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  1. If you could buy one of these 3 cars what would you buy and why? A 05 or 06 Ford GT, A 488 Ferrari GTB, or a late model McClaren? Thanks, Stephen
  2. I'm in the process of restoring a 1966 Hertz Shelby Mustang and have a question on how they originally came. It appears to have undercoating from factory in the rear wheel wells. Is this the way they came, an option, or a modification a previous owner made? Also should their be undercoating in the front fender wheels? It appears there was not any in the front wheel wells but the rear wheel wells appear to have undercoating for sound deadening or rust protection from the factory. Any help would be appreciated as I want to get it right. Thanks, Stephen
  3. I use Barrett Jackson who clears through AiG so I don't expect any issues / SVT
  4. This just happened so I haven't even reported it to insurance yet; they were closed. I'm with Barrett Jackson Insurance who uses A This just happened so I haven't been able to report it yet. I'm with Barrett Jackson Insurance and they clear through AIG so I'm not expecting any surprises I tried to call but they were closed for the weekend. ig
  5. I recently rear-ended another car that stopped short and my 66 Hertz could not stop quick enough. Makes me feel better to blame it on the car anyway. I don't think their is any internal damage other then the radiator just mainly took out the bumper the hood and front fascia made out of fiberglas and right front fender. It was a 9 out of 10 car which hurts that I believe was pretty much original but had been restored. I'm going to need it repaired but I want it done with Original date code Shelby parts if possible and I want a 11 out of 10 paint job on it. I live in the Houston, Kingwood, Humble, Baytown, Spring, Texas area mainly the Houston area and would be interested in anyone that has had some similar work done who they went to and how long it took and how satisfied they were. Thanks, SVT 06 GTH 417 13,300 miles, first owner, all paperwork / open to an offer if someone wanted a nice used GTH / Picture of Carroll signing the dash / please no low ball offers its a nice car 06 GTH 366 1.800 miles 08 Black KR 900 miles 2016 GTH Hertz 50th anniversary car #15 one of the 16 6 speeds 1966 hertz Shelby Mustang - that needs some tender loving care 2015 Jaguar F-type 550 hp just for fun
  6. Thanks for the tip as I did not know about holding it down 5 seconds. I know you already know but it really is an incredible car. From the hood to the side skirts to the Shelby Emblem that lights up on the concrete when you lock it. Maybe thats a feature for all mustangs now but it is trick. Have you taken you car to a show as of yet? I'm curious what the reaction was. With all the body changes the car really doesn't look like a Mustang and when people see it they ask me what it is. Have fun with yours. I'm going to drive it some but plan to keep the mileage down some as I think they will appreciate in the future. In 2007 I could of bought an 2006 GTH with a 5 speed for $60K and wish I would have because if I'm not mistaken only 4 coupes got 5 speeds. If you have any other useful information PM me. Thanks, SVT Stephen
  7. I own 2 2006 GTH's, a 2008 KR and now a 2016 GTH that was never driven but one of the 16 6 speed Hertz Executive Cars that were for the 50th anniversary. I've owned other Shelbys along the way a 2008 I sold Once I saw they were going to keep making them. I also bought a 2014 with the 666hp that I sold to buy a Jaguar F Type. I've tried to hang on to the cars that are holding their values. My latest purchase is the 2016 Shelby Hertz GTH that is one of the 16 manual Shelbys only sold to Executives. It has a little over 100 miles. Looking back the 2006 GTH is special because it was the beginning and it really reminds you of buying an old Camaro or Mustang. Not the brutal horsepower but a nice sound and it reminds me of the old muscle cars. The 2008 KR was always one of my favorites and probably my favorite Shelby until the 2016 manual GTH. The KR was just put together right, you can here the supercharger whine and you just feel like you're in control. Now I've never driven a SuperSnake of a 1,000 hp Shelby as I'm sure they are special in their own right. I haven't read where anyone else has bit the bullet and bought a 2016 Hertz manual Shelby with a Supercharger. Its a little sub-duded until you turn off traction control and then it comes to life and I figure buying one of 16 if will always be marketable. I know Shelby just bolts on parts and puts a different tune in but they seem to find the right set-up for the car. I'm falling in love with the car and it is now my favorite Shelby and I hope the value will hang in there. I hear a lot of chatter about prices coming down and they will be less but life is short and if you have the money and want one go grab one. Thats just my two cents. Enjoy your cars as we are fortunate to have these cars in this day and age. In 20 years everything maybe auto-drive.........lol SVT
