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  1. Tom, With enough time you should be able to find the ordering guides with an internet search or two. As mentioned OTT striping were added/deleted depending on how the car was ordered by the dealership. If you call Shelby American about GT500 stripes we would just direct you to your local Ford dealership so perhaps this post saved you a phone call. As MHR1961 mentioned you can also find Ford part sellers online, many times they are dealerships selling parts under an internet business name. Steven
  2. Kevin Marti is filling a need, a need that may or may not be there. Questions I have, are the numbers based on US market GT500's or do they include all market GT500's. If a US market car has an unpopular color combo making it 1 of 21 but that same color combo is popular in Canada with 100 Canadian GT500's cars built the same way, is the car really 1 of 21 or is it 1 of 121 ? What about pre-production cars? Does Marti include those cars in their build breakdown? For example Ford built 92 pre-production GT500's for the 2013 model year. These are just a couple of examples that can skew the numbers and there are certainly more possible scenarios that could do the same. And most importantly rare doesn't always equate to being more valuable but certainly can be a conversation piece at car shows. Steven
  3. Very well could be. SAI has a tool that "punches" out those slots and I suspect that tool came about with the increased production numbers for 2007-08 and was not around for the first builds in 2006. Steven
  4. Swede, your math is a little off. A 2019 Shelby GT spec'd out as close as possible to a Shelby GT-Sixt is closer to $90-95 K Steven
  5. Speaking of local trips................. Unlike the previous rental company, Sixt saw no reason to forbid locals from renting the Shelby GT-S. If you recall the previous rental car company would not rent to someone living in the same area as the rental car, you had to show that company a plane ticket before you were approved to rent their Shelby. So lets see here, supercharged Shelby as a rental..............check. Lower rental rates....................check. Local rentals welcome..............check. Generous free mileage..........check. And who knows, perhaps SAI/Sixt will have even more favorable news to release at a later date. Maybe towards the end of the cars rental duty? Steven
  6. Title fixed Glad you were successful with the cover removal..
  7. Looks like the mid-week rates are even lower. And with a decent amount of free miles. Of course like any business, rates are subject to change.
  8. They were part of the media day presentation so they are not available to the GP but I will try to get them for the buyers of the Sixt rental cars when that time rolls around. Steven
  9. Hard to say and a case could be made either way. While the daily rental rate has yet to be publicly released it will be high enough to keep a certain group of renters out of the picture which should assist in keeping losses down. Don't quote me on this as I may certainly be incorrect but I seem to recall that the GT-H cars had a lower than average loss rate during their rental time meaning more people were wrecking other Hertz rentals at a higher percentage rate over the GT-H cars. Only time will tell and I'm sure any losses will factor in Sixt's evaluation process on future performance rental cars. Steven
  10. Today marks the seventh anniversary of Carroll Hall Shelby's passing so how about we celebrate the legacy of ol' Shel by taking your favorite vehicle out for a spin this weekend. Ice cream with the young ones or grand-kids, date night with your significant other, a spirited drive on the back roads by yourself, doesn't matter which, only matters that you drive the vehicles Carroll built or inspired which certainly will fulfill Carroll's mission that he built these cars to be driven. Enjoy your ride. Steven
  11. Finding it has never been a problem for me but as PP noted its usually on the top shelf right above those seasoning packets from Lawry's, McCormick, etc. Steven
  12. Diecast is NOT autographed, only the COA has Chuck Cantwell's signature. No proceeds of the sale go to the CS Foundation. SAI was not involved in the design or approval process so any accuracy errors with the engine need to be directed to the manufacturer. No number requests allowed, you will receive a random diecast somewhere between the numbers of #02 and #96 An email blast is going out the morning of May 9th which will pretty much guarantee these being sold out today. Do not hesitate if you are wanting one. Steven
  13. Team Shelby membership has big bonuses, including exclusive first access to special gear. Carroll Shelby’s Store is about to offer a VERY Limited Edition 1:18 scale die cast of the 1965 Shelby G.T. 350 Supercharged Prototype. Each of the 96 die casts are numbered and come with: A Certificate of Authenticity signed by Chuck Cantwell (Shelby G.T.350 Project Manager from 1965 – 1967) Commemorative Booklet Exclusive Shelby Store packaging Team Shelby members can buy one today at https://bit.ly/2PSTRoW before they go on sale to the public. FYI, the #1 die cast was sold at the Carroll Shelby Tribute last weekend for $500, so grab one of the remaining 95 before they are gone. UPDATE: Die-cast is sold out as of Thursday morning May 9th
  14. Below is a link to the 2019 Shelby GT-S Sixt Rental Car press release thread. 2019 Shelby GT-S Press Release Thread
  15. Last Thursday during the Shelby American media day it was officially announced that OVC (Original Venice Crew) has become an authorized Shelby American mod-shop. OVC is located in Gardena California and are the builders of the 1965 Shelby GT350 “OVC Competition Model” sports car. OVC will be referred to as what we sometimes call a Tier II mod-shop which in simple terms means they will not be installing any CSM numbered packages but rather will be installing SPP parts/products including but not limited to superchargers, wheels/tires, upgraded brakes, exhaust systems, etc. Shelby American will train the OVC staff to ensure the same level of quality and performance that you've come to expect from Shelby American over the last 15 years. Below is a link to a news article with more details on OVC becoming a part of the Shelby American family. https://theshopmag.com/news/original-venice-crew-named-official-shelby-mod-shop Steven
  16. Title & description corrected to reflect this ebay car is not an authentic Shelby Cobra but rather a replica. Going forward all ads for replicas on Team Shelby will need to reflect that they are replicas/clones/tributes/kit car as to prevent misrepresentation. Steven
  17. Most likely because we couldn't create a new sub-forum for the GT-S in advance of the unveil without tipping off what was going to be revealed so without a GT-S sub-forum in place there would be no place to consolidate 3 threads. Our apologies it took 1 & 1/2 business days to get these 3 threads consolidated. Steven
  18. You are not the first to ask. Sixt Rental Car Company has been in business since 1912 and are currently the 4th largest rental car company here in the U.S. With the Shelby GT-S, Sixt is the first rental company ever to offer a supercharged Shelby Mustang. That right there says something. Steven
  19. Yes that is what their website shows, a 1970 Mustang report. I suspect the report will be much shorter for a modern GT500 as the option list is much shorter compared to a 1970 Mustang. Steven
  20. If I recall that was a charity auction sale so the hammer price might be skewed some. 16H0001C being the "wall car" it had its drive-train removed & fluids drained before it could become wall art. The removal & re-installation was performed at SAI. Steven
  21. While they are not in NY I would suggest having Tasca Ford in Rhode Island do the install. Tasca has plenty of experience and the Tasca install invoice will carry some cache to collectors. Steven
  22. Carl, The GT-S does have a new look look and certainly has its own identity but I suppose you are suggesting it have an even bolder look and all I can say is what you propose costs $$ which would be a little difficult for Sixt to recoup on a 20 unit build. As mentioned in another post, take a look at a 1966 Shelby GT350 and a 1966 Shelby GT350-H, only diehard Shelby enthusiasts can tell the difference. If the Shelby GT-S is not for you there are plenty of other Shelby models to choose from. It's not like the GT-S is our only product Steven
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