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  1. Twobjshelby: I totally agree the car is not a class leader. I find it an easier car to drive at the limit than the newer cars. I'm just trying to find ways to have fun with my car, not win a National title. The mods don't necessarily have to be installed by Ford, just delivered by Ford and available to all. A good example of this is "Port" installed options on cars shipped from overseas. If you ordered and took delivery from the dealer with those options already installed, and it was available to the general public that way, then it is OK. If I am getting the modification timeline correct- The T82/54U were added by SAI "before" delivery to the customer thru the Dealer. The supercharger was added "after" the customer received their car from the dealer. That scenario will definitely kill any chance of the GT/SC getting into the Street Prepared category. Sadly- the rules do allow me put a 5.0 in the car, which would give me even more HP- but what PITA to do the swap. And I don't want to go that far with a Shelby.
  2. IIRC from my original factory Shelby GT window sticker, the T82 and 54U were listed on it. I was hoping the SC package was also listed. If it is not, then you are correct Steven- it will not fly. I am not trying to "trick" the SCCA. I will play by the rules and be forthcoming. My thought was that if the Shelby GT is listed, then maybe (long shot) I can get the GT/SC listed. No harm in trying- right? That why I'm here, this is where the knowledge base is. FWIW- I do remember ordering my 07 GT through a Ford dealership, and picking it up at the dealer. I do know Ford sent the car to Shelby for fitment of the package. Then the car was sent to my dealer. I did not choose museum delivery. At no time did I communicate what options I wanted directly with SAI. Keep in mind my car was not a SC, so maybe it was different with them??
  3. In Stock and Street Prepared it must be a factory car. The Shelby GT is already listed in Stock class, with only the "T82 & 54U factory option package" allowed (no blower). The SCCA is calling the T82 and 54U factory options- so maybe if the blower is listed on the sticker; it will be accepted as a factory option. The SC will likely never be allowed to run in Stock class, but I'm hoping I can get it accepted into Street Prepared (ESP). I wont be a class killer. The are cars with lots more HP. If the Shelby can get classed, it might open up standard 4.6 liter S197 cars to do the conversion and be relevant again in the class. The are lots of these cars out there with years of development into them. For those racers it makes sense to add the blower.
  4. I am going to write a letter and try to get the SCCA to class the Shelby GT/SC in ESP. The GT500 is in the class, so I'm hoping they will allow the GT/SC. Currently the Shelby GT is in ESP, but the SC is not specifically mentioned as being in the class. What I need are some window stickers and documentation showing the SC was ordered and delivered through the dealership. Some Ford promo literature showing real Horsepower numbers would not hurt either. If anyone is willing to part with copies of the above, please contact me. My Shelby GT bio: I was the car owner and was on the team (co-driver/tire warmer) that won three SCCA National Championships with car #450 in the 2000's. I sold the car and after a few years missed it. I bought another one and have been modding it for ESP. It needs more HP, as the class HP level's have been steady going up.
  5. I run Hoosier 295/30-18's on my SGT in autocross trim. These are on a stock size wheels. If your wheels are wider than 8.5", then your tire will sit wider and may rub.
  6. I autocross my car. This means I hit 18" orange traffic cones at varying speeds. It is what I bought the car('07Black SGT) for and I am having a blast. I have many coats of Zaino and use detail spray before I compete. The detail spray helps the cones slide off the car without doing much paint damage. That being said, the side rockers take a beating. My system for removing the more stubborn cone marks is to use a fast flash solvent (denatured alcohol) to remove the cone rubber residue and dirt. If the marks are still there, I use NiCad(sp?) 10,000 grit with a foam pad on a regular drill. The follow up with the Zaino products. I would like to use something with a little more cut than the NiCad product. I tried Meguiars #44 Marine color restorer. It has too much cut and leaves marks that are hard to remove. Can you suggest something I can remove the cone marks with that has less cutting power than the Meguiars #44? And what I can use to remove the marks the compound will leave?? I prefer to do all this work by hand, I can't "feel" what I am doing to the paint with any power tools. Thanks
  7. Shelby's actually took the top 4 trophy spots. In total Shelby's took 7 of 8 trophies in FS at the Solo II Nationals. Sammy also won the Pro Solo Championship. Here is a nice group shot of some of the Shelby's that were at Nationals. The '66 was a manual in mint condition, and yes he did compete in it. Mike S FS #41
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