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  1. SWEDMAN... I believe we may have communicated some time ago -probably when our cars were both close to new. I tried to PM you but msgs would not go thru. Ive owned a 07sgt since new as well, also with one of the Shelby Paxton SCs ( no 16). I'm looking to get some history/stats on these cars & how many of these cars exist...I too got my pre-CARB issues. Would you be able to take a short tel call some time ? Thanks bob clawson 317 805 2920w 312 218 3196m
  2. you car looks great...may I ask where you bought your clear turn signal lenses ? thanks
  3. I've owned SGT1832 since new for 5 years ( 5/21/07) , 550 hp, 5 spd, 1900 miles.......still a blast to show & drive. Car has factory SAI Shelby/Paxton SC package ser no CSM0016, with inter-cooler, twin Ford GT fuel pumps, 42psi injectors, full length Dynatech headers with x over and hi-flow cats, custom maps by Finish Line Performance, SAI SC Gauge package and American Racing +1 wheels with 285/245mm rubber F/R Gods speed Carol Shelby....you left your mark on the automotive world. .
  4. thanks Rick...your "deep dishes" were my inspiration ! It just took me forever to get the rear sizes I wanted, find a decent deal on OE tpm sensors, resolve conflicts/get assurances that the 18 x 10 s and 285s would clear fenders and brakes. But I am happy with the outcome. Thanks again for the "wheel" inspiration and the all the valuable discussion on blower applications/pros/cons. Glad you got your "booster" set up & sorted too. These cars are a lot of fun as is but a couple more inches of rubber and a couple hundred more HP don't hurt the fun factor, thats for sure !
  5. Here are my 285/40/18s on American Racing Torq Thrust Ms 18 x 10s with 45 mm offset , from both the back angle and front angle
  6. Got a brand new ( 300 miles) White 45th Anniversery Edition 2009 verti at BWI airport (baltimore) yesterday. Has premium interior with grey leather., alum trim, my color etc. Drove over to the Del/MD beaches this am. Man...this littlle six got me 28-29 mpg at 60 all day. And I think I like the grey leather interior better than my black leather in my 07 SGT. The drop top works well, quiet when up, not bad at 60 when down. I may have to get me a GT convertible for a regular work car ...I like the rag top mustang more than I thought I would. I will try and snap a couple pics this week.
  7. I agree...besides..what fun would it be if WE DIDN'T have a Camaro or Challanger to pick on........ .
  8. Thanks Rosssvt. wow...I feel like I am at a reunion (maybe I was the only one who moved away). Anyhow, now that I have most of my "issues" resolved ( scoops, stripes, backordered parts etc), I plan to be a more regular visitor. Adam, Swede, PottyDr, Matt in Chi, Rosssvt, 07Shelby GT...and others...good to see so many familiar members still hear. Maybe , for old times sake, we could light up a SuperCharger/Strut brace debate.....calling LuLu , calling LuLu...lol. also, I will need to catch up on thing with many of you folks, and will try to get a couple pics.details up on my car, now that is finished. thanks again all...its nice to be back
  9. I am going to sell my stock 2007 SGT polished wheels with 1000 miles on wheels/tires. Wheels are as new ( even backsides are clean.....with center caps and TPM sensors all in place) Tires look like 1000 easy miles..no burnouts, or hard cornering...could almost pass for new. what are members thoughts around market value ? also, if interested in buying pm me or email clawsonbob@cs.com thanks for any input
  10. Thats excellent vintage Swede......now this is REALLY LIKE THE GOOD OLE DAYS........and I agree with you by the way........380-400 would have been a better performance target.
  11. Amy.....What about the Registry ? While there are a lot of good ideas coming up here, my suggestion would be for SAI to edit the registry for any purchased SC's installed by SAI or Original Customer ( I have SC # 0016 under my hood, chewing on rubber every chance we get) Regardless of whether its a certificate, a plaque, etc I hope some consideration is given to us who bought Shelby SuperCharger packages, but couldn't get queued up (or wait) for a mod shop install. thanks for raising this potentially important topic
  12. Well said Jeff...I too have not posted for quite a while myself ( aka bikerbob)...the good ole days included Swedes never to be solved dilemna with not enuf power, matt in chicago keeping SAI on their toes re spoiler fixes, stripe issues etc. I've been almost a year sorting out my car with performance upgrades, stripe & scoop replacements etc. Just got wheels/tires last week and because of your post, will put up pics this week and see if we can scare up some of the old comradery & debates ( paxton vs whipple, spoiler vs no spoiler etc). I did enuf upgrades/damage to car and wallet I might be able to get a few things started. Thanks for raising the topic. more to follow.
  13. close...I own CSm # 1832...white 5 spd, shelby/pax SC #0016
  14. 07SGt...yes..thanks for reminding of the range of temperatures we enjoy here in the mis-west. I have really learned to relish the 125-150 degree tempertature swings we get to expierence here. Why, one month its a refreshing -45 below zero, then a month or two later a balmy 100+. Where else ( but so cal) can one enjoy such variety ? ( I am scoping a house tomorrow off happy vally rd in north phoenix myself actually) batten dowm the hatches, tie up the patio furniture and wrap yer skarf round your noggin...here comes Frosty !!
  15. can't do..one belt runs all. was it really that warm up there this am? i swear, after 11 years I will never get use ti the temp swings and how the westerly weather patterns skirt over, under, thur or not atall around the great lakes. pm or call me on the land...i am actullly considering some recreational real estate for dirt bikin, shootin (self in head when it hits zero) ). my contact info sent regards bob
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