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  1. I went to the Las Vegas C&C in May 2019 at the Shelby facility. One nice feature is that the museum was open at 7:00 am. I was highly disappointed at the turnout.....probably 12 - 15 total cars. Maybe I was there on a slow week, but I have not gone back. I may try it again sometime, but it’s an 80 mile drive one way for me. Anyone else been there recently? Kevin
  2. Glad it made it to Texas safely. That’s good turnaround from Vegas on Sunday. I enjoyed meeting / talking with you on Sunday. Enjoy your Shelby, and I hope to see you at a future event. Kevin
  3. As I said earlier, probably the nicest black paint I have seen. Len is lucky to have acquired it. Your pride of ownership is very evident! Kevin
  4. Hey BB... Sorry for the delayed response, but I wanted to let you know I was parked next to your “old” Shelby GT yesterday at the Bash Car car show. That car is absolutely beautiful! The paint was probably the best black paint I have ever seen on a car. It looked like it was a mile deep. (What was your secret to get the paint that nice ?) Rest assured the car is in good hands...I spent some time talking to the current owner, and he is a great guy that really loves the car. The package he purchased from Shelby was fabulous....from super charger to wheels to hood, it was spectacular. I just wanted to let you know that the car was beautiful. It looks better than a new one! Kevin 2008 Shelby GT
  5. Congratulations and welcome to the site. I purchased my 2008 SGT in June 2018. Mine is a 5 speed coupe. I love it. Good luck with your Shelby. Kevin
  6. The two named carriers in this thread are the ones I could not get scheduled with over several months lead time. It all depends on on their loads going in specific directions. My brother had used Reliable in the past, with great delivery times and perfect delivery. Kevin
  7. The big carriers are great, but your car will sit until they get a load going on your desired route. I moved from Florida to Nevada in May of this year. I contacted 2 of the large carriers several months prior to the move. One never returned my calls, even though I had an online quote from them. The second national carrier did contact me and we agreed on a rate to transport the car. This was in March 2018. They stated they would pick up the car after May 1. By the end of June, my car was still sitting in Florida. The contracted carrier finally agreed they had no idea when my car would be picked up, as they did not have a load coming from Florida to the west coast. At this point I contacted the original carrier that had failed to get back to me. They also told me that they did not have a load coming from Florida to the western US and said they would not even quote me a delivery date. I then contacted a private carrier I had followed on the Antique Automobile Club of America forum. He has a 2 car enclosed carrier. He happened to have a trip planned the same week to California. We agreed on price and he had the car to me within a week. The car arrived in perfect condition. The driver kept in contact with me along the way. His name is Jim and he hauls under the name Truly Vintage. His number is 260-804-6695. I would defiantly recommend him. Kevin
  8. I went to the Barrett Jackson auction in Las Vegas today. I noticed that a 2016 GTH had sold. It was run by Hertz Remarketing. It also had a decal on the windshield from a Mannheim Auction. I could not find the Mannheim location. The stripes on the front were damaged and the front splitter had rash on it. I could not see the GTH number. This car sold for 36,000.00 Kevin
  9. I went to the Barrett Jackson auction in Las Vegas today, 09-29-18. I noticed that 2 2006 cars had sold. Both appeared to be nice cars. 06GTH432 sold for 22,000.00. 06GTH371 had polished wheels and a signed air bag cover. It sold for 25,000.00 I don’t know any other info on these cars. Kevin
  10. Enjoy your time at Shelby. It’s definitely worth your time. I was was there last Saturday. I missed the tour, but the museum and gift shop were great. Have fun. Kevin
  11. I stopped by the museum yesterday (Saturday) while in Las Vegas. I missed the tour, which is only given at 10:30 on Saturdays. I’ve been multiple times in the past, but thoroughly enjoyed looking at the cars in the museum. There was a good crowd and they all seemed to be enjoying the cars and gift shop. I also noted there there was nothing in the gift shop relating specifically to the Shelby GT. They do have a great selection of Shelby related items in general. I plan to return again, the next time with my 2008 Shelby GT. The museum is a definite must see if you are in Las Vegas. Kevin
  12. Hello Shelby fans: Several weeks ago, I posted about looking at a 2008 SGT. Well....the car is now in my garage. It's a 2 owner car with 16,000 miles. I absolutely love it. It is basically stock, with a few appearance updates. The car last resided in northern Utah and it's in excellent shape. I plan to drive it occasionally, as well as take it to local shows etc. Since I'm less than 100 miles from Las Vegas, I plan to take it to the Shelby facility for a visit / tour of the museum. Thanks to those that responded to my initial inquiries. The prior owner had the car for 7+ years and he did not have any paperwork from the original owner. The two previous owners did have the car in the registry, and I have now added my info to the registry. It would be great to connect with the original owner. I'll attached a few pictures. Kevin
  13. I called them at 800-922-4050. My quote was for 500 deductibles on comp / collision.
  14. I just got a quote today from Hagerty for a 2008 SGT I’m looking to buy. They had a package with 5000 miles per year. Coverage limits are 100/300/100. I can’t drive it to work daily (not an issue....I work from home). I can use it for pleasure driving and use it around town....just not daily driver use. Agreed value at $25,000. Price was quoted at 640.00 per year. State Farm quoted me $940.00 per year for same coverage, no useage restrictions, but no agreed value. Kevin
  15. I have worked in the retail automotive business for 45 years. We normally value a salvage title vehicle at 50 percent of a clean title car when appraising it for trade. We never retail a salvage title car. They are always wholesaled . Kevin
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