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  1. 07shelbygt/sc I do have a bunch of stickers, keychains and pins. i'll see what I have exactly when I get home and message you.
  2. On pg 98 there is a picture of what's said to be the first cs8 that used to belong to Rich Sparkman of SA. It looks like it's just a Shelby GT with cs stripes. Does anybody have any more info or pictures of this car?
  3. I just installed Koni STR.T struts and shocks, I have no complaints.
  4. I'm at chili's and just ordered a bowl of terlingua chilli
  5. I got mine today. Now idk which ones to put on my car!
  6. I don't have them but the Nurburgrings are a very good looking wheel.
  7. Maybe that's why I've never seen a Terlingua other than the prototype with a pony package grille. Also Blip, I'm not sure if it's just the picture but what size wheels are on your car?
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