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  1. Thanks for the feedback. A few more questions. When you applied the ceramic coating to the plastic trim, are the black trim pieces high gloss now or is there a ceramic coating that is more satin like the parts themselves? Also, you mentioned that you wash your car with a rinse less/ no dry system. How is this achieved?
  2. Congrats and I have one question for you gt50035. I'm looking to apply the ceramic coating as well to give my car a little more protection from regular use. I wasn't able to see your pictures, but wanted to know when you applied the coating on the car, did you coat over the stripes, or just went around them? If you applied the coating over the stripes, did it make them more glossy?
  3. Sorry guys, I photoshoped the two requests but I couldn't attach them to the requested posts. Hope they help.
  4. Thanks for the info, I'll take it and the diff report to the dealer to review and examine if either one is what is happening to my car.
  5. Now this service bulletin sounds dead on to my problem. Going to print it out and insist that my service manager look into this for me. If he can't do anything, I'll buy it myself and do it. Thanks for everyones help.
  6. I've been thinking about lowering the stance on my car but didn't want the ride to change much more than stock. Your setup might be the ticket. Was the BMR a precaution or was it necessary since you lowered the car? Again thanks for the info.
  7. Do you remember what or where the other posts suggested? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I've wanted a Shelby ever since I saw my first one back in 75' during a local 4th of July parade. It was a forest green with white stripes 68 convertible. Granted, the two hot bikini chicks sitting on the rear deck didn't hurt. 30 years later and I hear that Shelby's name partnering with Ford again. Thoughts of actually owning one drove me crazy and once the ADM's played out, I got in line and ordered one.
  9. I have about 1,800 miles on the car and I'm starting to notice an odd moaning noise coming from the front of the car when making a turn. When I come back from a good ride I have to make a very slow tight right or left hand turn (75-90 degree turn) to enter my complex, (about 6-10 mph). When making the turn, clutch in or out, I can hear a low binding or rubbing noise coming from the front. I've read in other posts that similar posts have pointed to the rear differential being low on fluids, knowing that my sound is coming from the front, is this the same issue or something new? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Nice job! A couple of questions for you. I noticed that your car is lowered, what's the setup and how different is the ride? Any modification to get the strut tower brace to fit under the hood?
  11. If you think about it, debating if one Shelby is better than another, what a great problem to have in economic times like these. Any options posted is a winner as long as you have a Shelby. The most important factor is quality time behind the steering wheel. Does the idea of owning the 2010 as is, upgraded to an SS or having a 2012 make you want to drive one car more than another. I'd go with your gut on which one would put you in the driver seat more often. Happy holidays everyone.
  12. Just had my first grind shifting from 3rd to 4th right under 6000 rpm's. Couldn't replicate on the next two runs so I don't know if I short shifted or it's a sign. Regarding the 1, 2 grinding, I had issues with my 96 mustang and the DOT advised that I needed to contact the Ford Customer Complaint line to start building an official case. Several years later I was refunded a majority of the repairs costs after enough customer complaints turned the issue into an official recall by Ford.
  13. I agree with the other comments that you can demand/request that the car not be driven or washed until you get to the dealership. I do believe that they will need to do the dealer prep drill before they can release the vehicle to you though. When inspecting the car, there is a check list posted on this site on all the things to look out for before you take delivery of your car, it helped me when I bought mine. The only negative I had was that the car porter scrapped off the rear quarter delivery sticker that stated the car was built for me. Bummer at the time, but oh well. Good luck, and let the waiting game begin.
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