  8. I saw this story pop up again. Its been a while since I thought about it. I still own the car and it sits in a showroom I built in my office building. Its got almost 900 miles on it now.......lol. I know for a lot of you thats funny you would say get out there and drive that car. I do drive it 4 or 5 times a year but I'm trying to keep this one nice along with my GTH with 1,800 miles. I have some other cars I can go out and light up the tires with when I get the urge. Thanks for bumpin' up "My KR Story" SVT
  9. I called the dealership and just asked what they were looking for and they told me depending on the car and options 90K to 95K. I told them I'll pass and just wait for something used in a couple of years. Look at what Super Snakes are selling for now with a 1,000 miles. I brand new 2014 Shelby with 662 horse power is $25K less. I'm still in disbelief that Ford made a 662 hp Shelby Mustang. I know they made more then the GT350 and I would still like to have a GT350 but not at $95K. The dealership wants full sticker for the Mustang GT and full sticker for the Shelby Conversion. When I bought my KR I got $25K off the total of both stickers. I think they will have to come down on these cars to the mid 70's to get them sold but that just my opinion. Again I would love to have a GT 350 but just don't want to eat 30K over the next 2 years. Good Luck in your quest for your next Shelby SVT
  10. This is an interesting thread and I believe contains a lot of good information and various opinions that all make sense when taken in the context of the owner of the car. Everyone has their reasons for owning what they own. I have 2 '06 Hertz GTHs, a 2008 KR, and a 2014 GT500. I had a 2008 GT500 and sold it when I bought the KR. The KR is just SPECIAL. I don't know any other way to put it. I love the 2014 but if I had to choose between it and the KR I take the KR. I love the Horsepower of the 2014 and the refinement of the car and would pick it as a daily driver over the KR but the KR is just spot on IMHO. The other thing I was going to mention is Shelby did try to do the right thing and sell parts to the KR owners. I bought a set of 4 wheels with tires, another set of hood latches, a front splitter which I think was $1,500 another set of center caps, and some few odds and ends. I thought the prices were a little high but I wanted the wheels if someone ran me off the road and of course we all know why you would want a spare splitter. At the time they made it sound like this was it.......buy now or its gone forever so I bought what I thought I could possibly need somewhere down the road. I didn't spring for the hood.......just didn't know what to do with it and thought it may get damaged just laying around for years and years. My intention is NOT TO WRECK THE CAR ! lol. I think in the end the KR will be the car to hang on to. Probably the 2011 GT350s will also be wanted in the future. I have not driven the GT 350 so I can't comment on how it feels to drive but for those of us/you that have a KR or driven one they are just SPECIAL. That's just my 2 cents on the car for what it is worth for those of you still looking for a KR. I've even considered buying another one and selling the 2014 GT 500 but will see what turns up. MY BEST, SVT
  11. It seems like the '70's all over again. The 2015 doesn't look bad but I think the 2005s to 2014s are more my style. I think from here they will drift further away from that historic Mustang look. Like a lot of people said....."maybe a daily driver someday". For me it would be something I'd buy one of my girls but not for me. SVT
  12. Congrats on the new child on the way........boy or girl the name has to be Shelby......don't you think? SVT
  13. Bump......Its cold outside and just thought I'd bump these pictures up for the GT -H Lovers on the website. After renting this car in Montana I came home and bought one within a couple of weeks and now am hanging on to 4 Shelbys. The GT-H was the rebirth of Shelby and I'm sure glad Ford and Carroll Shelby worked things out for the rest of us. SVT
  14. I had to make the same decision 25 year ago. I started out in Finance but we were in a banking crisis back then so I changed to accounting. You don't want to get a GB degree because you really aren't specializing in anything. I ended up with an accounting degree and have found that with that degree I can get a job basically anywhere: banking, marketing, business manager, financial advisor. I worked 3 years as an accountant and then went to work as a Financial Advisor for the last 20 years. I would stick with Accounting, Finance, or Marketing in that order. Good Luck, SVT
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