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  1. Later Mr. S. It was a great ride!
  2. I don't see it on their site anymore. I used to see quite a few of them in this area on Craigslist and Cars.com.
  3. Perry recently released emergency snow disaster funds. I didn't even know Texas HAD emergency snow disaster funds!
  4. As is my understanding, if you buy a car through Ebay motors and send the money through Paypal or whatever they use, Ebay gurantees the money and "protects" you. If you just use the payment services without doing a purchase then you are on your own and Ebay will not offer any protection. It's like sending money Western Union.
  5. Ebay does not guarantee purchases unless you purchase the car through them.
  6. Cool! I too have read good reviews on the 709 and I'm curious how it shoots. It seems to be a sweet carry pistol. I bought my PT111 which is just slightly thicker, larger and heavier before I saw the 709, or I might have one as well. I'm really fond of the double strike action of both pistols.
  7. I live by my Gamin Nuvi 750. Excellent unit except for battery life. The FM transmitter is only so-so. If you get one be sure to take advantage of the free online updates. You will need to download their updater software. Can't help with the traffic updates as the 750 doens't have them. The second day I had my Garmin it wennt flying out of my hands, smacked the parking lot and slid about 10'. It did not hurt the unit at all as it seems to be very well built.
  8. The adults did not exchange gifts and IMO, that's how it should be. The kids were concentrated upon. My wife, her daughter and her mother baked goodies and the families had dinner. Couldn't have been more perfect. With that being said, my wife brought home a Wii. I....can't....stop....playing. Wii sports. I finally hit professional level on boxing. Shoulders are burining. House of the Dead. My trigger finger has cramps and spasms in the night. Much better than the PS3 I have, except for the whole not playing movies thing, in which case the PS3 wins hands down.
  9. Nice C&C weapon without a doubt. If anyone is looking for a slim 9mm for C&C check out the Taurus 709. Here is a nice write up on it and by coincidence, its size is compared to a 36 (size of pistols not the ammo ). http://averagejoeshandgunreviews.blogspot.com/2009/07/taurus-pt-709-slim-9mm-i-know-that-i.html
  10. A .380 is a good close range (within 10 or so feet) pocket pistol. Ruger has a good name so they can be trusted. I likewise will not carry smaller than a 9mm. In fact i find my Taurus PT111 to be ideal. It's only drawback is a long trigger pull and a long reset but it doesn't take long to get used to.
  11. I use an HP 9001 (I think) 21" widescreen. Only $200 at Wally world and it looks great. My vote though would be for the 32" lcd flatscreen TV used as a monitor. I used my 42" plasma for a time and it was SAAWWWEEETTT!
  12. Does the K&N change the size and location of the MAS? If not then it can be run without a tune.
  13. If you felt threatened by the officer you should have immediately called for his supervisor and if possible, file a complaint. Assuming any damage to your vehicle, you could go to small claims court. It's about $35 or so to file if you don't hire an attorney. Normally insisting on a supervisor to arrive stops all confrontations but you better be damn sure you're in the right.
  14. I wasn't busting your balls SD. You didn't take advantage when you could have easily. That is admirable.
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