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  1. He loves his Omni GLHS. I heard that 001 was left stock, but that he has a second one that he put the head from a Spirt RT on it. And that one he likes to drive.
  2. What is with all the Shelby Dodge bashing? Just remember Lee and Carroll started this whole thing at Ford. And when Ford cast them aside, Lee went and saved Chrysler and brought Carroll over to add performance to the brand. The Shelby Chargers, GLHS', Shelby Daytona, Shelby Durango, Shelby Shadow CSX, Shelby Lancer, the VNT cars, and the Viper, all GREAT CARS! It's funny that during the 80's and early 90's all we had from GM was a Corvette, Grand National, and from Ford the Mustang GT. I think Lee and Carroll did one hell of a job at Chrysler. My first brand new car was a 86 Shelby Charger Turbo. The car is still in mint condition and I am so glad I have kept it all of these years. This car was so much fun back then. My first Indy 500 was in 91, and I went just to see Carroll drive the Viper pace car. I subsequently bought my 93 Viper, which was signed by Carroll. I am also proud to have my #444 Shelby GT. The Shelby Dodge owners are very proud of their vehicles and their legacy. Just check out some of the Shelby Dodge websites. Please give them the respect they deserve. Now I can get off my horse..
  3. Yes, I have the same noise. I brought this up in the forum months ago and was made fun of for it. I took it to the dealer to have them listen for it. They could hear it but did not think it was bad enough to replace at this time. I don't think they let the gear oil get hot enough. At 70mph it is so loud I have to turn up the radio. Let off the gas and it goes away. I had to have the rearend in my 2004 TBird replaced because of the same noise.
  4. I got my Signature Floor Mats in less than a week! They are beautiful! I think things are coming together for them at SPP.
  5. Amy, As you stated in the "Supercharger" topic in this forum, you will be setting up mod shops. Any idea who and where? It would help put the question to rest about supercharger installs, other mod installs, and the dreaded GT/SC stripe, etc. Thank you, Randall
  6. Ordered the signature floor mats 071807. I actually got a live person (Kenny?) on the phone and placed the order. He said it was in stock and it being shipped 071907. Maybe they are getting caught up.
  7. I just had my hood scoop replaced last week. As the saying goes, "second verse same as the first". The scoop is lifting on the sides now. This one is worse than the original. I am afraid to order anything from Shelby Performance. The horror stories I've been hearing are unreal. I want to get the car supercharged, but I'm afraid I may never see the car again. My first brand new car out of college was a 1986 Shelby Charger Turbo. I still have the car. It just went through a mechanical restoration this year. The car is at the detailers this week. I went to the 1991 Indy 500 just to see Mr. Shelby drive the pace car. I subsequently purchased my 1993 Viper and had Mr. Shelby autograph it. I stiill have it. I sold my 2004 T-Bird to buy my SGT. My town only got 2 cars. One each at two dealers. Mine, #444 is black/silver. It was shipped before I knew, and the dealer, about the SC option. And to deny myself and others a GT/SC stripe with our purchase of a SC, and installed by a Paxton or Shelby authorized dealer is terrible. The point I'm trying to make is: SAI, you have people here that our truly crazy about your cars. We in the Shelby Nation want to see your business thrive and we want to be proud that we own a little bit of automotive history. Please keep us informed if you are having problems and most will understand. Lack of information, i.e. back log at the Mod Shop, orders not confirmed or shipped at Shelby Performance, and GTH convt.'s that are completed and being shipped to Hertz, while customers cars that have been purchased and waiting mods for months have yet to be shipped is not something your fans like to hear. Respectfully, Randall #444 Dayton, Ohio
  8. I seriously considering letting Brenspeed install mine. I'm in Dayton, Ohio. They are less than 3 hrs away. I told them I could drop it off and let them have it for a week. They said that would be great. So, thats where I'm at right now.
