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  1. Wow, I have one as well. I keep saying the parts are worth more than the cars. hahaha
  2. Team Shelby Face Book is good source for info
  3. I have the Terlingua Deep Draw hood and the original Ford Racing strut brace works fine as it did with the original Hertz hood which is in safe keeping. Not sure what the appearance engine cover is.
  4. The 7th I will be out of town. Will give Elkhorn gift cards Happy Thanksgiving
  5. Selling for less than NADA prices.
  6. Going through some stuff and found a set of over the top gold stripes for the GT-H. These are not the stripes Shelby sold as replacements back in the day. I ultimately painted mine so I have no need for these. If interested PM me and we can discuss. I am thinking $40.00 plus shipping.
  7. Did some more looking into this. Connected a OBD reader. CAT on my Paxton car also not supported Hello Steve, Kid and I hooked up an OBD reader today to my car which I just drove earlier in the day. It also shows the CAT monitors (not supported). No change from the Shelby install Sept 2009. That being said, this has not been an issue so far since my car is registered in Toulumne County and does not require smog checks at this time. This would be an issue in some other CA county. Interesting.
  8. Shortly after the 2006 program HERTZ had extra Model SRIR-002FMH SIRUS Satellite Digital Audio Receiver Systems in a warehouse and gave them away free if requested. At least I think it was HERTZ that I contacted or maybe SIRUS. So some of us got complete new in the box systems. That said, search in this forum HERTZ Sirus radio, I beleive there is instructions like what channel to be on so you can get the satellite etc. I have instructions somewhere and Ill try to look for it. havent used mine in a long time
  9. 2016 Hertz 16H0070 is for sale in Seaside CA dealership. Car has no stripes. Not sure on the reason
  10. Just read the whole thread. I have not been as active as in the past. To start with my car is registered in Toulumne County which does not require smog checks. That said, while checking on my over heating issue from Snakes @ The Lake back in June, we did hook up a Lemur Vehicle Monitor blue tooth Blue Driver. We had zero trouble codes, zero pending and zero permanent codes. We did get a power train control module code, P1000. It means the car has not been driven to check that all sensors are working OBD2 sensors. I hope to tackle the heating issue this coming week ( stuck thermostat I hope). Once done we will connect the reader and drive the car and check all sensors. I did get the Diablo also with the Paxton install that Shelby did and I have not done any retune to date. I also been in contact with Kid. Interesting read
  11. Use the tape for the rockers. You can remove them if you want. I painted my over the top stripes and left the side rockers alone. No issue
  12. Agree, the cut out are kinda crude on the 06 GT-Hs that made it a slight challenge. That said thanks
  13. Just noticed the header on this topic. Not sure how that happended. I cannot correct it. None the less, all done
  14. Thanks, I did get it off. I actually had to use a plastic pin removal tool and slide it between the grill the cover to get it to release from the grill and then pull it forward to get the opening area Shelby cut to clear the pin towers.
  15. Disregard, I got it, its fairly flexible and slightly bending it and using the plastic pin removal tool helps
  16. Is there a trick to removing the radiator cover on our GT-H/SGTs? I removed the 6 plastic push pins but the 2 hood pin rods are preventing the cover from lifting off, whats the trick or do I need to remove the grill
  17. Glenda and I are in. paid Go Fund we are in and booked on the boat!
  18. Ya maybe. No advertising on the4 car. Thanks for info.
  19. Anyone on here in the Moab Utah area with a 2006 GT-H? While traveling through Moab I spotted a 2006 GT-H on Saturday the 27th in Moab on the 191 HWY. They were having a huge car show. I was hoping to get a motel but they were all full. It was huge. That said, I tried to flag the owner down but traffic held me back and I lost where he was going as the car turned into a residential area. First 06 I have seen in a while and hoping to talk Hertz & Shelby stuff.
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