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  1. The staff at SAI certainly appreciates the thank you but without volunteers like you Tom and of course all the Team Shelby members, there would be no Vegas Bash. It is a Team effort from the club members to the TS Regional Directors to the TS & SAI staff, we are Team Shelby. Steven
  2. 2019 SGT's started shipping a week or so ago. The earliest SGT orders I can find were placed in November but the car didn't arrive at SAI until January so perhaps the dealership isn't providing you with all the facts. Steven
  3. Yes eBay is the place to watch. Also look for 07-09 Super Snakes for sale to see if they have an autographed airbag cover, the seller may be willing to sell the autographed cover to you in exchange for your cover and of course $$. Good luck with the hunt. Steven
  4. Stripes that have brown discoloring is normally caused by UV rays so the car must have spent some time outdoors. It appears your GT350 was built for Galpin Ford so who knows how long it sat in the Southern California sun and was at the mercy of the power washers that dealerships use. Also metallic colors are notoriously difficult especially on the horizontal surfaces. Most likely you will have better luck with the new stripes as you will have control from day one on how they are treated. In regards to your question on the lighted sill plates, best to ask SPP if there is any chance they can help yo locate a set. Steve
  5. Available by calling SPP at 702-405-3500 Steve
  6. The 2019 Team Shelby Bash officially ended Sunday afternoon, hopefully it was a good time for all. Steven
  7. Reach out to SPP at 702-405-3500 They have them in stock. Steven
  8. The 2019 Team Shelby Vegas Bash has officially started. Many folks already in Las Vegas with hundreds more arriving today. Have fun everyone. Steven
  9. 1 day left before the official 2019 Team Shelby Vegas Bash kick-off. Team Shelby members have already been spotted around Vegas.............. will you be one of them? Steve
  10. Feel free to post your CSM plaque number and we can decode it for you. Generally the first two digits are the model year, the next two to four digits are the model and the last four digits denote the mod shop and the trucks unique serial number. For example CSM # 17ST0001 decodes as a 2017 Shelby F150, USA mod shop Truck #0001. Another truck example would be 18SRX0001 decodes as a 2018 Shelby Raptor, USA mod shop truck #0001 Hope this helps. Steven
  11. Tic, tic, tic............................... 2 days to the start of the Bash. Las Vegas weather forecast updated to high 60's on Thursday& Friday with low 70's forecast for the weekend. Steve
  12. 3 days to the start of the 2019 Bash. Online ticket sales have closed. Many events are full but we can still accommodate car show attendees and possibly one or two other events if you reach out to us, the sooner the better. Steve
  13. Carroll/Amy brought me on board back in 2008 so I've been around a little while and hopefully will remain around a little bit longer. I can't promise changes but I am a voice for all Shelby owners & enthusiasts and have certainly irritated other department heads throughout the years by doing so. As you might guess this week is crazy busy for SAI and I'll be away from my desk running around most of the time but would love to meet you and hear about your experiences so just ask our receptionist at the front door of SAI to page me when you arrive at Shelby American. Steve PS- While the Silverton probably doesn't serve kool-aid, a beverage of your choice is on me, please no full bottles of that pricey imported stuff
  14. Bill, Shelby American is not in the kool-aid business so there is no need to drink any, unless you want to. While not knowing the specifics of your experience everyone here at Shelby American has someone above them who owners/enthusiasts can reach out to if they are not happy with the product/service SAI has provided them. Yes a customer should not have to do that in a perfect world but we are not in a perfect world and by going up the chain of command lets us know where we need to improve. There are not too many companies where someone can pick up the phone or send an email to the President, vice-president or department Director and get an immediate response. I'm proud to say that Shelby American is one of those rare companies. Steven
  15. All depends on the severity of the damage. Minor scrapes should be able to be sanded out along with having the wheel repainted. Any sort of damage that produced stress cracks in the CF or missing chunks, the wheel should be discarded or turned into a wall ornament. And yes someone will say they split their wheel in half, repaired it with super glue and its just like new. Well thats their opinion but they don't have any liability if the wheel fails after their MacGyver repair. While $1400 for a replacement wheel is pricey there has to be someone out there selling used single wheels. You can also try calling wheel repair shops but unless they have experience with these CF wheels I would pass on that shop. Do you really want them learning on your wheel? Steven .
  16. 4 days to the start of the 2019 Bash. Last day for remaining events ticket sales.
  17. 5 days to the start of the 2019 Bash. The countdown has begun........ Weather forecast is temps in the mid to high 60's with 0 precipitation . Same forecast for the SoCal start of the caravan to Vegas.
  18. 2019 Bash Survival guides should be in your email in box as you read this.
  19. At this point its unlikely Ford will "officially" say anything so we will most likely need to hear from one of the engine builders or perhaps a close study of the dealership parts catalog will answer the question one way or another. As far as we know Ford did not id & issue separate part numbers for 5.4 engines with one engine being for the GT500 and another engine being for the GT500KR so there must be a reason Ford did this now. Stay tuned.
  20. Well I too believed the engines were the same but no longer do. There must be a reason Ford has two different part numbers for the GT350/GT350R engines as no auto manufacturer would want to create additional inventory work and/or record keeping if there wasn't a reason. Although Ford promotes these engines as "hand assembled" there is going to be variances between each engine from the original casting to the machining process, some engines will be closer to ultimate perfect specs compared to others that are in the tolerance range but not necessarily optimal. Could Ford be designating engines with better tolerances as a R model engine knowing that R models are more likely to be track driven? Could an R model engine have a different head gasket or oil pump? Different timing chain or valves? Could an R model engine have a higher quality metal for the forged internal parts? For example some of the Chrysler Shelby's had engine components cast with metal having a higher Nickel content where a more generic Chrysler vehicle using the exact same engine did not. Chrysler never pointed out these metallurgy differences to the consumer but there were differences. There must be something to this and my best guess is the tighter tolerance builds or some part that is of higher quality. Steven
  21. Poker run and scavenger hunt events are sold out. Ticket sales for the other Bash events are scheduled to close at the end of this week so if you are on the fence still the clock is ticking.
  22. Correct, perform an internet search for thin wall lug sockets. Instead of electrical tape I use heat shrink wrap tubing for extra protection. Much cleaner and lasts forever compared to electrical tape. Steve
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