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  1. Consider contacting Shelby American and or the Foundation. They may have some for sale.
  2. Quick sale. The new owner should drive the wheels off of it and enjoy it for what it is.
  3. Nice, got one for my 06 GT-H several years ago. Nice that they reference the GT-H etc. Another document for the file.
  4. Not good. Roof flap, Hope all are ok. High speed T bone for sure.
  5. All booked. First time in 11 years not taking the GT-H/SC. Decided to fly in & get a rental for a few days. That said, I will be in Vegas from the 11th through the 18th. Plan to visit some friends, do some site seeing then Bash. Does anyone know if the cars & coffee that Shelby hosts on Saturdays will occur on Saturday during the Bash? They have been getting some cool rides.
  6. Thanks Steve. The links are cool as well. See you soon
  7. Wasn't really looking for an answer. Just being a smart A@@. There is always a better mouse trap with the improvements in technology and building material. New 2020 GT500 as an example. That said, good luck trying to keep up and enjoy. And yes, I have driven several cars over the course of time. I'll just keep the GT-H/SC for now. It's cheaper that way. haha.
  8. You are correct about 425 hp. My 06 Hertz has a Shelby installed Paxton. 424rwh. Dynoed by Shelby back in the day @ one of the Bash events. Original motor, so a safe tune.
  9. I have a placemat set. That was a cool place.
  10. Cobraguy69, These dash plaques were not mounted on the cars while they were in rental. A decal was used instead. You had to contact Shelby with proof of ownership to get the goodies which included the dash plaque, key chain etc. Good ole ebay. Good info everyone.
  11. Just bumping this up since it never formally got posted on TS. Remember some TS members are not on FB. Host hotel is Silverton. See linky above. Have fun
  12. You are on a mission. Funny how stuff just disappears. I wonder what it looks like now at the old facility and the walls with all the signatures. Last time I went by, I think in 2014 during the Mustang 50th it looked empty with white paper over the door windows. I took a picture with 06H0050 out front.
  13. Interesting. Wonder what the story on this is. Looks like its on an old dash. Maybe not but kinda looks like it. Look at the bottom of photo.
  14. Merry Christmas TS. Hope everyone has a safe & great holiday.
  15. FYI, on TS FB, Silverton is host hotel. GET A ROOM! BASH 2019 tickets available soon! https://reservations.silvertoncasino.com/CGI-BIN/lansaweb?procfun+rn+resnet+RES+funcparms+UP(A2560):;SHELB19;?/
  16. Hotel has been posted on TS FB page. Its the Silverton. Code is Shelby19. "GET A ROOM! BASH 2019 tickets available soon! " https://reservations.silvertoncasino.com/CGI-BIN/lansaweb?procfun+rn+resnet+RES+funcparms+UP(A2560):;SHELB19;?/
  17. 2006 GT-H as well. Shelby did my Shelby labeled Paxton back in 2009. Serial number #66, kinda cool. Trying to find a Shelby labeled one I hear my be hard but worth the hunt.
  18. I visit the mother ship every time I am in Vegas. As an FYI, CSX 2000 is at Shelby. It was there for SEMA 2018 which is why I was in Vegas. She will be on site through the Shelby Bash 2019 so I read. (If I am wrong, please someone correct me.) They had a 2006 GT-H with a Shelby installed SC there in the Heritage Center. It was a company car that staff drove around. Most likely Carroll drove it at least once I would assume but who knows. It was cool to see it on display and bitter sweet to hear it finally sold. So yes, they are selling items/cars. That just means some enthusiast can now be the care taker. That said, I cannot be disappointed. It was nice to connect with Shelby's own Steve Thornton who took us behind the scenes for a short tour. To that end, go visit and enjoy. If they mention your production car, great if not, great you still own a Shelby. I hear many times at the center, I wish I could own one. Now plan your visit!
  19. I did new FR control arms and moog tie rod ends with Shelby Camber/ Caster plates some time back due to wear. Huge difference.
  20. You can order it with them.
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