas were damaged
  3. 2020 GT500 news

    Perhaps Ford was paying tribute to the Mustang II Cobra
  4. Carroll Shelby Racing

    Holy smokes Batman, I think my retinas have been damaged trying to read that I tried removing the red highlighting in the OP's post but wasn't able to. Steve
  5. 2007 Shelby GT/SC smog issue

    Dylan, SCT Tuner's are married to the car so the question is did Galpin upload a new tune to your car or was someone just trying to use a tuner they had laying around to do something else. At this point in time its probably best to start from scratch, meaning getting the correct original FRPP/Kenne Bell tune uploaded to your car. Do you know if this SCT tuner is the newer type that uses SD memory cards? Steve
  6. ISO 2007 Shelby GT rear shock NEED HELP!

    Summit claims to have in stock the front struts & rear shocks for a decent price. Remember front struts usually last 1/2 as long as rear shocks so it might not be a bad idea to grab these while you can.
  7. Time Capsule Shelby

    According to Ford build records this SGT did have the interior upgrade package which should have included the message center buttons. Strange that those buttons are not there. Steve
  8. Lost keys - need help

    Below is what the key code tag looks like, unfortunately this photo shows the back of the tag but at least you can see what the tag looks like. I don't see the Jeep dealer being much of a help as all they are changing is the physical locks and most likely wont be able to assist you with the programming. Best to go to the Ford dealer so that they may look your key code up by the VIN number, cut you some replacement keys and then program them to the car. Personally I would not want any dealership tearing apart my steering column, drivers door and trunk panel so that they can physically change the locks. It would be extremely rare for them not to scratch something or to leave something loose that will rattle when the car is being driven. Best of luck. Steve
  9. How did you decide on GT500

    Pete, If you think there are really good deals on GT500's right now, just wait until later this year when the new GT500 is on the dealers lot. Just a fact of life, when newer models are released the previous models take a price hit. If you want the best of both worlds, pick up a SGT and have SAI supercharge it for you. This way you have the power of a GT500 and the handling of a SGT. Steve
  10. 2007 Shelby GT/SC smog issue

    Dylan, Could you explain in more detail what you mean by Ford gave you an SCT tuner. Do you mean a Ford dealership or Ford Racing? And if so why would they give you a tuner tool for a S/C they did not install? Steve
  11. Dakota Shelby Air Filter

    Greg, Nice website you got going there. One item you may want to add to the how to identify a Shelby Dakota section is that the 8th digit of the VIN number will denote the truck as a Shelby because of the digit being the letter 'Y' which decodes as a 5.2 V8 engine. The Shelby Dakota was the only Dakota that year to have a 'Y' digit in its VIN as it was the only Dakota with a V8 engine. Steve
  12. How did you decide on GT500

    Greatgolf, when you say GT/CS are you talking about the Ford Mustang California Special? Or are you talking about the Shelby GT-C? If you are talking about the Ford Mustang California Special there is really no comparison to the Shelby GT500. Although both are Mustang based they are more different than they are similar. If you are talking the Shelby GT-C, which is pretty much the same as a Shelby GT or GTH, the differences are going to be based on what are you looking for. If you are looking for a straight line, stop light to stop light, torque monster then the GT500 would be a better fit. If you are looking for a car that handles great on the twisties and are willing to give up some hp/torque then the SGT is the way to go. As QSS mentioned creature comfort wise they are pretty much the same. Only the SGT has an automatic transmission available. Gas mileage wise the SGT will go further on a tank of gas. Production wise there are a ton more GT500's built compared to the SGT. So if we had a better idea on what you are going to use the car for we could probably give you some more specific advice. Steve
  13. Kind of like when a seller writes in their description that "one of these recently sold for $xyz" (xyz =lots of money) and leave out the fact that the car they are referring to was a CHARITY auction. Cars like CSX2588 can stand on its own merit so why sellers feel the need to add all this fluffery makes no sense to me. Steve
  14. Dakota Shelby Air Filter

    Greg, I'm running a K&N filter in my Shelby Dakota, K&N part # E-1220 that according to K&N is 2.5" tall, has an inner diameter of 9.25" and an out side diameter of 11" Going by memory this K&N is the same height and has the same inner diameter as the OEM paper filter but has a smaller outer diameter because of its cotton mesh make-up compared to the OEM filters paper pleats. Steve