  9. I called Paxton headquarters a few weeks ago to see if they would recommend someone in my tri-state area (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana) to install a Shelby/Paxton supercharger on my SGT. He recommended only one shop, Brenspeed. I have been in contact with Brent at Brenspeed. He said no problem. The only changes to the kit that he would suggest was to use a different fuel pump and a step colder plug, and of course, their Brenspeed tune. I have talked to Brent two times. I was impressed with his knowledge. My car was sent before I knew about the SGT/SC option. Should I send it back to Las Vegas or order the SC and have Brenspeed install?
  10. Are the Razors chrome or are they silver?
  11. Actually, I saw a GT500, white with blue stripes heading for Indiana today.
  12. I live in Dayton, Ohio. On Thursday morning around 10:30 a.m. I was heading to Wampum, PA for a track day with my Viper club at BeaveRun Raceway. I took the SGT to try it out. As I'm getting on I-75 south to get on I-70E, I'm looking out of my rearview mirror as I'm merging on the highway and what do I see behind me? A Shelby GT-H !!! What are the chances of that. We drove together all the way to Columbus. I wish I hadn't put my camera in the trunk.
  13. Did you use 255/35/20's all around, or did you put 275/35/20 on the rear?
  14. Your right ShelbyCobra826. I would like to have the cs66's and use my tires that came with the car. Just wondering if the cs66's have enough clearance for the GT plus brakes.
  15. Will the 18X8.5 CS66 wheel have enough clearance to accomodate the Shelby GT Plus brake system? And is the Plus brake system going to be considerably better than my stock system?
  16. I called the Vandalia police dept. and they are going to check it out.
  17. I'm Randall from Dayton, Ohio. I have SGT #444. I was just at Ruby Tuesday's on Miller Lane for lunch today and as I was heading for home I saw a SGT parked right in front of an open field! The CSM # 2072 with Missouri tags. The car had what looks like a portfolio in the passanger seat and a Steak and Shake cup in the drink holder. I can't understand why the car was backed into the front of this open field when there are so many businesses with open parking lots. I think I may have the police check it out. Does anyone know who #2072 is?
  18. I talked to Keith today. They are putting together a NEW brake duct and fog light kit. Scott Drake Enterprises did not care for the current set up that they are using on the SGT at the Las Vegas factory. He said hopefully they would have a mock-up in 2 weeks. I talked to Keith today. They are putting together a NEW brake duct and fog light kit. Scott Drake Enterprises did not care for the current set up that they are using on the SGT at the Las Vegas factory. He said hopefully they would have a mock-up in 2 weeks. Don't make me repeat myself again!
  19. 1979 Ford Pinto ( drove it 80,000 miles, NEVER in the shop except for routine service ) 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado 455 Rocket 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass SX convertible 455 Rocket 1985 Mercury Topaz DIESEL, ( 60+ miles to the gallon, wish I had it now! ) 1986 Dodge Shelby Charger Turbo I ( My first brand new car out of college, and I still have it! ) ** 1973 Ford Mustang Convertible 351, red/white, ac, ralley pac, auto ** 1985 Dodge Lancer Turbo 1969 Plymouth Barracuda Mod Top Edition ** 1985 Lincoln Town Car Signature ( I ran this car 250,000 thousand miles, new owner has 300,000 on it now) 1993 Dodge Viper, ( signed by Mr. Shelby himself! ) ** 1994 Ford F150 Supercab Eddie Bower Edition ( most trouble free vehicle I've ever had ) 2001 Lincoln Town Car Cartier, ( Probably the finest road car I've owned ) ** 2001 Chrysler Prowler Mulholland Edition ** 2002 Vespa Scooter ( I had to start somewhere, my parents would not let me have a motorcycle as a kid)** 2004 Ford Thunderbird ( most troublesome Ford I've ever had, sold it to buy SGT ) 2007 Shelby GT !! #444 Black/Silver ( best balanced of the sportscars I've had ) ** ** still currently own
  20. Which one is it similar to? Is it the 1200 model? Does it have the charge air cooler?
  21. Looks great! How long did it take you. And, did you take off the oil pan before you drilled?
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